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Angel Yeast Extract, derived from edible fresh yeast, is a specialty food ingredient designed for taste innovation. The unique taste, natural and nutritional feature, and the magic flavour explosion.

For many, it's their F&B ingredients' best companion.
For others, it's an irresistible choice to make your products a hit.

Angel Yeast Extract helps manufacturers develop cleaner, tastier, and healthier formulations in the most cost-effective way.
Taste enhancing solution for beverages
Neutralize the unpleasant off-notes from sweeteners, improve sweetness and richness, and realize a sugar reduction of up to 30% without compromising on taste. 
Plant-based meat solution
Deliver specific meaty notes, get rid of off-notes brought by vegetal proteins while adding high nutrition value in plant-based foods. 
Product upgrade
Featuring superior Xianness/umami quality, and anti-caking properties, Angel's yeast-based ingredients help producers realize product upgrade and innovation. 
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