ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 19
15 Muharram 1437 / 29 October 2015
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Women are not oppressed by Islam!
Fourteen hundred years ago Islam gave women rights.
O those who believe, it is not lawful for you that you should forcibly take women as inheritance. And do not hold on to them so that you may get away with some of what you have given them, unless they commit a clearly shameful act. And live with them in the recognized manner. And if you dislike them, then it is quite likely that you dislike something and Allah has placed in it a lot of good.
(Quran 4:19)
The religion of Islam demands that women be treated with respect, honour, and justice. It condemns oppression of any kind. In Islam women, like men, are commanded to believe in Allah and to worship Him. Women are equal to men in terms of reward in the Hereafter.
And whoever, male or female, does good deeds and is a Believer, they shall enter Paradise and they shall not be wronged in the least
(Quran 4:124)
Women in Islam have the right to own property, to control their own money to buy and sell, and to give gifts and charity.  It is not permissible for anyone to take a woman’s wealth without her consent.  Islam gave women formal rights of inheritance. Women in Islam have the right to an education; seeking and acquiring knowledge is an obligation on all Muslims, male or female.
Muslim women are given the opportunity to submit their consent on  marriage proposals, and married women are completely free from the obligation of supporting and maintaining the family. Women have the right to seek divorce if it becomes necessary.
The religion of Islam declares that women are worthy human beings deserving of respect, and the right to be free from oppression.  Women have the right to a decent life, without facing aggression or abuse of any kind.  They have the right to pursue a life that is pleasing to them within Islamic boundaries. Nobody has the right to force women to be less then they want to be. The true teachings of Islam, declare that women should be held in a position of high regard.
Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said, “None but a noble man treats women in an honourable manner. And none but an ignoble treats women disgracefully.”
Islam recognizes that the role of wife and mother is of paramount importance. Islam defines marriage as half of the religion. Islam goes much further than just recognition; it clearly defines the roles that women play and states rights and obligations with clarity and common sense.
The role of a mother in bringing up children is greater than that of a father. She is responsible for their emotional, behavioral, and intellectual development.  She is responsible for instilling the love of Islam in them, especially in their early formative years.  When a woman understands the teachings of Islam and her own role in life, she understands her complete responsibility for the upbringing of her children.
The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), was sent with a message for all mankind, in all times and in all places. The guidelines sent down to us by our Creator, Allah Almighty, are perfect and cover all situations. Allah made it clear that a woman’s first responsibility is to her Creator, then to her husband, and then to her home. 
Based on Article:

Abu Huraira Radhiyallaahu Anhu reported that a person said:
Allah's Messenger (ﷺ)
, who amongst the people is most deserving of my good treatment? He said: Your mother, again your mother, again your mother, then your father, then your nearest relatives according to the order (of nearness).

Sahih Muslim 2548

Members of the Council for Cooperation and Coordination (CCC) of ACJU attended a program on Co-existence was conducted at a Inter Religous gathering in Jaffna on the 26th of October.

Ash Sheikh Mufthi Rizwe made a special address on the ACJU Education Division's proposed future projects, at a meeting, organized by the SSDF at the Zahira College on the 24th of October.

A 2-Day Training Program on Leadership, Management and Administration, for the ACJU Staff was held at the Jamiah Naleemiah on 28th and 29th of October.

ACJU Branch of Madawakulam and the NIDA Foundation Insha Allah would be launching a new project "Humanity Development Organization" on the 30th of October.
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