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Newsletter September 2020

Make it a September to remember 
Quote unknown:
As the sails age they can change shape and lose their efficiency... Regrettably, this can happen to some sailors too... 
Did you know? The BVI version 
The White Cedar is the national tree of the BVI. It is considered the best wood for boat building as it is resistant to rot and termites. 
So it was great for building traditional BVI sloops, which came to be known as "Tortola Boats". These boats were perfect for inter-island trade and became a cornerstone of the BVI economy. 
Pictured above is the Fiddler of Anegada on the docks at Road Town, circa 1906. Sadly, the sloop, about two tons register, was lost during a voyage from St. Thomas to Tortola in a heavy squall. 
Efforts to restore, preserve and sail the historic Tortola Boats has started again. This in time will be developed into a permanent visitors center and maritime museum.  
Fun Fact: Not sure who named this tree but a cool fact is in Latin the White Cedar translates to "The Tree of Life".
Be sure to trek Sage Mountain on Tortola, just a short drive from Cane Garden Bay, to check out our stunning White Cedar Trees. 

Best boat names

Thank you William Crowley for sharing "Erewhon" ("nowhere" spelled backwards - sort of), after the 1865 English novel of the same name written by Samuel Butler, a satire of Elizabethan society.
We had to share another great boat make from Larry Caillouet from Bowling Green, USA. He says: 
My favorite boat name is  “Bob.”  Many boat names are very pretentious or are just silly puns, usually embodying the word “sea” or “knot”.  “Bob” doesn’t indulge in any of that.  Just a simple name like you would use to address a friend.  “Bob and I are going out” you might say or “I miss Bob".  It’s been too long.”  “Bob” conveys friendship, familiarity, and humility.  It’s a great name for a boat! 
Ashley Crook says: My favorite boat name is “Pissed Her Off”.
(He ended up living on his boat. )
We hope it didnt turn him into a "aquaholic"! 😂
Clinton Coleman says: My favorite boat name is "Shoot Low their riding chickens- racing boat" . 
This was a tough one, but we got there in the end! 😁
Thanks for all the great contributions. We love hearing your creative boat names. Keep 'em coming!
Click on the button below to send us your favorite boat name to win a chance to be featured in our newsletter. The best one(s) will go right here! ☝☝ 
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More boat names

What did the guy in the construction business call his boat? 

"Con-tract-oar" of course! 😂

Fun facts

Did you know dolphins can recognize themselves in the mirror, something scientists thought only humans could do! 

Skills testing question

The winner of last month's skills testing question 
🏆 Norman McKenna, Florida USA 🏆

1. Benures Bay is a great place to find turtles swimming around. Where is Benures Bay? 
Answers to last month's questions were:
1. What does RMS stand for in the RMS Rhone? Royal Mail Steamer
2. You can walk a short wild sage-dotted trail from Foxy's Taboo on Jost Van Dyke to an interesting "rock and water" phenomenon. What is it called? The Bubbly Pool

This month's Conchcotion 

We came up with this cocktail as we were sitting in the dock of the bay, wasting time, watching pelicans dive.. Here you have it 
1.25 oz of Conch Superior Rum (or any other that pales in comparison) 
1.25 oz  of Tequila
1.25 oz of Benadictine
1.25 oz of lime juice
0.25 oz of Coconut Cream

Pour all the ingredients into a blender with a cup of ice.
Blend it till smooth. 
Invite your crew around for some toddies! 

Tried it? Loved it! Tag us on your next Facebook post #conchcotion 

Boat(s) of the month

Our Lucia 40s come in range of cabin configurations, all with AC, generator and electric heads. With a draft of less than 4', she is just the right amount of boat for your next BVI adventure. Perfect for couples and families. To find out more, just click on the photo of the yacht. 
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Parting pearls of wisdom

Only those who risk going too far, can find out how far one can go - T.S. Eliot
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