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If you have never let yourself down, I must warn you that most people feel the anguish of failure at least once in their lifetime, so brace yourself.

You see, we are quite likely to disappoint ourselves. And because we are our own harshest critic, failure can become a sore point where the delicately woven threads that hold our life together unravel.

But thankfully, falling apart post-failure is not the only possible outcome.

In contrast, we often have the option of staging a rebound. Not a 'miraculous', Hollywood-style comeback but a guided return to a place where we can start over.

This process of finding our feet after losing is our purpose this week. Let's turn on the lights.
Ruin Safari

The hardest thing to do after failing is probably facing one's failure and admitting it. It feels terrible, and we tend to avoid terrible things.

Yet, we cannot recreate order without reviewing the chaos. And a brief glance over the ruins will not do.

To know where things stand, we must take a tour of our emotions, assess the damage and embrace the pain. It's how we measure our capacity for recovery and begin to make a plan to get back up.


Recovery is easier with a growth mindset, remember to be kind to yourself and understand the process.

The Piece Collector

Amongst the ruins of a failure, we tend to find pieces of our self, and we may not like what we see. This is entirely normal, but we're going to have to get past that and pick things up.

Confidence, self-esteem and the willingness to try are usually collateral damage when things fall apart, and rebounding demands that we put their pieces together as much as we can with the glue of self-compassion.


In getting better after a sickness, you are first the shadow of your former self. It's hardly pretty, and on the journey to health, we will look and feel unwell for some time while our body heals.

It's the same with getting up after failing.

No matter how quickly we want to recover, regaining the inner strength to try again and finding our way back into the game is always gradual.

That's life for the best of us. Be patient.


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