Tinby A/S’ manufacturing facilities are located where our clients need them: In Denmark, Poland, the USA and China.
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We hope you had an enjoyable and productive expo if you made it to WindEnergy Hamburg at the end of September...? We did.

This year’s WindEnergy Hamburg more than lived up to our expectations, and it’s our impression that it was an expo full of positive energy (!), optimism, and a can do attitude. Approximately 35,000 visitors dropped by the exhibition halls, and many found their way to The Danish Pavilion where we were exhibiting together with, among others, our sister companies Gibo A/S and AB Brdr. Bourghardt (all part of the SP Group A/S).

If you visited our booth, you will have had a chance to learn more about the many options SP Group’s materials can offer. Materials such as polyurethane (Tinby’s core competency) and Telene (which the Bourghardt Bros. specialize in) offer a wealth of client-customized options for manufacturers of wind turbine parts, such as the exciting technology used in vacuum molding thermo-formed plastic items, which have already replaced many metal components within the wind turbine industry. 

Our areas of expertise in the field of wind turbines include: 
  • Lightweight materials and sandwich constructions 
  • Lightning cables
  • Vacuum film and vacuum bagging
  • Covering and construction parts
  • Balancers and transport components
  • Prototypes
If you were one of those who came by our booth, we’d like to thank you for your visit - and we hope to see you again at Wind Energy Hamburg 2018. It takes place from 25-28 September 2018.

If you would like to hear more about how Tinby can help you advance your business with PUR solutions (or any of the group’s other materials and manufacturing processes), please contact our Sales and Project Manager - Michael V. Therkelsen by e-mail or phone (+ 45 51 18 26 39).
Do what many other companies have done: Test out your idea with a prototype created by us for you

Do you have the basic idea for a product part that you’d like to test out? Then our prototype solution may be the answer that can smooth the way through the product development phase. A prototype form may generate anywhere from 5 to 20 parts before being substituted with full production equipment, and, within the wind turbine industry, this process of customizing concepts makes the development process more flexible and cost-effective. 

NB! In addition to the prototype concept, we also have advanced 3D scanners which make it easy to create customized items in connection with development projects.

Don’t wait: If you have an idea for a product you’d like tested, start by contacting us. Together, we will produce a prototype that will help you move forward in the developmental phase.

Is Danish manufacturing in China an option for you?

As you may already know, Tinby A/S has its own manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Poland, the USA and China.

As many of our clients have expressed an interest in this and found it relevant to their business, we have decided to provide a little more information about our Chinese factory here. Perhaps this could be of interest to you and your company, too?

> Yes, please. Let me read more about Tinby’s manufacturing facilities in China and the opportunities this could offer me and my company, including the possibility of marketing directly to the neighbouring Asian markets.
What can PUR do?

PUR is a thermoset plastic whose qualities enable it to be used where other materials fall short: 
  • High durability and tensile strength
  • Highly resistant
  • Noise and vibration dampening
  • Super efficient insulating material
  • Good chemical, thermal and electrical properties
  • Durable
  • Can be produced in very lightweight form
  • Can replace many other types of material
PUR = super properties and high quality at affordable prices.

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We transform your challenges into concrete solutions

Shouldn’t we work together with you and your company on a development project? 

If the answer is yes, we’ll put together a creative team of, for example, engineers and other professionals who have just the right expertise for your project. We know from experience that no two development projects are alike, and that’s why we also know that such a "task force" is a vital component in the process of thinking through the optimal set-up for the development and production of your particular item. Our solution models are always 100% customized to each client and unique - every single time!

NB! We have almost 45 years experience of molding parts in polyurethane, 10 of them as subcontractors to key players within the wind turbine industry. We provide the know-how and technology, and we offer manufacturing facilities in China, Poland, the USA and Denmark. 

Here’s how you can get in touch with us. It’s easy.

Call or write to:

Michael V. Therkelsen
Sales and Project Manager 

Cell: + 45 51 18 26 39
We look forward to hearing from you - call for an informal, no-obligation chat about the options and solutions available to you.

Have a great day!
Best wishes

Tinby A/S
Who is Tinby?

Tinby A/S has been supplying complete polyurethane solutions to clients all over the world for almost 45 years. Polyurethane (abbreviated as PUR) is a plastic material which is renowned for its high level of tensile and durability strength, its super efficient insulating properties, good chemical, thermal and electrical qualities, and the fact that it can also be produced in a very lightweight form. With its 250 employees in Denmark, the USA, China and Poland, Tinby A/S primarily serves four segments: 1) Cabinets 2) flex, 3) greentech and 4) design. At Tinby A/S, our aim is to optimize and build long term business relationships with our customers in order to provide top quality solutions customized to each individual client, in which we’ll be happy to shoulder responsibility for a large portion of the value chain - from concept, construction and development to production, processing and distribution. Tinby is your guarantee of top quality and reliable delivery at competitive prices - from Denmark, Poland, China and the USA. 
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