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Aplicom products in marine fleet solutions
Marfle is a Finnish company that provides fleet productivity tools to decrease operative costs of marine fleets. Marfle collects and records marine fleet usage with Aplicom data collectors installed onboard. Fleet usage is then analysed and presented in an easy-to-use web application.

Marfle provides insight into all trips made with your vessels and records accurate information of all engine usage. Marfle offers solutions for controlling fuel economy, monitoring engine performance and tracking the fleet in real-time. The Marfle system also provides alerts about a wide range of malfunctions or operating parameters which have exceeded their normal limits. The newest features into Marfle's fleet analytics services are day view, new engine information such as coolant pressure, oil pressure and throttle position and limits to vessel visibility. With this information you can decrease fuel consumption, drive more efficiently and prevent unnecessary trips.

The installation of the Aplicom datalogger is easy. See video:

For further information, please contact

Pre-calculate Aplicom A11 battery operation time
On Aplicom Partner Extranet Support Software page page there is a Aplicom battery runtime calculator Excel workbook in zip file available for calculating the running time of different A-series units on the internal battery. The workbook includes worksheets for different A-series products or product groups to match their available battery alternatives.
I addition to Aplicom A11 with a 200 mAh battery there is also a version available with a 1700mAh internal battery as a customised version. With this bigger capacity the A11 can work without external power for hours, several days or even weeks depending on the unit’s configured sleep time- and wake-up time intervals.  The same principles can be also implemented with Java SDK programming.
Below is an example screen of the calculator worksheet for A11. It shows an example of a calculation for position 3 by showing sending per day, 8 hour cycle (power off) and 2 minutes power on per wake-up.

The calculated values can be used as guideline when estimating the operation time.
Please note that the calculation relies on a fully charged battery and room temperature as the start condition. Operation in low and high temperatures will affect available battery capacity and thus result in an inaccurate calculation. Also, if the unit wakes-up for a reason other than the timed wake-up (movement etc.), the calculated time is not valid as such and the different situation must be estimated or calculated separately. For more information about the custom version contact Aplicom sales.
Tip of the month: Aplicom RDL Management Service
Aplicom RDL Management Service API (Application Programming Interface) is available for Aplicom RDL partners and system providers to allow Aplicom RDL service admin level management for the RDL service.
The API allows integration with the partner’s own services to manage RDL related tasks that were previously  made in Aplicom RDL service web admin portal.
The main tasks to perform are the adding of vehicles to the service and managing their settings like download intervals and data to be downloaded etc. in the RDL process.
In this way there is no manual work required to add and change vehicle and fleet settings in the RDL service. The operations can be made from the telematics system by using this management API.
The easiness of making changes allows for smooth adaptation to customer requirements that may change over time.
For further information see Aplicom RDL partner guide for updated information on administrative tasks that are now made also with API interface.
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