ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 10 
11 Thul Qa'dah 1436 / 27 August 2015
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Declaration of the Council of Cooperation and Coordination regarding Coexistence
The Council of Cooperation and Coordination serving under the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, whilst emphasizing upon the points mentioned below, requests the government, high officials, religious leaders, including civil and community leaders, and others, to make sincere effort in continuing and developing the peaceful situation and coexistence in this country. The Council expects, especially the Muslims, to strengthen better ties with the other communities, and to take interest and make effort in following the points mentioned hereunder:

• Participating in the pleasure and sorrow of people from other religions.
• Hosting and entertaining those from other religions to functions, ceremonies and events held by Muslims. 
• Participating in common functions, and wishing and offering gifts when participating in such functions.
• Helping the poor, orphans, widows, handicapped and sick people of other societies.
• Participating in common Shramadana activities, environmental preservation activities and other demonstrations supporting social benefits in common.
• Helping hospitals and public rest houses.
• Making arrangements for people from other religions to visit our Masjids and observe religious activities, if they wish to do so.
• Being mindful of inconvenience to others in the neighborhood,whilst using loud-speakers, etc. in the Masjids and in any religious institutions.
• Adhering to the Islamic rules and regulations in regard to handling of animals and the tools used for slaughter, and showing kindness towards animals, when sacrificing animals for Qurban, etc. The feelings of the people of other religions should not be aroused by neglecting the above mentioned.
• Guiding the younger generations to respect the religious feelings of people of other religions, and to follow the expected discipline in the event of visiting places of importance to other religions.
• Being well disciplined while using public transport without inconveniencing fellow passengers in any way.
• Showing honesty and generosity in business dealings.
• Maintaining simplicity at ceremonies, functions, events, etc. and not being a hindrance to pedestrians thereby.
• Maintaining Islamic ethics when mingling with people of other religions; trying to remove their misunderstandings in regard to Muslims through our behavior, and by sharing the teachings of Islam with them.
• Showing patriotism and the National interest in the country in all situations, whilst preserving our religious beliefs and our cultural dimensions.
• Being very vigilant in following our basic beliefs and safeguarding religious boundaries, whilst mingling with people of other religions for building better relationships, as per the guidance mentioned above.

This Council requests all Sri Lankan Muslims to turn to Allah,increase in good deeds and come out of all bad deeds; and to make excessive Thowba & Isthi'far; and to make Dua.

An excerpt from the “Declaration regarding Coexistence among the Communities of Sri Lanka” by the Council of Cooperation & Coordination of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama. (Please click the below image to view the entire Book)

Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah (Radhiyallahu Anha):
Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "May Allah's mercy be on him who is lenient in his buying, selling, and in demanding back his money."

Sahih al-Bukhari 2076

What is the ACJU guidance on the recitation of ‘Qunooth’ during the Subah (Fajr) prayer?
Ref No. ACJU/FTW/2014/10-0191

Scholars have had varied opinions on the matter of reciting the ‘Qunooth’ during the Subah prayer. Imam Shafi (Rahmathullahi Alaihi) has stated that reciting ‘Qunooth’ is an important Sunnah; while Imam Malik (Rahmathullahi Alaihi) has ruled it out as ‘Musthahab’, and both have cited that there are substantial evidences to be found in the Saheeh Hadiths, to support their respective claims.

Meanwhile scholars like Imam Ahmad (Rahmathullahi Alaihi) and Imam Aboo Haniffa (Rahmathullahi Alaihi) assert that there are no valid Saheeh Sources regarding the recital of the ‘Qunooth’ during the Subah prayer.
This matter of, differences of opinion among the Scholars arose, due to the varied understandings of the terminologies found in the revelations of the Prophet (), and differed views upon whether those revelations were Saheeh or La’eef.

The ACJU would kindly like to make it clear that, such differences of opinion have been existing since long while ago, among our predecessors, and it was purely for intellectual purposes, and one who acquires a conclusion as the end result, even if it were wrong, is considered as a good endeavor. Furthermore, every Muslim should bear in mind that, such differences of opinion should only be a matter of rational discussion, while it isn’t a matter that goes beyond the limit of encroaching the hearts, which might lead to creating a division among the community.

Moreover the ACJU addresses the respected Aalims, to consider the current atmosphere and circumstances, and guide the general public and Trustees of Masjidhs towards a good tendency with regard to such issues.
The ACJU would like to further state that these varied opinions cannot be justified to the extent of disrupting unity and creating divisions among the community. While emphasizing the fact that, choosing and acting upon opinions based on the above research is not harmful, the ACJU  further warns that, enforcing those who recite the ‘Qunooth’ during the ‘Subah’ prayer to not do so, and vice versa; or proclaiming or isolating those Masjids which recite the ‘Qunooth’ after the ‘Subah’ prayer as Bid’ah’; or isolating, or labeling people who practice it as, ‘wrong doers’, is a deviation from the Islamic guidance.

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama has elaborated on how to act upon matters with differences of opinion via its publication of the Unity Declaration. We kindly request to practice upon it.

Allah Knows the Best.

Letters of Appreciation were sent by the ACJU to the H.E. President of Sri Lanka, Hon. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Inspector General of Police and the Elections Commissioner with regard to General Elections - 2015. 

Muslim Cultural Tour (MCT) for Non-Muslims was launched on the 20th of August by ACJU at the Jawatta Jumu'ah Masjid.  

2 Christian Theologians from Rome, and a Sri Lankan Priest from Thalangama visited the ACJU head office on the 20th of August and met some of the Executive Committee members and also participated at the inaugural ACJU Masjid Cultural Tour. 

A program
was conducted to the representative Ulama of the Colombo District branch of ACJU and the Colombo Masjid Trustees at the Kolpitty Jumu'ah Masjid on the 22nd of August.

A program on 'Manaqibus Sahabah'  was conducted by the Kandy District Branch of ACJU at the Meera Maqam Masjid on the 23rd of August.
Pictures of the inaugural ACJU Masjid Cultural Tour for Non-Muslims at the Jawatte Jumu'ah Masjid - 20th of August 2015.
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