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February  2015
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Johan Elvnert, FTP Managing Director2016 has started at full speed ahead for the FTP secretariat. One reason is the start of discussions with the European Commission and the Member States about our priorities for Horizon2020 in the years 2018-2020. A lot is at stake. Approximately half of the €70 billion budget of the Horizon2020 will be distributed in those last three years. Meanwhile, the target year of the FTP Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is also 2020, so we are coming close to a time of checks and balances: Have we been innovative enough? Have we been cooperative enough? Are we dedicated enough to make a difference?
FTP’s activities for 2016 will converge on the purpose of securing funding opportunities for our stakeholders in 2018-2020 for actions described in the SRA. The discussions and input provided in the brainstorming sessions of FTP’s 10th Anniversary in November last year have helped us with ideas on how to take the next steps on the EU level.
At the same time as the Commission is just about to start preparing for the final years of Horizon2020, it is also soon about to start the mid-term evaluation looking back on the first years of Horizon2020. The mid-term evaluation is an important instrument for informing the European Parliament, the Member States and also the participants in Horizon2020 about the impact of the Programme and how it helps to achieve the political objectives. Is it “easier” to manage a project funded in Horizon2020 than the previous FP7? Is Horizon2020 creating new jobs in Europe? Is it helping to prevent climate change? Is it contributing to a more unified Europe?
We believe that the FTP SRA offers some ideas on how to answer these questions with a yes. Our stakeholders have many innovative ideas and we hope that Horizon2020 will offer many opportunities to get funding for them when funding is missing.
We see promising trends in the European Innovation Partnerships on Agriculture (EIP AGRI) and on Raw Materials (EIP RM). FTP has increased its efforts in the EIPs steadily since 2013 and in addition, the leading role of FTP in the VERAM project will help us to promote wood as an innovative raw material for 2050.
Finally, our engagement in the European Bioeconomy Alliance and the Biobased Industry Consortium (BIC) ensures a collaborative approach when it comes to areas of the bioeconomy. 
Johan Elvnert
FTP Managing Director
VERAM project tasked will drafting the research roadmap for EU raw materials
Under the framework of the project Vision and Roadmap for European Raw Material (VERAM), FTP will have the chance to place wood as a crucial resource for a long-term strategy aimed at sustaining raw materials supply for Europe. FTP will mobilise the support of its stakeholders to contribute to the drafting of the 2050 Roadmap for European Raw Materials. 
“The vision outlined by VERAM will be extremely important for us” affirmed Milan Grohol, EC DG GROW Policy Officer present at the Kick-off meeting of VERAM on 26 January 2016. Grohol underlined the strategic relevance of the project for the Commission and expressed the opinion that the outcomes of VERAM will ensure the role of raw materials in the Work Programmes 2018-2020 of Horizon2020 and beyond.
In the first stage of the project, FTP leads the task that will implement a web-based information portal for VERAM.
Inspired by the functionalities of the FTP Research and Innovation Portal, the tool will enable systematic and homogeneous exchange of information about projects and players in the area of research and innovation on raw materials and the circular economy.
FTP is a key project partner in VERAM and is for instance leading the work package that will deliver the final 2050 Roadmap. There are synergies to exploit between the forest-based sector and other raw materials sectors, such as the mining industry. In spite their differences these sector are all, at large, rural industries under threaten by the rising cost of energy and under competition from less regulated parts of the world. Resource efficiency and new technologies such as robotics, large data, earth observation and “the Internet of Things” offer new opportunities that will be better exploited together. 
Funding opportunities are available for inter-regional cooperation for forest innovation
The forest-based sector can benefit from available funding under the scope of the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) to finance its and innovation activities. Exchanging experiences and opportunities to strengthen the inter-regional cooperation offered by the concept of Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership on Agriculture (EIP AGRI) were among the goals of discussions held in the Forest Innovation Workshop, that gathered nearly 100 forest stakeholders in Brussels on 29 January 2016. 
In the opening remarks of the event, Piotr Borkowski, Secretary General of the European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR), underlined the importance of exchanging applicable results of forest research and emphasised the outstanding results obtained so far with sustainable forest management practices in Europe. Johan Elvnert, FTP, called attention to the reliance of forest owners on public funding to reduce the risks related to developing and launching new technologies and innovative practices.
Representatives of the EC also shared their view on the relevance of forest innovation to the success of the RDPs. With excellent moderation of Harald Mauser, Brussels Liaison Officer for the European Forest Institute (EFI), participants were introduced to the news concepts of multi-actor approach and thematic networks that foresee interaction between researchers and businesses, farmers and producers, advisors and end-users in the project proposals. 

The Head of the Forest Sector of the DG AGRI Maria Gafo Gómez-Zamalloa emphasized that a number of opportunities for the forest-based sector will be available under the EIP tools, including the Focus Groups of the EIP AGRI.
In the Brokerage Sessions, participants also exchanged information about the status and opportunities provided by other research and innovation funding mechanisms such as the LIFE, COSME and INTERREG.
Click here to download all the presentations of the workshop and to read more about the first edition of the Forest Innovation Workshop.  

Expression of Commitments on raw materials favours funding opportunities
Statistics show that the Commitments expressed under the scope of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM) have been very successful in receiving funding from Horizon2020. FTP encourages all its stakeholders to take this chance and submit to the 2nd call for Raw Materials Commitments. A Commitment is an expression of jointly cooperation and actions among various partners – authorities, industry, academia and other relevant stakeholders – towards boosting “the innovation capacity of the EU raw materials-related sectors, turning them into a stronger sustainable pillar of the EU economy and a more attractive industry increasing benefits for society. It is not of a legally binding nature. The Call for Commitments is open until 1 March 2016.
Guidelines to Commitments and online submission form
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Director General Marco Mensink to leave CEPI in March
After a lengthy and prosperous career in the forest-based industry, CEPI Director General Marco Mensink leaves the organisation to take up the role of Director General of CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council. FTP is thankful for Mensink's strong support in championing innovation for the forest-based sector and wishes him a successful career. The process to appoint a replacement has already started. Candidates can express interest in the position by contacting the CEPI Chairman on a dedicated and confidential e-mail address
CEPF announces new Secretary General
As of 1 March 2016, Emma Berglund takes on the position of Secretary General of the Confederation of European Forest-Owners (CEPF). Emma currently works as CEPF’s Policy Adviser and Coordinator for the Nordic Forest Family Network. She takes over the position left by Aljoscha Requardt, who has been CEPF’s Secretary General in the past five years. Requardt will continue working in EU forest-related policy affairs in Germany, where he assumes a new position in the Department of International Forest Policy of the Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL) in mid-April. 
“The new position offers me and my family great new perspectives. Nevertheless, leaving CEPF and Brussels also makes me sad. Being Secretary General and working with the European forest owners, CEPF members and team as well as many other good colleagues from various organisations, was a real pleasure,” Requardt said when meeting with the CEPF Board in mid-December. FTP thanks for the significant role he has played on his position as Member of the Board and makes votes of a fruitful professional journey. 

Finnish FTP National Support Group adopts the Forest Bioeconomy NRA
The Finnish National Support group gathered on 27 January 2016 at the premises of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation to discuss and adopt the Forest Bioeconomy National Research Agenda (NRA) document.
Niklas von Weymarn, Metsä Fibre Vice-President for Research and chair of NSG Finland chaired the meeting, which was attended by representatives from the industry, technology providers, academia, funding agencies and state ministries. “Such a broad participation from everyone that is relevant to research and innovation bodes well for the continued success of the Finnish NSG”, commented Johan Elvnert, FTP Managing Director, who also attended the meeting. 
NSG Austria maps its national research and innovation priorities
NSG Austria has recently carried out an exemplary initiative on setting its national research and innovation priorities. In a consultation round, FTP’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for 2020 (SRA) was used as framework for the survey that asked Austrian stakeholders to rank the relevance of SRA’s research and innovation activities. After a concise analysis of the results, NSG Austria was able to map the main activities that it will focus its efforts on during 2016 and beyond.  National Research Agendas helps to activate the forest-based sector at national level and also cooperates shaping the European forest-based sector cooperation for research and innovation.

Read more about the survey and the results achieved by NSG Austria.
Example of the feedback provided by national stakeholders on the Strategic Theme “Multi-purpose management of forests“ (ST1.2)
Click on the image to enlarge it.

50-years old timber frames turned into brand new windows
Landfills are usually the final spot where window frames come to rest after the end of their lifetime, if they are not re-processed and converted into new products. The resource efficient reuse of post-consumer wood products have been studied in the project Cascading Recovered Wood (CaReWood) and fully demonstrated by its ReWin window, a prototype of a wood window made of recovered timber from frames of around 50 years old windows.
During the past year, the Slovenian company M SORA d.d. worked in the development of this prototype in the framework of the CaReWood project, which is coordinated by the Technical University of Munich (TUM). In the production process, old larch and meranti windows were disassembled, cleaned and checked for remaining wood preservatives by M SORA and Fraunhofer WKI. Recovered wood was then jointed again and a brand new prototype window was produced.  
The results were good in this step and there is positive expectation for optimal performance in the second life of these windows.
Honoured as the best innovation with a social impact at the 10th Slovenian Innovation Forum 2015, the ReWin window has awarded M SORA with a number of other international prizes and recognitions in the areas of innovation and environmental performance. “This is the type of success that a company may achieve with active participation in international research and technology development projects,” affirmed Mika Kallio, Project Manager of the WoodWisdom-NET+, an initiative of the EC in the framework of the ERA-NET Plus that funds the project.
Read more about other deliverables of the project and its connections with the Circular Economy.

High Level Conference on the Future of Energy Intensive Industries
15 February 2016 (Brussels, Belgium)

European Circular Economy Conference
16 February 2016 (Brussels, Belgium)

Euro Bio-inspired Materials
22 to 25 February 2016 (Potsdam, Germany)


PTS-CTP Deinking Symposium
23 February 2016 (Munich, Germany)

23 February 2016 (Brussels, Belgium)


RISI European Conference
29 February to 2 March 2016 (Berlin, Germany)

BIC General Assembly & Partnering Event
3 and 4 March 2016 (Brussels, Belgium)

FTP Advisory Committee Meeting
8 March 2016 (Brussels, Belgium)
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