This is the March 2017 update from the Good Thinking Society
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March 2017

Welcome to our regular update on our projects and progress, designed to give our supporters an insight into some of the things we're working on and how you might be able to help. Please share it with anyone you think might be interested in hearing more about Good Thinking's work. 

Good Thinking criticises universities for lending credibility to quackery

This month we drew attention to the Society of Homeopaths' AGM, which will take place later this month at Lady Margaret Hall, a college of Oxford University, after the institution agreed to hire venue space to host the event.

After writing to the college and a number of its fellows, we were told that the event will go ahead, even after Regent's University in London drew heavy criticism for allowing a homeopathy group to screen Andrew Wakefield's anti-vaccine propaganda filmed Vaxxed. In the wake of the criticism, Regent's cancelled another dubious-looking event, promoted by the Faculty of Homeopathy and featuring an Indian homeopath who has claimed to be able to treat autism.

Universities are not alone in hiring out their event space to quackery, with the Society of Homeopaths' AGM last year taking place at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester. 

Our work to highlight the issues with learning institutions lending their name to pseudoscience garnered coverage in the Times, the Times Higher Education and the Independent. In addition, we published an opinion piece in the Times Higher Education to explain why it is inappropriate for learning and institutions to open their doors to events that run contrary to the values of intellectual rigour, and calling for all such institutions to review their booking policies to ensure their reputations are lent to potentially dangerous quackery.

Read our opinion piece now >>

If you've seen something you'd like us to investigate, or if you'd like our advice on an issue you're facing or an activist idea you're working on, please get in touch.
In other Good Thinking news:
A black plaque for Ramanujan, Hardy and 1,729
A black plaque for Ramanujan, Hardy and the number 1,729
Last month, Good Thinking jointly-funded the installation of a commemorative plaque at 2 Colinette Road, Putney, to celebrate a famous conversation between legendary mathematicians G.H. Hardy and Srinivasan Ramanujan.
"Skeptical Activism from the Bottom Up" - Marsh in the Skeptical Inquirer
"Skeptical Activism from the Bottom Up" - Marsh in the Skeptical Inquirer
The November/December issue of the Skeptical Inquirer has now been released online, including an article by our Project Director Michael Marshall on the UK skeptical scene and the projects he's been involved in over the years.
Read the article >>
Who Wants To Be A Mathematician – UK Final
Who Wants To Be A Mathematician – UK Winner and Runners-up
On February 9th we held the first UK final of Who Wants To Be A Mathematician, in front of an audience of several hundred maths students attending this year’s Maths Fest. Congratulations all six finalists, including our well-deserved winner.
Watch Marsh on ABC News in Australia, with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Homeopathy use in the UK seems far lower than claimed by homeopaths
Recent research from NatCen, taken from the European Social Survey, suggests alternative medicine use in the UK is low, with homeopathy used by just 1% of the population - rather than the 10%-20% often claimed by homeopaths.
Check out the full results >>
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