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What inspired you to get into architecture?
CHAD: I remember watching the sitcom "The Brady Bunch" and being fascinated by their modernist house reflecting their suburban lifestyle. That was the first time that I realized to be drawn towards space and design.
LLOYD: When I was in high school my parents built a house and I really enjoyed following the entire construction process. I was inspired by the sketches of the draftsman. My dad was an engineer and my mom a creative person, I think they both informed my decision to merge their vision to become an architect. 

How do you define your style? 
have a modern sensibility for everything even with our approach to historic renovation. We like to continue the logic of each place we deal with. Our works express the sensibility that each team member brings in.
                                                             Fire Island Pines, New York
What are your favorite materials?
CHAD: Terracotta, for being so earthy but also because current computational methods allow to transform it in a modern, less traditional material. It is very versatile.
LLOYD: I am influenced by my textile background and I like materials with a texture. Ceramics and wood are my favorite. 

Who are your favorite architects?
CHAD: Herzog & de Meuron: despite the diversity of their works, they always deliver a consistent rich visual impact. 
LLOYD: Luis Barragan for the original and dramatic use of colors and Louis Khan for his powerful universal symbolism and details.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
CHAD: From our clients and reading between lines. 
LLOYD: From the power of brainstorming in our office.

What’s your dream project?
CHAD: An art museum or a theater. 
LLOYD: Designing for a visionary client.
Do you like to cook?
CHAD: The kitchen is my favorite room, it is a workshop for me. I cook with ingredients coming from my garden and my specialties are hot sauces, tomato jam and pesto. 
LLOYD: I like to BBQ at the beach; cooking used to be a bonding time for my mother and I but now I prefer to be the only cook in the kitchen! 
                                                         Lloyd DesBrisay                     Chad Smith

Lloyd has been practicing architecture since 1989. He has extensive experience on historic restoration, residential, commercial, high-tech, medical, institutional, theater and museum projects nationwide. His work has been published internationally, including a peer-reviewed article on the Kahn Building renovation that he wrote for the journal Conservation of Modern Architecture (Routledge | Taylor & Francis Group Publishing). 

Chad is a designer of award-winning projects since 1996, including a Progressive Architecture award for the design of the Performance Theater (with Karen Bausman in 1997). Since establishing DesBrisay & Smith, he has developed a significant portfolio in cutting-edge fitness design, including adaptive reuse projects in historical architecture.