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Remembering Harry Baglole at City Cinema

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 | 7 p.m.
City Cinema, 64 King Street, Charlottetown

It has been one year since renowned Islander Harry Baglole passed away.  He led a life of terrific impact. Harry was the founding Director of the Institute of Island Studies and the visionary behind much of what has taken place in Island Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island since 1985 – programs like the Master of Arts in Island Studies program and Island Studies Journal, the North Atlantic Forum and even the current UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability. Harry also played a central role in many of PEI’s cultural institutions such as The Brothers and Sisters of Cornelius Howatt, Ragweed Press, The Island Magazine, the Macphail Homestead, the Bonshaw Hall, and the Vinland Society.
Through Island Studies, and later the Vinland Society, Harry made strong and lasting connections to Iceland, which resulted in deep and abiding friendships. Dr. Laurie Brinklow, Co-ordinator of the Institute of Island Studies and Iceland’s Honorary Consul to PEI, attributes much of this to Harry’s love of Iceland, which he visited a number of times. “Harry was fascinated by the ‘Search for Vinland,’ the idea that the Island could be the fabled Vinland of the Icelandic sagas, and that Leifur Eriksson may have made his way from L’Anse aux Meadows, NL, down the Gulf of St. Lawrence to find salmon in the harbour and grapes growing on the hillsides – an idea that saga scholar and longtime friend Dr. Gisli Sigurdsson posited in the early 2000s. Harry was also inspired by Icelanders’ passion for their island, their commitment to education and the arts, their 100% literacy rate – resulting in a strong, dynamic island society, which is something Harry desperately wished for PEI, too.”
Harry’s keen interest in all things Icelandic will be saluted at the screening of the Icelandic film WOMAN AT WAR on Wednesday, May 29, the anniversary of his death. The film’s director Benedikt Erlingsson (Gisli Sigurdsson’s cousin) is excited that Harry’s life is being celebrated with this screening of his film about a courageous woman fighting for the environment. He writes: "My warmest greetings to the Vinland Society for screening my WOMAN AT WAR to commemorate Mr. Harry Baglole, the founding father of the Vinland Society. In the year 2000 Harry welcomed another woman to Charlottetown, my mother Brynja Benediktsdóttir. She was traveling to Vinland with her ‘one woman show’ of a Wonder woman called Guðríður.” The show was sponsored by the Institute of Island Studies, and was one of a number of exchanges between Icelanders and Islanders that have brought the two islands closer over the years.
WOMAN at WAR, a serious yet funny film that follows the story of Halla, a 50-year-old environmentalist who launches a one-woman crusade against the aluminium industry in Iceland, plays at CITY CINEMA from May 29 to June 2. Friends and family are planning to enjoy the film May 29 and then repair to Harry’s favourite “watering hole” – the Churchill Arms – to raise a glass to the one and only Harry Baglole.

Get your tickets in advance by clicking here. 

For further information, please contact Laurie Brinklow at 902-894-2881 or Cheryl Wagner at 902-388-1081.



The Faroe Islands 
More than sheep (but still a lot of sheep)
with Sam Stewart and Jennifer White

Sunday, June 9, 2019 | 7 p.m.
The Carriage House, 2 Kent Street, Charlottetown

The Vinland Society presents “The Faroe Islands: More than sheep (but still a lot of sheep…),” by Sam Stewart and Jennifer White, featuring Sam’s photos and Jennifer’s stories about the Faroe Islands. The talk takes place Sunday, June 9, 7 p.m., at the Carriage House at Beaconsfield, 2 Kent Street, Charlottetown.

The village of  Funningsfjørður on Eysturoy, Faroe Islands. Photo by Sam Stewart.

This is part of this year’s focus of the Vinland Society on “the Vinland Arc,” which follows the Vikings’ travels from Scandinavia through the Scottish isles to the Faroes, Iceland, Greenland, and eastern North America over a thousand years ago.
In 2016 Sam Stewart received a Roloff Beny Scholarship through NSCAD. Using the scholarship, he travelled to the Faroe Islands where he spent January to March working on a photo exhibition that was later displayed at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax. He says, “The work I created while in the Faroes dealt with subjects of isolation and the way people have adapted to the environment. I use samplings of minerals, discarded taxidermy, whale bones, and fish farms to create a dialogue with the viewer asking them to explore their own relationship with the subjects.” He adds that living in the Faroe Islands in the middle of winter was an extremely fun and isolating experience.
Jennifer White encountered the Faroe Islands during an Island Studies class at UPEI and was immediately enchanted. So, when her friend Sam took off on his adventure, she couldn’t resist meeting up with him for her own. She says, “I discovered that to visit the Faroes is to find yourself rendered speechless, no matter where you look, and to submit to the immense power of nature, of isolation, of an island. I would also find that these contexts have conceived a deep sense of identity and place. This is made clear in the relationships that play out through the community, the various islands of the archipelago, the landscape, art, culture, non-Faroese visitors and otherwise. To experience the Faroes was inexplicably unique, a true dreamscape. Plus…the sheep! But, perhaps being rooted to an island myself there was, in a way, something curiously familiar.”
Sam Stewart graduated with a BFA in Photography from the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design in 2016. Since graduating he has spent time bicycle touring through Baja Mexico, Jordan, Palestine, and America. If you have a dog he would like to pet it.
Jennifer White is a student in the Master of Arts in Island Studies Program at UPEI. Her thesis explores how burial traditions and relationships with the deceased are being renegotiated on Hong Kong Island. Here physical limits and urban densities have led to a shift in the materiality of death for Hong Kongers. She currently resides in Charlottetown where she works as a Registered Massage Therapist. She would also like to pet your dog but is, historically, more of a cat person.
Admission is free and everyone is welcome to attend.
For more information, contact Laurie Brinklow at 902-894-2881 or

L.M Montgomery and the Matter of Nature(s) 
by Dr. Jean Mitchell
nominated for the Gabrielle Roy Prize

L. M. Montgomery and the Matter of Nature(s), a book co-edited by UPEI’s Dr. Jean Mitchell, is one of three books short-listed for the Association of Canadian and Quebec Literatures’ (AQCL) Gabrielle Roy Prize. The AQCL recognizes two books every year with this prestigious award for literary criticism, one in French and one in English.

Dr. Jean Mitchell is an associate professor of anthropology at UPEI and a member of the Institute of Island Studies Executive Committee. She co-edited L. M. Montgomery and the Matter of Nature(s) with Dr. Rita Bode of Trent University. The book is a critical study of L.M. Montgomery’s relationship to the material world and the revealing interconnections between nature and culture.

The winner of the 2018 Gabrielle Roy Prize will be announced at the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, held next month in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Congratulations, Jean!


The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
Islands Economic Cooperation Forum

The Annual Report on Global Islands 2018, published by Island Studies Press in partnership with the Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province, was launched at the Boao Island Economic Cooperation Forum in April 2019. Executive Editor-in-Chief is Dr. James Randall, working with Editor Dr. Laurie Brinklow and Designer Joan Sinclair.

Says Executive Editor-in-Chief Jim Randall, “The edition of the Annual Report on Global Islands retains the best of previous editions, including a summary of the Islands Economic Forum held in 2018 and the most current statistics on a select group of island states and subnational island jurisdictions. However, it also goes into much more depth on some of the key issues linking islands to the rest of the world. This includes the significance of islands as centres of offshore finance, islands as free ports and free trade zones, and the importance of the ‘marine economy’ on and surrounding islands. It includes contributions from some of the leading international and Chinese experts in these areas. We hope that this engages readers, inspires further discussion on island development, and strengthens the role that the island of Hainan plays as one of the key sites leading this discussion.”

The Annual Report on Global Islands 2018 is now available online. Click here for the online e-version.


Saltwire's Deep Dives series discusses a "Rural Renaissance" in Atlantic Canada

For the past three weeks, the Saltwire Newspapers Deep Dives series, "How unexpected ideas are leading to a new rural economy" in Atlantic Canada, has focused on Atlantic Canada: thriving or just surviving? With interviews from academics, policy-makers, and practitioners, journalists delve into some of the issues facing Atlantic Canada's rural regions. Much of it has to do with individuals and organizations working together, using social capital and creative ideas to build community and support new enterprises, including niche industries. 

Dr. Laurie Brinklow, co-ordinator of the Institute of Island Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island, was asked by journalist Evan Careen to talk about the state of rural Prince Edward Island. She answered by talking about a "rural repopulation" of our province, with young people coming back and taking over family farms, or getting involved in organic agriculture. “I think it’s part of a global phenomenon,” Brinklow said. “We’re thinking about health, we’re thinking about what is good for us, and fueling our bodies with healthy food and taking on less stress in our lives.

“Here, same as in the other Atlantic provinces, you have to be able to do a number of things to be able to make a living. You become a jack-of-all-trades just out of necessity. You cobble together jobs just to be able to stay. It’s that passion to be able to stay that is driving it.

"We can turn on a dime if we need to. We don’t have the big bureaucracy that takes three years to turn things around, you can actually make change much more quickly because on the scale of the place and the connections that we have, it’s one of the advantages I think we have. Our size, our scale.”

If you have a subscription to any of the Saltwire newspapers, you can access the full article here. (Above image is a screen capture from the series.)


Environmental Studies Program seeks sessional instructor

DEADLINE: May 31, 2019

The Environmental Studies Program at the University of Prince Edward Island has an opening for a Sessional Instructor to teach the following course in the Fall 2019 semester. This appointment is subject to final budgetary approval.

Fall 2019 ENV 2310
Island Environmental Histories

Environmental history is broadly defined as the study of continuity and change in human relationships with the environment. This course introduces students to environmental history and historical methods with a focus on historic and current, interaction with the environment on global islands. Special focus will be given to ocean, forest, and land use activity in Prince Edward Island and islands in the Atlantic region.

The course can be taught in an ‘on line’ or ‘in person lecture’ format
Three semester hours of credit
Prerequisite: ENV 1010 or with permission of instructor

Successful applicants should have a minimum of a Master’s degree in an environmental or related field, or an equivalent combination of qualifications and experience in the subject area for each course. Applicants should have experience in teaching, research or practice related to the course content.

Preference will be given to qualified candidates with seniority on the UPEI Sessional Roster in the academic unit.

Application Instructions:
Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae and names of three referees by e-mail to:
Dr. Carolyn Peach Brown, Director of Environmental Studies
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI C1A 4P3

In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority. UPEI is committed to the principle of equity in employment. Closing date for applications is May 31, 2019




2019 Sustainable Communities Conference
2019 North Atlantic Forum & CRRF Conference
October 1-4, 2019, St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Memorial University and the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) and its North Atlantic partners are planning for the 2019 North Atlantic Forum and CRRF Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada in October 2019.

Save the date and plan your participation in the Sustainable Communities Forum.  Join rural practitioners, researchers, government, business and non-profit representatives for inspiring presentations, breakout sessions, and interactive discussions on the stresses and solutions of sustainable communities.

Conference registration is now open. Early bird prices are in effect until June 30, 2019.  
Please click here to register.


Scotland's Rural College Island Webinar Series
features the Island Institute's
Dr. Rob Snyder and Suzanne Macdonald 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 2-3:30 p.m. GMT

The Scottish Rural Institute is very pleased to invite you to the next in their island webinar series, which takes place from 2 to 3.30 p.m. GMT on Wednesday, May 29.

The webinar will be led by Dr Rob Snyder from the Island Institute alongside his colleague Suzanne Macdonald. The Island Institute is located in Rockland, Maine, US, and works towards strengthening communities and supporting economic development of island and coastal communities of Maine, as well as other parts of the US, such as Alaska and Maryland. They will be presenting on their perspectives on island development and reflections on the differing island policy contexts of the US and Scotland.

Rob and Suzanne will be joining the team in Edinburgh at SRUC, and they encourage those based in/near Edinburgh to come to SRUC and be present in person (tea/coffee and light refreshments will be available). For those based outside Edinburgh, you will be able to access the webinar remotely through your PC or phone - they will send details on how to do this. After feedback from the last webinar: they will also be able to test the technology before the event, so if you have concerns please get in touch and they can organize this.  

Please rsvp to to let SRUCH know if you wish to attend the webinar. In your email, please let them know whether you plan to come to SRUC in person or to access the webinar remotely.
The SRUC team looks forward to hearing back from you!



Still taking applications for course- and work-study Master of Arts in Island Studies in Island Tourism and Sustainable Island Communities for September 2019

UPEI is recognized as the world leader in delivering a quality Island Studies education, successfully offering a thesis-based Master of Arts in Island Studies program for more than 15 years.

In September 2019, we will be starting a second cohort of the new Island Tourism specialization  designed to meet the needs of current and future island-based tourism industry managers, executives, and other professional and public sector researchers. At the same time we are adding a brand-new cohort specializing in Sustainable Island Communities. The specialization in Sustainable Island Communities combines concepts of community development with practices of sustainability on islands to create a cutting-edge post-graduate degree. This focus area is ideal for students interested in the interdependence of physical, ecological, economic, political, cultural and social issues and who want to strengthen their abilities to become effective agents of community change.

An additional focus area in International Relations, Islands, and Public Policy will be offered in 2020. Ask the Program Coordinator Jim Randall at or (902) 620-5013 for more details about the various programs or how to apply.

Course-based stream students participate in hybrid model delivery courses, with all courses delivered through a combination of online, video and face-to-face instruction. You can choose to undertake your degree at home or you can come to Prince Edward Island to complete your degree on the beautiful UPEI campus.

And don't forget that the thesis-based program is still accepting applications!

For more information, go to:


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