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New Beginnings for a New Year!

As we are going into our 3rd year as a young school for both seasoned and beginning actors, we are excited to share with you what we are planing for the next months. We welcome you to visit and join us for our upcoming offerings:
Scene Study / Workshops / 5-Week Immersion.
With our Best Wishes for a Good Year,

Ted, Fern & Ragnar

* A New Scene Study Class in NYC
With Ragnar. For 8 weeks a group of actors will work on select scenes and monologues. Location: Midtown NYC, in Fay Simpson's beautiful LUCID BODY HOUSE. Class runs from February 17 - April 14, 2017. Enrollment is now open.

Click HERE to inquire / apply

* New Weekend Intensives
Curated around a specific theme and aspect of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. The first workshops in the New Year are: Choices - the Actor's Dilemma (joined by guest teacher Bethany Caputo), Michael Chekhov & Shakespeare (joined by guest teacher Séamus Maynard) and: "A Little Piece of Art" - Michael Chekhov & Poetry. If you have a theme you always wanted to work with, let us know! Rolling admission.

Click HERE to inquire / apply


* The Core of our School: our Spring Immersion - 5 weeks of concentrated space and time for actors to focus on the mastery of the Michael Chekhov Technique. The Immersion course takes place from April 19- May 25, 2017 and is limited to 12 actors. Faculty includes Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan, Ragnar Freidank. Guest teachers include Joanna Merlin - last living student of Michael Chekhov's and president of MICHA. Housing for the duration of the course available through the school. Additional limited work scholarships available. If you are considering joining this course, contact us - we still have open spaces. Admission by interview / (online) audition.

Click HERE to inquire / apply


Looking back on the Past Year

Dick Latessa, beautiful actor, Broadway legend and friend of the Michael Chekhov School community passed away on December 19, 2017. During a visit to our school, Dick generously gave of his advice for young actors on conquering your fear - and facing what comes towards you. We are thinking of Dick full of gratitude and he remains in our hearts.

* In the Spring of 2016 the Michael Chekhov School offered a 3-weekend workshop series. In connection with a stay at Barry Butterfield's B&B in Hudson, actors could come and join the school for an exploratory weekend on The Actor's Instrument, Character / Image and Psychological Gesture.


* In the Summer we worked  intensively with a group of actors who have been with the Michael Chekhov work for many years. After a three weeks of work in Hudson, the group spent a week in residency at MICHA's 2016 Workshop and Festival in New London, CT. A real highlight was to share the last class with long-standing MICHA participants during our residency to see the culmination of our work over the summer.

* In the Fall of 2016 we offered 2 weekend-workshops: A Three-Day-Retreat in Hudson for a group of actors with advanced training in the Michael Chekhov Technique and the weekend intensive Michael Chekhov & Beckett, working with excerpts from the script “Eh Joe”  by Samuel Beckett.

* The publication of the printed and E-book version of Bernadette Wintsch-Heinen’s booklet: “My experience at the Michael Chekhov School”, translated by Ragnar, designed by Gabriela Bonomo and edited by Gabriela, Ted and Martin D. Anderson.

* New website - with a complete visual makeover courtesy of Gabriela Bonomo. Visit our homepage and check out the new look!

* The podcast-series, hosted by Ragnar. Our first four episodes are featuring conversations with Brent Carver, Danielle Carter, Fern Sloan and Jessica Cerullo. You can subscribe on iTunes to receive future podcast episodes.

* Our ongoing video-blog with quotes that inspire us plus reflections, discussions, updates from our core faculty and guests, curated by Ragnar. You can follow our video-blog on our website.

* The Book Project: Ted and Fern are writing a book! In collaboration with actress and author Danielle Carter. Audio recording sessions for the book have started and are still ongoing.
We invite you to contribute any questions about the technique you would like to see addressed in the book.


NYC Scene Study work space


The Residence we are offering actors during the course
Actors reflecting on their Immersion Course (2015)



"That’s a big thing: believe in yourself. That you can do something and do it well. It’s a damn good feeling... [Fear is] a demon. But conquering the demon is half the fun. Once you’ve gotten it, then you can play with it and it’s yours; it belongs to you."

Dick Latessa, 2015

A conversation with Dick
Solaris at 360 Warren St in Hudson, home of our School
Poems & images by Martin D. Anderson from our residency
Weekend Workshop
Michael Chekhov & Beckett
Contribute your question to the Book Project HERE
Listen to Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan speak about the history of the Michael Chekhov Technique, from Dartington Hall in England to Beatrice Straight's Michael Chekhov Studio in NYC
WATCH TED'S INTERVIEW                                    WATCH FERN'S INTERVIEW

Dorothy Elmhirst:
"What is the role of the theatre in life?"

Michael Chekhov:
"I think it has a social meaning, nothing personal or individual. If it does not serve a social purpose it is a great illusion. Many actors think they come to the theatre for their own purposes, and it is like that almost everywhere. If you ask modern actors why they are on stage, they will answer, “To act.” This is a point of view which I cannot accept in my life at all. …. If we really try to get the idea of the theatre as a social factor, we should forget ourselves on the stage and think, rather, of the many people there before us. But we are frightened before the audience: we cringe before the audience, we smile and shout, but we are cringing before the audience instead of asking ourselves what we can give our audience as part of our social life. This we can do if we realize that the audience is before us, and not we before the audience." 

From the upcoming new edition of LESSONS FOR TEACHERS by MICHAEL CHEKHOV

Our friends from MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association are raising money to finish the publication of Michael Chekhov's new edition "Lessons for Teachers of his Acting Technique". If you wish to contribute, you can visit MICHA's campaign to donate and receive rewards including  an exclusive audio lecture featuring Chekhov's words, a pre-release copy of the book or e-book version and more.
Visit the campaign or watch a video on the project HERE.

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