It’s an update, a thank you and also a celebration of our success to-date and it comes to everyone involved with GOODS FOR GOOD.
I’ll start by thanking the Directors, supporters and mentors who have given their time to help make things happen. Together, we have shipped 40 consignments of humanitarian aid, valued at £2.5m over the past 19 months. Meet our team

A huge thank you to all our generous UK corporate donor companies, individuals and volunteers who have played such an important part in this new initiative. Read More
The journey started in May 2014 under the wing and guidance of Max Veenstra, the founder and director of our charity partners HRIF.
Together we orchestrated the creation of GOODS FOR GOOD as a Community Interest Company and have worked hard to launch the UK response to help millions of people beset by poverty, tragedy or disaster, who have to survive somehow without basic goods such as clothing,  shoes, medicines, blankets and hygiene products.
Knit For Peace
We couldn’t have done this without your help. Some recent highlights for me has been the collaboration with Knit for Peace, whose knitters from around the world have knitted literally thousands of beautiful blankets and garments.  Community and multi-faith groups who have come together to donate, sort and pack goods in our lovely donated warehouse space in Borehamwood. Read More
Never Forgotten
Whilst we are busy addressing the refugee crisis, we haven’t forgotten those we have supported in the past in Eastern European countries. There are over 1.5m displaced, innocent people in Ukraine living in temporary shelter, half-way houses.  Now, this winter 2015, they live in sub-zero temperatures, many sharing apartments with other families, or in dark basements; with no ventilation or fresh air.  There is an ongoing desperate need for warm coats, clothing, boots & shoes and blankets this winter.  They fled their homes in haste, with only the clothes on their backs and may be, a couple of light bags were all they could carry. Read More
They all have names
As we celebrate the holiday with our family and friends this December we mustn’t forget those who are far from home living in bitterly cold, unimaginably tragic and appalling conditions.  In tents or make-shift huts, separated by war and terror. Each child and each adult with a harrowing story; separated from their loved ones. Read More
Just Cant Stop
I must confess that I had a lot of encouragement to continue this work and my friends and family might even say that I have always been ‘in the business of helping people’, no matter who or where they are.
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Moving Mountains
I’m just so delighted and proud at what’s been achieved. Since May 2015, we have doubled to number of consignments sent from the UK to forty! Yes indeed, we have moved mountains to achieve this.
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My Family Were Refugees
The fact is that we know how to deliver these goods and ensure that they get to their destination in a speedy, efficient and transparent way. Our Directors visit the refugee camps in Northern Iraq regularly. Whilst governments decide who should take responsibility, we are taking action. We are delivering goods and hope to those who feel forgotten.  Our volunteers are knitting blankets and sorting out the goods they no longer wear.
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Getting Involved
As we enter 2016 our work is just beginning.  We urgently need funds to cover the cost of the logistics and we must accelerate our search for sponsors. The trucks are ready to leave our hub to reach those waiting for urgent help. We know that our deliveries bring relief and hope from the UK, where we are privileged to enjoy freedom. Read More
GoodsForGood would like to wish you all a happy New Year and a healthy and peaceful 2016
If you are able to help deliver our boxes of fabulous quality humanitarian aid, then kindly donate on line.
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