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September 2022 eNewsletter

Safety today means Action tomorrow!

Employee News

CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2022 Apprentice Plumber Graduates!!
Cody Bolin - Barling (not pictured)
Dustin Mays - Barling
Gerry Navarrete - Barling
Tyler Douglas - Little Rock
William Hallman - Little Rock
Shane Burns - Tulsa (not pictured)
Camerson Smith - Tulsa (not pictured)

ABC-AR chapter held the graduation for the Arkansas Students in Maumelle, AR.

Presenting the certificates was Ray Kesterson, Little Rock project manager and 3rd & 4th year apprentice school teacher.

Congratulations graduates!!

Left to Right: Gerry Navarrete, Tyler Douglas, Ray Kesterson, William Hallman, Dustin Mays
Ray Kesterson
Dustin Mays & Ray Kesterson
Gerry Navarrete & Ray Kesterson
Tyler Douglas & Ray Kesterson
William Hallman & Ray Kesterson
Congratulations, Cody Moreton!
on your promotion to Assistant Project Manager
Cody is a recent graduate of NWACC, where he received an associates degree in Construction Technology. While in school he was selected for an academic achievement award for maintaining a 4.0 throughout this degree.

Cody currently works in our Barling office.

Congratulations Cody!!
Congratulations to our Medical Gas System Installers!

We want to congratulate and say thank you to the 11 employees who completed the MedGas update classes in Oklahoma City, OK and Little Rock, AR!

Larry G. Collins
Leonard Copeland
Eric Curtis
Justin Driggers
Archie Gamble
Keith Kohler
Thomas Livezey
Adam McLoy
Oscar Moreno
Clayton Parsley
Ronnie Schmalz
Journeyman Plumber State Exams

Congratulations Dustin Mays and Tyler Douglas on passing your Journeyman Plumbing state exams!

Dustin works out of our Barling office and attended Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) apprentice school in Fort Smith.

Tyler works out of our Little Rock location and is the son of Ray Kesterson, Action Project Manager.

Way to go!!

Congratulations to the winners of Barling's cook-off!
1st place: Jill Champion - Peach Cobbler

Tied for 2nd Place:
Andy Moreton - Hawaiian Cake
Steve Meador - Sliders (maybe from Chili's Restaurant??!!)

This cook-off took place on May 11th.

Good stuff Maynard!
Congratulations to the winners of the June 15th 

1st place: Jill Champion - Pulled Pork BBQ
2nd place: Steve Meador - Coney Dogs

Congratulations, Cecil Griffin!
Action, Inc. Employee of the Quarter
Cecil Griffin

This is what Project Manager, Jason Deblock, had to say about him:

“Cecil Griffin has been with Action for a while now. He started his apprenticeship with action on 08/16/2010, and is still here, that says a lot. Cecil has been so close too many times getting the employee of the quarter, and this is well deserved and overdue. Cecil has been a great employee and asset for Action. He carried his uncle Doug for a long time! Everyone loves working with Cecil and everyone will love working for him, as he is moving up and going to be taking on more responsibilities soon. The Action family loves Cecil and appreciates his hard work and dedication.”

Project of the Quarter
Carti Surgery Center

The Carti Surgery Center is a 57,000 square feet hospital with 6 operating rooms, cysto and an IVR procedure room. 

Mechanically the hospital has a total of 400 tons of air-cooled chillers and 3,480 MBH of boilers serving three custom AHU’s totaling 75,000 CFM heating and cooling the hospital. 

We received our contract in November of 2021 for an early equipment procurement and the remainder of the project was awarded to Action January of 2022. Action is currently 64% complete with the project to be completed in January 2023. 

This project was under contract to be 100% BIM coordinated to a LOD of 4. Action’s CAD department lead by Ryan Smith and Allan Hefley did an amazing job coordinating and completing a complete BIM Model then pushing everything to Action’s fabrication shop, where all services were fabricated and distributed to the field. Alan Newel and his entire crew did a fantastic job and delivered everything on time with the utmost quality. 

Of course, none of this could happen without the crew, led by Foreman Josh Walker. 

Gary Roberts, Justin Driggers, Steve Grammer, Cecil Griffin, Kevin DeBoard, Andre Winston, Oscar Moreno, Dayton DeBoard, Dylan Eubanks and on-site P.M Cameron Tarpley.  

This is an awesome crew and they have done an outstanding job thus far. 

Project Manager: Jason Deblock

The Spotlight
Rick Evans

Today's spotlight story is on Rick Evans. Rick Evans is a senior project manager in our Little Rock office. How Rick ended up in Little Rock from San Bernardino, CA is a great story!

By Robin D’Onofrio

Rick was born during the hippie era!! To say the least, he loved Bob Seger and Tom Petty. He said that rock bands back then sounded better, and stayed together! Rick was also born in San Bernardino, California. Somehow those two facts just seem to belong together. As he was telling me stories of his childhood, I had visions of people sitting on hills watching concerts down below. (A lot like Woodstock lol!) “The US Festivals were in my home town; Cal jam 1 & 2 LOL.”

San Bernardino is 50 minutes from the beach, 45 minutes from the ski slopes, and 45 minutes from the high desert. Ultimately, Rick would water ski and snow ski in the same day..the best of both worlds!

When Rick was 12 years old, his family moved them to Apple Valley, CA., in the high desert. Rick explained the high desert as being off of a mountain plateau at about 4900 ft and if you kept going you would end up in Las Vegas and in the other direction Los Angeles, or the beach.

In 1975, Rick graduated from Apple Valley High School. During his high school days, Rick took classes like auto, metal, and wood shop. He loved them all. These classes helped pave his path to where he is now.

While Rick was a child, his parents owned a plumbing contractor business, called Lake Plumbing. At the young age of 12, Rick began spending his summers working for the family business; learning the trade. His entire family worked in the trade. It would come as no surprise that later in life, Rick would have both a journeyman and a contractor’s license.

At the age of 23, Rick graduated from the apprentice plumbing program and there was no stopping him. For the next 6 years, Rick worked for major industry leaders, such as Bechtel on nuclear and coal gasification power plants, M.W. Kellogg on nuclear power plants, and his parent’s company as a plumber/pipefitter, thru the Local 364 Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters Union. And so, after many years of learning from the best, he decided to make a change.

It was in 1986 he decided to go out on his own. And, after getting his contractor’s license on August 26, 1986, that’s exactly what he did. Rick began his own company called Sundance Plumbing. His company was based in San Bernardino, CA and they did commercial and large residential plumbing. He employed up to 10 employees depending on the season and kept very busy. At that point in life, he never gave a thought to moving to a place called Fort Smith, AR!

Well, that was before he attended his niece’s wedding in Arkansas in 1991. Rick had been invited by his brother, Jerry Evans, who was working for Action, Inc., at the time. Jerry introduced Rick to Ron Wright and Dan Johnston, who cordially invited Rick to come work for them.  After thinking about it for the next few months, Rick packed up his gear and headed to Fort Smith, AR! Rick began his career at Action, in the Barling office as a JP and Foreman.

Not too long after that, Action opened the Little Rock office and Rick Evans joined project manager, Ed Tyson, to help grow Action to where it is now. Rick began his Little Rock career doing jobs such as bidding, take-offs, field foreman, field superintendent, and project manager. Rick can still be found at the Little Rock office today, doing what he loves the most! Rick’s title now is Senior Project Manager, with at least 42 years of plumbing experience under his belt! Rick has no idea when he will retire. He loves his job and he loves working for Action! And…Action loves him!

When Rick isn’t working at Action, you can find him honing his glass blowing, jewelry making, and pottery making skills! Together he and his wife Vicki, created a company called VR Creations, and opened a studio in Little Rock, AR to make/sell their products. Unfortunately, they closed it during COVID, but it is on their short list to get it reopened soon.

On the softer side of things…Rick met his wife, Vicki, in 1997 and they married in 2000. Rick has a biological son and two step children. All three children live in Arkansas. Two of them work in the construction industry, and one works in the marketing field. They have a granddaughter who is eight years old, named Ariana.

When I asked Rick what his words to the guys just starting the program were, he said, “Get that license! You can always fall back on that. Don’t quit!”

In closing, I need to add that Rick Evans is a crack up!! He made me laugh so hard during this spotlight story interview. He is a blast! I also need to add that Rick is a very kind and caring person. During the last 6 years, Rick has always gone out of his way to be incredibly polite and kind to me. I’ve only ever heard good things come from and about him. I am so glad I’ve had the honor of working with Rick these last 6 years! I would gladly call him my friend.

When Jason Deblock, project manager in Little Rock, AR, found out I was doing a story on Rick, he immediately wanted his point of view added also! This is what Jason Deblock had to say: “He is awesome! Put in the story how he taught me so much and that what I learned from him is priceless and that he is a great mentor!”

“Like a Rock!”

Job well done Rick!

Welcome Diep Pham to Action, Inc!!
"My name is Diep Pham I graduated from UAFS in May 2022, with a degree in accounting. I am excited for my new journey at Action, Inc., as an Assistant Controller. I love cooking and I love to try new recipes. I'm also a Food Service Specialist in the Army National Guard. I was born in Vietnam and moved to the United States with my family when I was 17 years old. I am bilingual in Vietnamese and English.

My name is pronounced like: "Deep" and "Fam."
Welcome Colby Maxwell to Action, Inc!
Colby is our new CAD Drafter in our Barling office. He is a graduate of Cedarville HS, where he majored in CAD.

Welcome Colby!!

Jake Melton asked the big question last weekend, while visiting Little Red River in Heber Springs, AR.

Fiancée, Rheding Wagoner, and Jake Melton are planning an early 2023 spring wedding.

Jake is a 2nd year apprentice out of our Barling office.

Congratulations you two!!!
Welcome Asher Haney!!

Asher was born on 08/10/22 and weighed 4.1lbs. Parents are Adam and May Jo Haney. Asher is the 4th great grandchild to Dan Cibik. John Cibik is his great uncle and Cody Bolin is his uncle.

Dan is an estimator in our Barling office. John and Cody are both Journeyman Plumbers in our Barling office.

Everyone is doing great! Congratulations to all!!
Special Thanks to Colby Maxwell!

"Colby went out of his way to offer and carry in my totes and bags from the parking lot. They were full with supplies and heavy!

Your kindness was very appreciated!!"
- Robin D'Onofrio

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Employee Suggestions
In an ongoing effort to improve our company and our employees, Action Mechanical encourages you to participate in an Employee Suggestion Form.  This form is open to all employees and can be submitted quarterly.  This provides you the opportunity to improve and benefit our company and customers. 

Suggestions that identify specific problems or opportunities and propose suitable solutions to enhance Action Mechanical's efficiency and effectiveness will be provided cash awards.  Cash awards will be authorized each quarter for employees who's ideas are adopted and implemented or result in measurable dollar savings.

Cash awards are based on the best idea each quarter.  The winner will receive $500.  An employee suggestion form is attached for your use.  Upon completion of this form, please submit to the following: or

We look forward to your participation in this program and the success we anticipate it will bring.
Employee Suggestion Form

Family Scholarship Program
Action, Inc. has established a scholarship program to assist employees’ children who plan to continue their education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice.

This scholarship program is administered by Scholarship Management Services®, a division of Scholarship America®. Scholarship Management Services is the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs for corporations, foundations, associations and individuals. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or national origin.

Follow the links below for additional scholarship information and scholarship application form.
Family Scholarship Program Information
Family Scholarship Application

2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

Alan Wright - President, Dyllan Newell, Allan Newell - Father & Shop Manager

"Thank you again for your continued support for the last 4 years. This scholarship has been extremely helpful for me and my family as I continue my studies at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. I have been working on getting my bachelors degree in Media Communication for the last 3 years. As I enter my senior year, it is a blessing to know that I will be leaving my undergrad with zero debt. As through this scholarship and some others from the school and state I have been able to attend college for free and actually get paid to attend school. After my senior year, I plan to either get a job in higher education through my fraternity's main office and pursue a master's degree in business administration, or go straight to grad school for my master's. Again thank you for your support through this scholarship and helping further my education."

- Dyllan Newell

Alan Wright - President, Hunter Cook, Donny Cook -Father & Project Manager

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting higher education. It is an honor to have been selected to receive the Family Scholarship Award for the 2021-2022 academic years. My major will be in Marketing and Management at UCA in Conway, AR."

- Hunter Cook

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