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Holistic Notion May Newsletter

The visible signs of Autumn are definitely apparent in Victoria. The leaves of deciduous plants changing to beautiful yellows and reds, and animals are also affected, such as with birds busy preparing their nests for the cooler months. Likewise, we are also affected by these seasonal changes. Mood and immunity change with seasons, and so does our brain functioning! Interestingly, Belgian researched found in their study of 28 participants that for memory tasks, brain activity peaked in autumn.

I think this is appropriate, that as we head into winter, our focus shifts from engaging with the outer world as our inner-life becomes more active. Rather than work in opposition with natural cycles, knowing how they impact us, can help us ensure that we are working in harmony with these changes so that we can optimise our wellbeing.

Working with nature is what Natural healthcare is all about.

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Change to clinic hours 20 May - 28 May

The online clinic will be closed from the 20 May to 28 May.

I’m taking a mid-year break to go trekking in Japan, and for a recharge amongst the beautiful Zen and Shinto temples and Japanese gardens before our winter sets in.

When I can, I'll be checking my emails, so if you have any queries, please feel free to email me and I'll get back to you when I can.

Next available appointments

Although there are a couple of appointments available this week, consultations are available on my return through Skype on Thursday 1 June and Friday 2 June.  More information at the online clinic page.

Homeopathy for travel

Homeopathy is a wonderful travel companion. If there is one travel tip I can impart, it’s to take a small Homeopathic travel kit with you - it’s always been those times I haven’t had one with me, where I’ve most needed it!

Homeopathy is useful for all those typical travel problems, such as gut issues when you’re not used to the food or bacteria of a new location, for some basic first aid, or to see you over until you can access appropriate care.

What you have in your Homeopathic travel kit may depend on if you’re travelling within your own country, or abroad - and when abroad, a bit of research is needed to identify possible complaints specific to the area you’re travelling to and you want to be prepared for.

Visit the Holistic Notion website to learn more about custom Homeopathic kits.

What am I taking to Japan?

For my trip to Japan, I decided to mix up a Homobotanical formula to provide support for:
  • Immune system - it’s already been coughs and cold season in Victoria where I’m from, and travel can also be taxing on the immune system. International travel means circulating with lots of people, such as at airports and airplanes, increasing the possibility of exposure to a communicable conditions.
  • Energy - remedies which help adapt to the changing environment, and support energy levels when there are increased demands.
  • Gut health - much of the immune system is in the gut, but also, many travellers experience changes in gut function when abroad, due to different foods, exposure to different microbes, etc.

Homobotanicals - a merging of Homeopathy and Herbal medicine

I haven’t written about Homobotanical formulas before.  I’ve been using them for myself and my family to great affect, and I’m now using them with clients.

As the name suggests, Homobotanical formulas are a nice merging of the Homeopathic and Herbal (botanical) medicines. They are all plant-based preparations, but both the homeopathic and traditional herbal indications are used to select the medicines included in each formula.

They’re also low dose, similar to Homeopathic tinctures or low potencies, so unlike the unpleasant taste of herbal tinctures, they’re palatable - and much cheaper. I dispense them using a vegetable-based glycerine carrier, which makes them sweet to taste.

My first use was for a family member who had, as an unfortunate consequence of surgery, eye damage. The eye was dying and shrinking, and despite my best efforts using different Homeopathic medicines to manage the situation (along with the conventional treatment offered), she wasn’t responding. However, after using a Homeobotanical mixture targeting the eye and the trauma of the surgery, the deterioration if not having been halted, has at least slowed in progression. This is a good outcome considering losing the eye altogether is the the only remaining option. Organ support is a wonderful use of Homobotanical formulas.

Since then I’ve expanded my use of them, such as for organ support during chemotherapy (chemotherapy although toxic to cancer cells, can also affect particular organs), as well as immune support for colds, coughs and sore throats.

They’re also used in my detox protocols, particularly for assisting the function of the liver, kidney, and gut.

In preparation for the colds and flu season, I’ve also stocked my dispensary with a range of Homobotanicals to support my clients - so if this therapy interests you, feel free to book an appointment.

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