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Technical Update

This is the first of a series of technical updates aimed at electronic instrument specialists which we will try to get out monthly. Please let us know if you would prefer not to receive these.  The plan is to go into more depth on various products and applications then we would attempt in our general newsletters.

Use of A+T MFD  as a ‘bridge’ between various systems and existing B&G H2000 and H3000 systems :

The MFD has an NMEA 0183 input (and output) which can be set at various baud rates. All data received is rebroadcast on the Fastnet bus and is then available for all other displays and the processor if relevant.
Applications that we have seen and discussed include:-
NKE sensors and processor with B&G displays. The output from the NKE is taken at 38,400 baud into an MFD and then used to drive a rack of mast mounted B&G displays that the customer preferred.
Fastnet Compass. These are no longer available from B&G. However a serial output (up to 20HZ) from a compass can be taken into the MFD and rebroadcast on Fastnet and so available for the processor and autopilot. We can also supply the compass if required.  This is also a good way to interface the gyrocompass fitted to the majority of superyachts.
Loadcell Amplifier.  B&G no longer produce the Fastnet amplifier. The A+T DLA1, or any other loadcell amplifier with NMEA output, can be connected to the MFD which then adds the loadcell information to the Fastnet bus data for display and logging. When used with the DLA1, the MFD allows for setting up of the loadcell calibration and custom naming of channel for display.
The DLA1 loadcell amplifier also has an analogue (0-5v) so this can also be done for string-pots or other ram displacement sensors.

Loadcell Amplifier Product Details

Driver for A+T Mini Display

Up to four Mini displays can be driven from a single MFD which also allows for setting the displayed data


We hope that the above is helpful. Please let us know if there are subjects you would like to see covered in future issues.  Over the next months we plan to deal with:-
  • A+T Processor development – our upgrade path for existing H2000 and H3000 systems
  • Lighting damage and issues. What to do to prevent it.
  • Applications for the MINI displays
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or issues with regard to instrument systems, we are always happy to help even if  you are not yet a customer of A+T.

Also keep in mind that our repair shop is fully stocked and capable of repairing any B&G instruments or other marine electronics. We have three full time dedicated repair and test engineers, a huge stock of spare parts and test equipment. Visit our B&G service page for more information.
Best regards,
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