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January 2023 eNewsletter

Safety today means Action tomorrow!

Employee News

Job Well Done!

Journeymen, John Cibik, and Dustin Mays both received a "Job Well Done" from Tulsa, foreman Joe Dye! 

John and Dustin, both from the Barling office, have been working in Tulsa, OK at the Osage Casino. Their craftsmanship did not go unnoticed!

This is what Joe Dye had to say about John and Dustin: 

"John Cibik and Dustin Mays have been working for me for about 3 weeks. I just want to make sure their foreman and project manager know how well they both did! They accomplished multiple tasks ahead of schedule, and did quality work! I was proud to have them here. I would take them any time!"

Job Well Done Men!

Getting the Job Done!

Osage Casino in Tulsa, OK
From left to right: Archie Gamble, Leonard Copeland, and Nathan Gamble

Congratulations, Gerry Navarrete!
on your promotion to the CAD department as a CAD Detailer

Gerry has had a busy year so far. He was voted Apprentice of the Year for the Arkansas West/NWA regions, and has recently graduated apprentice school and passed his Journeyman Plumber state exam. 

Gerry will be working in our Barling CAD department. 

Congratulations Gerry!

Journeyman Plumber State Exams

To the following men on passing your State Journeyman Plumber tests!!

William Hallman - Little Rock office

Timothy Frix - Barling office


Congratulations to the Barling Potluck Winners!

1st Place: Donna Smith with Philly Steak Egg Rolls.

2nd Place: Brandy Lindsey with Honeybun Cake

3rd Place: Jill Champion with Potato Soup.

Congratulations ladies!!

from left to right: Donna, Jill, and Brandy

Congratulations, Tyler Binkley!
Action, Inc. Employee of the Quarter
Tyler Binkley

This is what project manager Trent Keller had to say about Tyler Binkley: 

"I have chosen Tyler Binkley as my employee of the quarter for the second time. 
Since Tyler began on September 8, 2018, he has proven himself to be a very valuable employee. Tyler began as a new apprentice and has since graduated from apprentice school, and is getting ready to test. He will make an awesome journeyman plumber and an excellent foreman. Tyler is continually punctual and very trustworthy. The foremen fight over him to be on their job.  

Tyler has recently married and has a new baby on the way. We wish Tyler continued success in his career at Action.

 We are definitely proud that he is a part of our Jonesboro team!"

Project of the Quarter
Frito Lay SCP Chill Water Upgrade

During this project, we are the General Contractor working directly for Frito Lay. We’re replacing 1500 feet of chill water that’s under the roof to on top of the roof and adding a Dehumidifier unit.

This job is located in Jonesboro. It began in November of 2022 and we’ll be finished with it by the end of March 2023.

Mark Ivy has been the Foreman on this 2 Million dollar mechanical job. Pretty much everyone has been all hands on deck since we started.

• Adam McLoy - JP
• Jimmy Ivy - MP
• Tyler Binkley – graduate apprentice 
• Colton Binkley – graduate apprentice
• Quoshon Gillespie – 4th year apprentice
• Drake Evans – 4th year apprentice
• Oliver McNabb – 4th year apprentice

Left to right: Colton Binkley, Jimmy Ivy, Oliver McNabb, Tyler Binkley

Trent Keller, Project Manager

Left to right: Adam McLoy, Mark Ivy - Foreman

Left to right: Drake Evans, Quoshon Gillespie

Welcome Charla Clubb to Action, Inc!!

Charla is our new Assistant Controller in our Barling Office. 

Charla was born in Van Buren, AR., on her father's birthday. She was actually delivered by a midwife in her home!

In 2006, Charla graduated from Heavener High School in Heavener, OK. She is currently attending Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, and will graduate with her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting in December 2022, with a 3.7 gpa.

She married Jody Clubb in 2021, and together they live in Heavener, OK., with their 5 children. Charla has 3 biological children, including 2 teenage boys, named Caleb and Ethan, and a 10-year-old daughter named Paizley. Jody has 2 teenage boys, named Spencer and Jackson. 

Charla's interests include, attending First Baptist Church with her family, working out at the gym, caring for her 3 Schnauzer dogs and 20 Brangus cattle, bass fishing, and shopping with her daughter at the mall. She also loves to watch movies and suspense thriller tv shows, including biography crime shows and is a huge Yellowstone fan! Go RIP!

Once school is done, she hopes to spend more time at their children's sports games.

Welcome Charla!!

Lavaca High School
by Robin D’Onofrio

I visited Lavaca High School recently during their parent teacher conferences/career day. The students and their families were able to ask questions about Action, our apprentice program, and what we are all about. They were also able to take home literature and learn of resources regarding our apprentice bonus, full-time benefits, and how it all fits together.

Thank you Lavaca High School for having Action visit your school!

Welcome Siloam Springs High School!

Several of the senior class members, led by CASS instructor, Jarred Wyatt, came to visit us to see what we do and how we do it and to learn more about our Apprentice Program! 

Was a great time!!

Meet Elliot Claire Parsley!

Elliot was born February 11th, 2022 in Tucson, Arizona. She was 1lb 5oz at birth and 12 inches long. My husband, Cameron, and I began our adoption journey in September 2021 and found out about Elliot on February 14th. We were chosen by the birth mom on February 17th and flew to Arizona on the 18th to be with our new addition. Because she was so premature, I had to stay with her in the NICU for three months while she developed. It was an amazing experience watching her grow the way she normally would have inside the womb. We video-called Big Brother, Colt every day so he could see what Mom was doing and to meet sister as much as he could. Colt was able to come visit me twice while I was away, but he wasn’t allowed in the NICU. However, we did let them meet through the window. 

Elliot was diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease early on, and because of this, she was on oxygen for a very long time. Her and I came home Memorial Day Weekend, and her oxygen made it so we had to drive instead of fly. We just weaned her off completely around the beginning of November. Since then, she has had good reports from her Specialists here in Little Rock. She is now 15lbs and developing well and big brother is smitten. 

Her adoption became final on September 27th so now we can share her with the world! 

Elliot is the granddaughter of Donny Cook and niece to Clayton Parsley, Evan Dvorak, and Eric Cook. 

Welcome Ivy Annmarie Hall!

Ivy was born on September 27, 2022, weighed 6 lbs 13 oz, and 20 3/4" long.

She is the daughter of Jared and Cassandra Hall. Grandparents include Ronnie & Martha Schmalz. Ronnie is our Barling pre-fab foreman.

Welcome Ivy!!

Welcome Colter James Binkley!!

Colter was born on October 18, 2022, at 6:30 p.m.

He is the son of Colby and Colton Binkley, from Jonesboro, AR. Colton is a graduate apprentice plumber from our Jonesboro office. Tyler Binkley is Colter's uncle, a 4th year apprentice plumber, also from our Jonesboro office. Both mom and baby are doing awesome!! 

Welcome Colter Binkley!!

Welcome Bo Bryan Deeringwater!

Bo was born on 01/14/2023, weighing in at 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long.

Matthew is an apprentice plumber from our Tulsa office. Bo is the grandson of Michael Armer, Tulsa, OK project manager.

Welcome Bo!!

Kudos to Colby Maxwell!

Last week, while in the Sonic parking lot, Colby noticed someone's battery was dead and assisted in getting it started!

Colby is an apprentice plumber in our Barling CAD dept.


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Apprentice Schools

Safety Training Videos

The Action Safety Training Videos are now on the company website! You can access this page by scrolling down to the footer of the website and clicking the link "HR Videos" or follow the link below.
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Employee Suggestions
In an ongoing effort to improve our company and our employees, Action Mechanical encourages you to participate in an Employee Suggestion Form.  This form is open to all employees and can be submitted quarterly.  This provides you the opportunity to improve and benefit our company and customers. 

Suggestions that identify specific problems or opportunities and propose suitable solutions to enhance Action Mechanical's efficiency and effectiveness will be provided cash awards.  Cash awards will be authorized each quarter for employees who's ideas are adopted and implemented or result in measurable dollar savings.

Cash awards are based on the best idea each quarter.  The winner will receive $500.  An employee suggestion form is attached for your use.  Upon completion of this form, please submit to the following: or

We look forward to your participation in this program and the success we anticipate it will bring.
Employee Suggestion Form

Family Scholarship Program
Action, Inc. has established a scholarship program to assist employees’ children who plan to continue their education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice.

This scholarship program is administered by Scholarship Management Services®, a division of Scholarship America®. Scholarship Management Services is the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs for corporations, foundations, associations and individuals. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or national origin.

Follow the links below for additional scholarship information and scholarship application form.
Family Scholarship Program Information
Family Scholarship Application

2022-2023 Scholarship Recipient

Good afternoon,
I wanted to reach out and thank you for the generous financial aid supplied by the Action Family Scholarship. As you may know I am seeking a degree in culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America in California this fall. Through the five semester course I get to learn everything there is to know about operating in and around a professional kitchen, along with exploring new cuisines and techniques in the culinary world. The scholarship offered through Action will continue to support me whilst I pursue my dream at the Culinarily Institute of America. It’s great to see such opportunities provided from a innovative company. I again appreciate your investment in my future, Thank You.

Alex Armer

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