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Do you have spring fever?

The rainy season is subsiding and the sun is out warming us all, as flowers and life are blossoming everywhere.
Stop and take in all the beauty of spring and let it calm, fascinate, and brighten your mood, and put a little smile on your face.
Place a bouquet of daisies or any flower on your desk, room or table. I even wear it in my hair, place them between books & files, and carry them around. Why not? It  brightens up a stressful and negative day.

Studies show that looking at flowers, trees, plants & bird watching are all natural stress busters.  Woohoo!
Why We Need Bees
Tragically, bumble bees were placed on the endangered list. It broke my heart. Not only do we depend on bees for our food source, not to mention honey, but they are one of the amazing wonders of the world. The culprit of their demise is loss of habitat and growing poisonous pesticides, which is also making us sick and destroying the environment.
BUT, guess who holds the key to stop their extinction, save our food source, and clean our environment? US. You and me! we don't have to do anything extraordinary, but exercise our incredible consumer power. Next time you are buying food, simply select organic over pesticide ridden commercial brands. It is a healthier choice for our body, but also for the bees and nature, whom we depend on for our survival. It's a win win for everyone on the planet.
Remember, there cannot be supply without demand and that's all up to us, the people.
The bees and I thank you in advance.
Dr. Clara's April Prescription
Check Out Spring Veggies & Fruits
Spring means abundance of veggies and fruits are in season like asparagus, cabbage, pineapple, apricots, etc. Visit your local farmers market and indulge in juicy fruits, sweet vegetables, and make a feast to enjoy with family and friends, alfresco. Nothing better.

Reduce Allergies
It's that season again. Strengthen your immune system by eating more veggies, fruits, and nuts. Eat less or eliminate meats and animal by products, dairy, and processed food. Drink plenty of fluids and keep yourself hydrated. Make a giant pot of tea with lemon, honey, and turmeric and drink throughout the day. Exercise only in early mornings or in the evening, preferably indoors, and vacuum, dust, and clean your home and office often to get rid of dust, pollens, mites, and other culprits of allergies. And above all, try to rest when you're body is weak. It's a sign to exercise self-care. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You deserve it.

5 Minutes a Day!
Incorporate 5 minutes of "happy" a day. Take the time to laugh, meditate, list things to be grateful for, listen to your favorite tunes, hug your pets, etc.
Focus on positive things in your day and life. Studies show that even 5 minutes of positive time keeps us healthy and sane. I can attest to that.

Go Outside & Play
Don't forget to go outside , soak up the sun (dose of vitamin D), and hangout and/or play with the kids, dogs or even a ball. Fun is great therapy.

There's nothing like Japanese pranks. This one is in Japanese but actions say it all. They put a sticky floor on the road....
My Dream Died Last Week
I recently had to bury a dear old dream. For reasons only the universe can know, I was forced to let go and it tore me apart. I referred to my own book, "Happiness to the Rescue," where I was reminded that when dreams die, something else can be born. More..

Laugh as Much as You Can
Reduce Eating Meat, Dairy & Sugar
Do One Good Deed a Day
Stop Beating Yourself Up!
Be Kind to Yourself & Others
Have Fun Already!

Dr. Clara :)

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