ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 54
24th Ramadhaan 1437 / 30th June 2016
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Zakaathul Fitr: A Special Charity of Ramadan

Zakaathul Fitr is also called Sadakathul Fitr. 'Fitr' gives the similar meaning like 'Ifthar', which means breaking fast. This has come from the root word 'Fatoor'. This means breakfast - the morning meal. In the Islamic tradition Zakaathul Fitr is Sadaqah given by the end of the Month of Ramadhaan. Sadakathul Fitr is Waajib - obligatory on every Muslim irrespective of male, female, young and old when one has a surplus of food clothing and shelter (on the Night and Day of Eid).

What is the importance of this?
Zakaath plays an important role in the wealth being distributed to all in a Islamic society. Zakaathul Fitr is also doing the similar service. In Zakaathul Fitr every one distributes for oneself and others in one’s obligation, calculating how much to be given, and submit to those suitable to receive. 

The reason for giving Zakaathul Fitr?
Various reasons are given by scholars for this charity. Some say that this charity helps the poor and needy and takes care of their needs in the month of Ramadan and also makes it possible for them to celebrate the Id festival with other Muslims.

Another view is expressed that this charity is to atone (as a kaffara) for any mistakes or omissions a person might have done during this blessed month.

Ibn ’Abbas (Radiyallahu Anhu) narrated, ‘The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) enjoined Zakat-ul-fitr on the one who fasts (i.e. fasted during the month of Ramadan) to purify him from any indecent act or speech and for the purpose of providing food for the needy. It is accepted as Zakah for the person who pays it before the Eid prayer and it is Sadaqah (i.e. voluntary charity) for the person who pays it after the Eid prayer.’ (Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah).

From what Zakaathul Fitr to be given?
It should be given from the staple food of that country/area that you live. Rice is the staple food of Sri Lanka, and, therefore, it is compulsory to give rice for Zakaathul Fitr, and it is better to give good quality rice.

How much Zakaathul Fitr to be given?
It is one صاع  (Sa’a) which is calculated at the present day as 2400 grams of rice per person, One Sa’a was practiced at the time of Rasoolullah (ﷺ).

For any further clarifications please call ACJU Fatwa Hotline: +94 117 490420

Under the projects of ACJU Education Division a presentation was conducted for the Sri Lankans who live on Male on the topic of "Education is a Right not a Privilege". Event was held at Arabiyya College - Maldives on 17th of June.

ACJU Islamic Economics and Finance Division organized Baithul Zakath Awareness Program for the selected Ulama, Trustees, Donors and ACJU branch members at Malwana, event held on 26th of June.

ACJU with the collaboration of Muslim Aid and RCC organized its third phase program under the project ''Back to Work'' for the selected Muallims who affected by flood, event held at ACJU Head Office on 28th of June.

Jabal ur Rahma organization held its flood relief project for the selected Ulama who affected by flood. Event held at the ACJU head office, on 29th of June.


ACJU with the collaboration of Zam Zam Foundation organized a program under the project ''Back to School'' for the selected students who affected by flood, event held at Al Nasser College on 30th of June.

Crescent for the month Shawwaal 1437 might be visible on Tuesday 05th of July from 6.31 pm onwards (Colombo). If sighted please inform to 0112 432110.

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Narrated by 'Ubada bin As-Samit 
(Radiyallahu Anhu) :

The Prophet (ﷺ) came out to inform us about the Night of Qadr but two Muslims were quarreling with each other. So, the Prophet (ﷺ) said, "I came out to inform you about the Night of Qadr but such-and-such persons were quarreling, so the news about it had been taken away; yet that might be for your own good, so search for it on the 29th, 27th and 25th (of Ramadhaan).
Sahih al-Bukhari 2023

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