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"There is a key hidden in your heart that will unlock the gates of freedom, only you can unlock it" ~ S. Anja

Hello Gorgeous Soulful Women,

I decided to name these little love notes that I will be sending out to you every couple of weeks. Lunar Love seemed perfect! As many of you may know, I am quite the moon worshipper.

Quirky little fact: before I had such awareness regarding the moon and its cycles, I had a wrist watch that displayed the lunar cycle on it. If you are interested in getting yourself a watch to keep track, it was the Casio G-Shock, not the most aesthetically pleasing watch but it did the trick ;)

We are in the midst of eclipse season with another eclipse coming up on March 23. Spring equinox falls on the 20th, so it will be an intense week. Spring equinox officially marks the beginning of a new astrological year. With the fiery energy of the sun in Aries and the moon falling in Libra, relationships will be at the forefront. I am anticipating feeling the tug of war of balancing my needs with the needs of others more intensely than usual during this time.

Eclipses tend to shake us up and can be intense, especially for those of us sensitive to energy. Don't make any rash decisions, have compassion for yourself and those around you. And most importantly, ensure you have your emergency chocolate stash fully stocked!! 

The great thing about eclipses is that they help us get rid of the crap that isn't serving us. This makes way for new beginnings and allows us to gain more clarity and insight.

I have definitely had the spring cleaning urge with all this astrological activity and even moved my office down to the basement. This made it possible for each of our boys to have their own room, rather than sharing. They have been at each other constantly and I am so relieved that they each have their own sanctuary to go to when needing some time out (whether they choose by their own free will or whether, as their mother, I holler at them to do so, lol!)

I have been slowly working on something new called the Sisterhood Library. It's a subscriber-only page that is available to you as a token of my appreciation for allowing me into your intimate inbox space!!

The Sisterhood Library is a resource center where I will house the card and crystal readings from each of these emails. I have also posted the contact information for each of the Red Tent guest presenters. I will be adding some of the recipes that I used and formulated back when I used to sell personal care products and herbal teas. My deodorant recipe is coveted!!

To access the Sisterhood Library enter the password laluna 

I anticipate the Sisterhood Library will evolve and grow, so it may take on a different shape once things get rolling. I welcome your feedback on what you would love to see. Don't hesitate to send me your thoughts. 

If it calls to you, I welcome you into my Red Tent Saskatoon Facebook group. I always trust my own natural ebbs and flows, and as an introvert I don't often post. When I do post, it often coincides with the moon cycle, particularly full moon. I will share posts or quotes that inspire me. The group is a sacred space and is a place for women to ask for support and love during difficult times. If you aren't able to attend a live Red Tent and are facing challenges, you can request to be added to the prayer list for the global healing meditation that I lead at each Red Tent. The power of the circle is always available to you, regardless if you are physically with us or not. Space is held for all woman each new moon. 

In addition to the card and crystal reading below, you'll find a graphic with the quote from above. It's yours to use as you please. I think staying connected with our hearts during the next few weeks will prove helpful as we navigate the remainder of eclipse season <3
With Gentleness, Love, and Appreciation,
Lately, I have been working closely with Alana Fairchild's Crystal Mandala Oracle Deck. Alana's decks are always powerfully feminine, healing, and FULL of juicy insights. If you haven't experienced her magic yet, I am excited to be the first to share it with you!!

I smiled when I pulled this card as I have been working on a course dedicated to the chakras. Each month we work with one chakra and I am currently journeying with the third eye. The archetype associated with the third eye is none other than Hecate!! 

This card is telling us that it is safe and necessary to release the past so we can be open to receiving. It indicates that we may find ourselves at a crossroads and that familiarity doesn't have to equal security. We can trust wholly in our heart to lead us. When we really sink into our heart space, getting past all the fear and doubt, we can surrender and know that the choices we make from our heart space are ones of love. These decisions are the ones that bring us the most joy.

The crystal I felt drawn to was danburite. It is a stone supportive to the heart and is a wonderful companion for releasing past karma. It is a stone of enlightenment that activates higher consciousness from the heart. It melds our head (intellect) with our heart. It supports spiritual growth but it's gentle nature eases our path and instills radical self love. When I first held this crystal I felt supreme love, support, and nurturance. It reminded me of climbing into my grandma's lap as a child and inhaling the familiar and comforting smell of her. 

I came up with this mantra for the next two weeks:
It is safe to release the past
I surrender and welcome new experience with grace and gratitude
I trust choices and decisions made from my heart
I am secure, wholly supported, and divinely loved

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I am thrilled to announce that Stacey Huard will be joining us in circle!

Stacey has a strong curiosity for the ways we nourish our lives and loves to explore the many layers of who we are and our various needs: from our thoughts, words and emotions, to our food choices and the ways we choose to give and receive love, to the unseen life force energy that flows within and all around us. Her passion for health was nourished during her time as a Registered Nurse, though she longed for a fresh approach to wellness. She is currently a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and shares her love for the practice with anyone willing to give it a try. She is a healer in her own right, with education in Reiki and Intuitive Healing. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating she has gathered her Education and Passions together to provide a service she feels humbly guided to share. Let's work together and improve your relationship with food and body.

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