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November 2015
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The Sauce Source from Paradise

Sauces...A Smart, Go-To Solution

Keeping your menu or product offering exciting can be a challenge. So can meeting consumers’ quest for new flavor combinations, customization and the latest trends. Both in foodservice and retail, sauces have become a winning go-to solution.

“With the addition of just a sauce, it’s easy and cost effective to take a menu item, protein or any dish and give it a different flavor profile or tap into a new trend,” explains Allison Rittman, Corporate Research Chef for Paradise. “Sauces are also a great way to address customization by giving consumers options."

“We’ve taken some top flavor trends and shown how sauces can bring that trend to life. Many of these can also be low fat, low sodium and have healthy connotations, while still having amazing flavors, which can be a big plus with your customers.”
Ethnic Flavors

Ethnic Flavors

Southeast Asia: Sweet & Spicy Gochujang sauce, Bulgogi Korean BBQ, Spicy Sambal sauce

South American/Cuban: Aji Amarillo Pepper sauce, Cuban Mojo sauce

Middle East/African: Piri Piri Pepper sauce, Harissa, Aleppo Pepper sauce, Chermoula sauce
Regional BBQ

Regional BBQ

Mainstream Regional: Kansas City Style, Memphis, Texas, N. Carolina (mustard based), S. Carolina (vinegar based)

Lesser Known BBQ Regions: Kentucky Style (with warm spices or Worcestershire), Alabama Style (mayo based, white BBQ), St. Louis Style (sweet, sticky, acidic, tomato based)

Ethnic BBQ Style Sauces: Bulgogi sauce (Korean), Char Sui sauce (Chinese), Barbacoa sauce (Mexico), Tandoori (India)
Smoke & Spice

Smoke & Spice

Barrel Aged Sriracha Sauce
Smoky Cascabel Sauce
Ghost Pepper Sauce
Nashville Hot Chicken Sauce
Smoky Bourbon Sauce
Fire Roasted Hatch Chile Sauce
Wing Flavors

Wing Flavors

PB & Jelly Sauce
Sour Apple Cider Sauce
Sweet Sriracha BBQ Sauce
Honey Mustard Glaze
Spicy Maple Glaze
Red Hot Cinnamon Whiskey Sauce


For more ideas on how sauces can bring excitement and innovation to your current lineup, contact Allison at

You can also check out more of Paradise’s latest sauce creations and ideas by clicking here for chains and here for industrial applications.
Cubano Pizza Recipe
Cubano Pizza Recipe
Add a little Cuban flair to your pizza lineup with this Cuban inspired

This features roast pork tossed with Paradise Cuban Mojo Sauce, sliced ham, and Swiss cheese, with a finishing drizzle of Paradise Spicy Mustard Sauce and crunchy dill pickles.


1 - 14 oz Hand Tossed Style Pizza Dough, stretched into a 14” circle

4 oz. Paradise Spicy Mustard Sauce

4 oz. Low Moisture Mozzarella Cheese, shredded

2 oz. Swiss Cheese, shredded

3 oz. Roasted Pork, sliced

2 oz. Paradise Cuban Mojo Sauce

2 oz. Sliced Ham

1 oz. Dill Pickle Slices


Place dough on a 14" baking screen and swirl 3 oz. of Paradise Spicy Mustard Sauce, leaving a 1” border.

Top sauce with mozzarella and Swiss. Mix roasted pork and Paradise Cuban Mojo Sauce then layer Mojo pork slices and ham. Bake the pizza in an impinger oven, 6 minutes at 450°F. Finish with a drizzle of Paradise Spicy Mustard Sauce and dill pickle slices.
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