ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 11 
18 Thul Qa'dah 1436 / 03 September 2015
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Felicitation Ceremony for Muslim Parliamentarians hosted by ACJU - 01st of September 2015

A Felicitation Ceremony for the Muslim Parliamentarians elected for 8th Parliament of Sri Lanka, hosted by the ACJU, was held on Tuesday, 1st September 2015 at the ACJU head office. The representatives of civil societies and Muslim organizations participated in this event, which was chaired by Ash-Sheikh Mufti Rizwe, the President of ACJU.

The session commenced with recitation of the Holy Quran by Ash-Sheikh Arkam Nooramith, Secretary for Youth Affairs division of ACJU, and the compering of Ash-Shiekh Hashim Shoori, Secretary for Fatwa Committee of ACJU.

Ash-Sheikh Ahamed Mubarak, General Secretary for ACJU who presented the welcome address, appreciated the Parliamentarians and representatives of the Muslim organizations and the Civil Societies for accepting  ACJU’s invitation among their busy schedule. He brought to light the dedication and sacrifice of the past Muslim Parliamentarians while appreciating the contemporary Muslim MPs who have been serving the country and the people. He pointed out some important advices and guidelines to the Muslim MPs who were present at the event.

Ash-Sheikh A. C Agar Mohamed, one of the vice presidents of ACJU, in his speech explained the duties and responsibilities of the Muslim Parliamentarians and he further elaborated the important services that is required to be rendered by the Muslim Parliamentarians to the country and the people.    
Ash Sheikh Mufthi Rizwe, President of ACJU, in his address, stressed the fact that the Muslim Politicians should have the qualities of Unity in diversity in politics, tolerance and most importantly forgiving one another and should carry forward their services. He also briefly highlighted present challenges faced by the country and the Muslim community.

Mufthi Rizwe further stated “You all have been presented with a souvenir, it is not only token of appreciation but also therein it contains 11 point code of conduct, which itself
would be sufficient Insha Allah to reform oneself spiritually, if practiced in life.” 

Representing the Muslim organizations Al Haj N.M Ameen, President of Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL), Ash Sheikh S. H. M Faleel, Secretary of National Shoora Council (NSC) and on behalf of the Muslim Members of Parliament Al Haj Rauff Hakeem, leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) addressed the event.

Finally all Muslim Parliamentarians were felicitated by the awarding of a souvenir and a set of publications of ACJU.

Abu Dharr (Radhiyallahu Anhu) reported:
Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Do not disdain a good deed, (no matter how small it may seem) even if it is your meeting with your (Muslim) brother with a cheerful face."

Sahih Muslim 695

"When the foolish one speaks, do not reply to him, for better than a response (to him) is silence, and if you speak to him you have aided him, and if you left him (with no reply) in extreme sadness he dies."

Imaam Shafie (Rahmathullahi Alaihi) 

The 6th Book "Niqab" of Samaja Sanwada was issued on the 22nd of August at the Colombo District Program held at the Kollupitiya Jumu'ah Masjid.

The ACJU released press statement on "2015 General Elections and the Public Opinion" in Sinhala on the 24th of August. Read here

A Two-Day Training Session on Communication, Office Etiquette etc. for All Island Maktab Center Mua'wins (Supervisor) was conducted at the ACJU Head office , on the 25th and 26th of August 2015.

A delegation of 3 members from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) visited the ACJU Head office on the 28th of August 2015.

A program on Manaakibus Sahabah and reorganizing of the Ratnapura District Branch of ACJU, was held on the 29th of August at the Ratnapura Jannath Jumu'ah Masjid. 

A felicitation ceremony for the newly elected Muslim Parliamentarians was held at the ACJU Head office on the 01st of September 2015. Representatives of Civil societies and Muslim organizations also participated in the event.

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