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Dear Turing Phone Fans,

After years of hard work and perseverance we are pleased to announce that we have finally shipped the first batch of Turing Phones on July 12th. We expect the second and third batch production of the Turing Phones to be dispatched on July 22nd and July 29th respectively. Thus all Evaluation Units of the Turing Phone would have been shipped to all our faithful customers who have stood by and believed in us. So please be patient as you will be receiving your shipment tracking number via email from us shortly.

The Evaluation Unit of Turing Phone comes with an Alpha Release of Sailfish OS 2.0. The next Over-The-Air (OTA) software update will take place in early August which will enable all the special features of the Turing Phone. The OTA software update will be accompanied with the latest feature list for your perusal.

The water proof nano-coating procedure is a very complicated and lengthy process, without incurring further delays to shipment we’ve decided to remove the water proof feature until the next release (Snapdragon 820 edition). This delay may disappoint many of you so we do sincerely apologize for the absence of this particular feature until the next release.

You may have also noticed that the packaging doesn’t include a Bluetooth earphone accessory, the reason being is that we are customizing the sound design of the TRI earphone which will be delivered to you separately this coming August.

Each of the Turing Phone packaging comes included with a 2.5D Glass Protector (double screen protection), two Wallaby port cables, and a localized charger for your specific region.

As this is the initial release of TRI’s product offering we do expect both potential software and hardware issues to occur while you are using the Turing Phone. We encourage you to report any issues that you may have encountered so that we can that can improve the user experience for all our valued customers. Please email us at

If you decide to sell your Turing Phone, we will consider that as a “Change of Ownership” scenario in which the new owner of the Evaluation Edition will not enjoy the free upgrade to the Snapdragon 820 edition.

We have already enrolled you in the TRI Elite Club (early purchasers of the Turing Phone), a program designed to provide you the latest updates to future TRI development and potential free trials on future TRI products. Please ensure that you hold on to your Turing Phone and it’s the only ticket in town to this great offer.

We are trying our best to keep up with all your inquiries. Every TRI staff is working day and night to address your questions therefore please be civilized on our social networking pages and show your support and respect for the TRI team. This is highly appreciated!

Thanks for your continuous support and interest in the Turing Phone. We are open to your suggestions for improvement on all fronts. Let’s march together towards the next phase of TRI’s development.


Syl Chao (CEO | TRI) and the entire Turing Phone team

Turing Robotic Industries

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