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"Memory has to be trained in the now" at Parko Eleftherias 4/4 2017

April 6th:  Documenta in Athens 
- Why in Athens?

"Contemporary is the botox of capitalism" 6/4 2017

"Proximity" War Museum next to Documenta accreditation center 4/4 2017

"Should artists help the weapon dealers to increase the debts of the Greeks" 5/4 2017

"Why does capitalism want to look humanistic" 5/4 2017

"Take care of the emotions pickpockets - Learning from Athens, caring for others" 5/4 2017

While in Athens, Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL is having a HQ in his solo exhibition #documentasceptic in a Copenhagen gallery SABSAY.
The exhibition will change in phases the coming months in order to show ongoing artworks questioning Documenta in Kassel and Athens as well as Venice Biennale..
The first part of the exhibition is focusing on the question: "Why is Documenta in Athens?"


The artist will be in Athens from April 3rd to 9th.
To arrange a meeting please send an email to

 March 30th - July 1st 2017
at SABSAY Gallery
Opening hours:
Thursday to Firday 12.00 til 18.00
Saturday 11.00 til 15.00
or by appointment

Installation view at SABSAY Gallery

"Thoughtful" from the series "The Lost Blue Helmet", 2017, 3D printed plaster sculpture​, , 23 × 25 × 18 cm, edition 5/5 + 2AP

"Hopeful" from the series "The Lost Blue Helmet", 2017, 3D printed plaster sculpture, , 25.5 × 25 × 18 cm, edition 5/5 + 2AP


"Aux Aguets", from the series "The Lost Blue Helmet", 2017
3D printed plaster sculpture, , 38 × 13 × 13 cm, edition 5/5 + 2AP

"Doubtful"From the series "The Lost Blue Helmet", 2017, 3D printed plaster sculpture​, 25.5 × 25 × 18 cm, edition 5/5 + 2AP


"Kant Tank Think Kant", 2017, Mix-media including print on canvas, textile
151.5 × 187 cm

"Is Documenta in Athens to sell tanks from Kassel", 2015, red spray paint on tent, 2,2 kilos, 200 cm x 140 cm, statements on other sides of the tent: ALWAYS QUESTION THE STRUCTURE, ULTRACONTEMPORARY

The exhibition is based on the artists questioning of Documenta in Kassel and Athens as well as Venice Biennale. The gallery space will in four months be used as the artist's headquarter, where the exhibition will be changing in phases.

The artworks are dealing with questions such as “Is Documenta Dangerous?”,  “Why Athens?” and “Do artists have a role or a function?”. The artist's intention is to open a debate about the role and the influence of the big global art events such as biennales and Documenta. He is looking into their structure and the concept in order to understand their anatomy and their real motivations. The aim of the exhibition is thus to train the awareness muscle and the critical thinking in the art world.  
The exhibition #documentasceptic is part of the art format BIENNALIST. *
* BIENNALIST is an art format created by Thierry Geoffroy/ Colonel, which responds to and questions the themes of staged global art events such as Documenta, international art fairs, festivals, and conferences. The themes of each event are being taken seriously and studied by BIENNALIST in order to contribute to the debate they want to generate. Often BIENNALIST converges with other formats such as Emergency Room (Today before it is too late) 
For decades the artists have questioned the canvas and the pigment. Since 60-70's, with the conceptual artists such as Marcel Broodthaers, also the museums were questioned as part of the Institutional Critique movement with Daniel Buren, Andrea Fraser and Hans Haacke. With BIENNALIST and other art formats Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL has since 1988 been questioning the structure of the contemporary art world with a special focus on biennales and Documenta. BIENNALIST artworks have been exhibited in museums such as ZKM Museum in Karlsruhe and Sprengel Museum in Hannover.

Weekendavisen, March 31, 2017,

Weekendavisen, March 31, 2017,

KUSTFORUM International,
March, 2017

Tijana Miskovic, curator blog
March, 2017

Press images
For more information please send an email to the artist or contact the gallery
3D ssculptures for the exhibition are produced in collaboration with 3D printhuset

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