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Michael Chekhov School Summer News, 2016
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Welcome to our new podcast series! The first episode is featuring our colleague, friend and wonderful actor Brent Carver in conversation with Ragnar. Brent is speaking about the spirit of Michael Chekhov and encountering the Michael Chekhov Technique. Listen to his profound and poetic reflections by subscribing to the school's free podcast on iTunes or by following the posts on our video blog. Stay tuned for future episodes of conversations with theater makers, artists and colleagues on the theme of Michael Chekhov and Inspiration.

Visit our website to download a free e-book published by the Michael Chekhov School. Bernadette Wintsch-Heinen visited the school last fall and wrote a beautiful reflection on Michael Chekhov, the art of acting and the contemporary theater landscape. This 30 page booklet is created by Gabriela Bonomo, with photographs by Edward Marritz and artwork by David Schulz. Translated from German by Ragnar Freidank. Edited by Ted Pugh, Gabriela Bonomo & Martin D. Anderson.
From the content:
- To Learn and to Forget
- The Ball
- Exercises
- Personal Atmospheres
- Objective Atmosphere
- Radiating and Receiving with Text
- Quotes from Students
- Joanna's Auditioning Class
- The Art of the Ensemble
- The Theater of the Future and the New Actor
- The Creative Individuality

We are happy to send you a hard copy of this beautiful edition. You can mail us $7 cash (includes shipping to U.S.), or make a check out to: "The Actors' Ensemble" and send it to: 1548 Harlemville Rd, Chatham, NY 12037

"Master Classes" Workshop
We are excited to announce that this fall:
are coming together at the Michael Chekhov School to offer a progressive 3-WEEK journey through the Michael Chekhov Technique.
All 5 teachers are featured in the acclaimed DVD series "Master Classes in the Michael Chekhov Technique", created 10 years ago by MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association, published by Routledge and now available for streaming.
Building on the DVD series, the teachers reunite this fall to expand on each area of the technique, providing actors with a comprehensive practical knowledge of this work. Offered in collaboration with the Michael Chekhov Acting Studio in NYC and MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association.

The program is open to:
* recent graduates in a theater program who are transitioning into the acting profession
* working actors who want to gain practical knowledge of Michael Chekhov's Technique
* student actors who already possess fundamental training in acting and wish to dedicate themselves to 3 intensive weeks of Michael Chekhov Training
September 12-30, 2016 - Tuition: $2100
The fall workshop can be taken independently or as part of an 8-week Immersion Program 
Housing is available. Space is limited.
More information at

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“ Our profession can be very important in our cultural life, and in creating the cultural life of the future. If you understand this you will know what you’re aiming at and why you are going through all these difficulties, because you are serving certain ideas which can bring good to the whole of humanity. Don’t think that when you are acting in New York you don’t influence the whole world. You do. When you’re acting badly you don’t influence anyone.  But if you do something really significant, then you influence the whole world. If you act well today, you will see the result of your good acting in another part of the earth. It will not be so obvious immediately, but the streams are coming and going around the whole earth. If you get the idea of what it means to have a real theater, you will discover that you are really doing something on the right basis, which will influence the whole earth. […] The reason for this talk was that I want you to realize and make concrete the idea of our school, to work for it and for the whole human culture. But without making our first steps we cannot hope to go on, and for this purpose we must exercise our Method.”

[Michael Chekhov, August 30th, 1939]

The Michael Chekhov School has been in residency at this year's MICHA conference! (more about this in our next newsletter)

Photo from MICHA's Open Space "Theater of the Future" at Connecticut College in New London. Read reports of the event HERE.
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