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IAU Astronomy Outreach Newsletter

#1 May 2018

In this newsletter:

0) From the Editors
1) IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) Annual Call for Proposals
2) IAU General Assembly Special Sessions and Satellite Events
3) International Day of Light 2018—join the celebrations!
4) News from Spain
5) News from Portugal
6) What are your Plans for Asteroid Day 2018?
7) Star Stuff II
8) European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) project

9) Meetings & Global Events
10) IAU Astronomy Outreach Newsletter in other languages
11) Contributions to IAU Outreach Newsletter

0) From the Editors

In the past few weeks, our team has started preparing for this year’s IAU General Assembly (GA) that will be hosted in Vienna, Austria, from 20 to 31 August. Our team is closely involved in the IAU booth, together with our sister offices OAD and OYA, and the IAU 100 years celebrations. During the GA we want to bring your attention to the IAU Focus Meeting 14 on "IAU’s role on global astronomy outreach, the latest challenges and bridging different communities", hosted on August 23, 2018.   

In this issue, we highlight the International Day of Light on May 16, the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development annual call for proposals. and to start preparing for Asteroid day on June 30. 

Every newsletter we feature national or local outreach and educational events, activities and resources, with the goal of inspiring the international community. We want to thank all our readers around the world who share with us their astronomy “adventures”! In this issue, we want to send our appreciation to Martin Pawley and Paulo Sanches for sharing their latest activities. 

Wishing you all Happy Reading & Clear Skies!
The IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach Team

1) IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) Annual Call for Proposals

The OAD is pleased to announce that the 2018 Call for Proposals is now open for applications. The 2018 call follows a two-stage process like last year. Stage 1 applications are open for proposals that use astronomy as a tool to promote sustainable development. Applications can be submitted by anyone from anywhere in the world. Please read through the Getting Started section on the OAD website to help you develop your proposal. Details on the call, including scoring criteria, timeline etc can be found on our website. The deadline for Stage 1 is May 31, 2018

Read more about the announcement here: 

2) IAU General Assembly Special Sessions and Satellite Events 

During the IAU XXXth General Assembly in Vienna, August 20-31, 2018,  various special sessions and satellite events dedicated to educators, outreach and communication professionals will be hosted:  

a) Summer Schools & Teacher Training 
From 16-18 August 2018, Secondary Education teachers will experience the latest astronomy topics with teaser talks by scientists and several workshop sessions. More information:

b) Focus Meetings 
The IAU Focus Meeting 14 on "IAU’s role on global astronomy outreach, the latest challenges and bridging different communities" will be hosted on August 23, 2018.
The IAU Focus Meeting 15 on "Astronomy for Development" will be hosted from 28-31 August. 

3) International Day of Light 2018—join the celebrations!

May 16 is the International Day of Light, an annual focal point for the continued appreciation of the central role that light plays in the lives of the citizens of the world. The broad theme of light allows many different sectors of society to participate in activities to raise awareness of science and technology, art and culture, and their importance in achieving the goals of UNESCO — education, equality, and peace. 

You can still register your event here or join the celebrations by attending an event near you! 

4) News from Spain

a) “I Encontro da Noite” (Night Encounter) 1st edition in Galicia
This an activity organised by the “Agrupación Astronómica Coruñesa Ío” (Ío Astronomical Association of Corunna) on Saturday May 12, 2018: the 1st “Encontro da Noite” (Night Encounter), whose main subjects are light pollution, the protection of the natural, cultural and scientific of the night, the preservation of dark skies and, in general, the culture of the night. Among the guests at the meeting will be Portuguese researchers Raul C. Lima and Rosa Fina, and the Spanish researcher Ariadna García Sáenz who will discuss her latest research on “Evaluating the Association between Artificial Light-at-Night Exposure and Breast and Prostate Cancer Risk in Spain (MCC-Spain Study)”. 

Find out more about the program here (in Galician):

5) News from Portugal

a) Portugal’s largest telescope gathering in Moimenta da Beira
On May 12 and 13, the Portuguese village of Moimenta da Beira will host the 6th Telescope Gathering, the largest gathering of telescopes in Portugal. Taking advantage of pristine night skies and nearly ideal observing conditions, the Moimenta da Beira Astronomy School Club intends to have a record number of 100 hundred telescopes from around the country. The participants will also enjoy trips to the scale Solar System located in the municipality. 

Learn more (information only available in Portuguese): 

6) What are your Plans for Asteroid Day 2018?

Asteroid Day is a worldwide effort to educate the public about asteroids, the associated science, and the scientists working in the field. Whether you’re organising or attending an event you can find useful resources and tips for participating in an Asteroid Day event here. The organising team encourages everyone to engage in the activities taking place on and/or around 30 June 2018.

Learn how you can join the celebrations: 

7) Star Stuff II

After a successful first “Star Stuff – Festival of the Cosmos” last year, Star Stuff II is inviting three internationally renowned guests—Fraser Cain, publisher of Universe Today, space historian Amy Shira Teitel of the “Vintage Space” YouTube channel, and Geoff Notkin, star and expert of the popular TV series “Meteorite Men”—for the 2018 festival. This two-day weekend in July 2018 at the Elements of Byron resort features solar and nighttime astronomy if the weather allows, and also talks from space and astronomy experts. 

You can find out more about the festival here: 

8) European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) project

The decline in the number of students taking up classical science and engineering subjects presents a real problem. In response to this, ESA's Education Office created the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) project. This project uses European space exploration as a means of exciting young people about Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) and a direct link between ESA and the education community (students and educators), allowing ESA to support the education community with information, materials and activities geared towards science, engineering and space exploration.

Find out more about the project here.  

9) Meetings and Global Events 

Recently Added

5th European Conference of Science Journalists
Date: 8 July 2018
Location: Toulouse, France
More Information: 

Here you can find a list of astronomy outreach & education conferences and events around the world. Plan ahead for a year full of interesting events!

a) International Day of Light
Date: 16 May 2018
Location: Around the world
More Information:

b) Asteroid Day
Date: 30 June 2018
Location: Around the world
More Information: 

c) International Planetarium Society 2018
Date: 1–6 July 2018
Location: Toulouse, France
More Information:

d) International Science Engagement Camp (ISEC)

Dates: 6-22 July 2018
Location: Barcelona, Spain
More Information: 

e) 5th European Conference of Science Journalists
Date: 8 July 2018
Location: Toulouse, France
More Information: 

f) ESOF (EuroScience Open Forum) 2018
Dates: 9-14 July 2018
Location: Toulouse, France
More Information:

g) Committee on Space Research - COSPAR
Date: July 14-22, 2018
Location:  Pasadena, California
More information:

h) Robotic Telescopes, Student Research and Education (RTSRE) Conference & the InterNational Astronomy Teaching Summit
Dates: 22-27 July 2018
Location: Hilo, Hawai'i, USA
More information:

i) IAU General Assembly 2018
Dates: 20-31 August 2018
Location: Vienna, Austria
More information:

j) European Planetary Science Congress 2018
Date: 16–21 September 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany
More Information:

k) .Astronomy conference
Dates: 24-27 September 2018 
Location: Baltimore, USA
More Information:

l) Space Generation Congress (SGC) 
Date: 27-29 September 2018
Location: Bremen, Germany  
More Information: 

m) International Astronautical Congress
Dates: 1 – 5 October 2018
Location: Bremen, Germany 
More Information:

n) World Space Week 2018
Dates: 4-10 October 2018
Location: All around the world
More Information: 

o) International Observe the Moon Night
Date: 20 October 2018
Location: All around the world
More Information:  

p) Starmus Festival V: A Giant Leap
Date:  24–29 June 2019
Location: Bern, Switzerland
More information:  

Have we missed something? Then share your astronomy outreach and education international meetings or events with us via

10) IAU Astronomy Outreach Newsletter in other languages

-     Translations into Serbian are available, by Dr Liliana Gracanin from Serbia: ;
-     Translations into Japanese are available, carried out by Akihiko Tomita through the Astronomy Translation Network: If you want to receive the Japanese newsletter translation, please subscribe to the Japanese Amateur Astronomers Association here:, or the Japanese Society for Education and Popularization of Astronomy here:;
-     Translations into Galician are available, by Agrupación Astronómica Coruñesa Ío, in Spain here:    
-     Translations into Spanish are available by: 
             - Emílio Zuniga, The Association of Amateur Astronomers from León, Nicaragua:;
             - Basilio Solís-Castillo, Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, University of Bonn:

If you are interested in translating our newsletter into your language, please let us know via

11) Contributions to the IAU Outreach Newsletter—looking forward to hearing from you in 2018

Here at the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach, we’re always looking for news about astronomical education and outreach events around the world. Please continue to share your stories with us in 2018! If you are organising large-scale events at a regional or international level, offering astronomy education or communication job positions, have any innovative projects or inspiring stories, looking for professional–amateur collaboration in astronomy, or have created any educational resources, let us know by sending an email to

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