ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 28
19th Rabeeunil Awwal 1437 / 31st December 2015
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Introducing ACJU (Part VI) - Youth Affairs Committee
The Youth Affairs committee will operate by organizing youth teams, through ACJU branches, to discuss their problems and encouraging them to propose their own solutions to the Youth Affairs committee.The committee will also aim at identifying all Islamically unacceptable activities that youth engage in, and find means to draw them away from sinful activities. It would also provide counseling and other services for youths with addiction problems, in order to rehabilitate them. 

In order to provide the youth with an Islamic way of life the ACJU will provide leadership training and other training such as leading a successful marriage life. It will also take other efforts necessary to achieve this objective. The ACJU is also drawing up strategies to encourage parents to lead their children to become a Hafiz and/or an Aalim.

Identifying the need for youth to be empowered, the committee will be helping the youth for higher studies, providing needful technical and vocational training to find means of Halaal income, strategizing manners to identify the basic skills of every youth and to develop their skills, among others. The committee is also working out means by which to provide unemployed and under-employed youths to find better employment according to their competencies, (e.g. A job bank for Muslims)

In order to encourage youth to realize the importance of unity, peace, coexistence and tolerance the committee will be organizing competitions for social unity, conducting seminars, and encouraging the youth in participating in sports, social and cultural activities permissible in Islam.

Ash Sheikh Nusrath is the Coordinator for the ACJU Division for Youth Affairs. He could be contacted via  E Mail: or via the ACJU Hotline 0117 490 490. 
Abu Harairah Radiyallahu 'Anhu narrated that the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam said:
"Three Supplications (Du'a) are accepted , there is no doubt in them (about them being accepted): The supplication of the oppressed, the supplication of the traveler, and the supplication of his father against his son."

Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1905

'Usrathul Islam' a Tarbiyyah Program for ladies, organized by the ACJU Arakyala Divisional Branch, was held at Masjidul Falaah in Arakyala, Madalassa, on the 26th of December. 

A Special Program was conducted by Ash Sheikh Ibrahim Pandori for the Ulama which was organized by the ACJU Colombo District Branch at the Bambalapitiya Jumuah Masjid, on the 26th of December.

ACJU Colombo North Divisional Branch organized programs on 'Virtues of Sahabah' and 'Terrorism in the view of Islam'  on the 26th of December at Madampitiya Masjidul Hidayath and on the 27th of December at Rahmaaniya Jumuah Masjid, Grandpass.

A 3 member delegation from India, including Ash Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Pandori visited the ACJU Head Office on the 26th of December.

ACJU Youth Division conducted a Meeting with representatives of 8 Masjids in the Madampitiya area on the 29th of December at Madampitiya, with regard to a Youth Rehabilitation Program Series.

A 3 Day Training Program on 'Teaching Methodologies' was conducted
by Ash Sheikh Luqmaan Hakeem to the ACJU Maktab Muawwins from 29th to 31st December at the ACJU Head Office.
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