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step into the future with a revolutionary new way to measure your most critical industrial processes. The vaisala indigo family takes your industrial measurements to a completely new level with world-leading measurement sensor technology and modular design.
Indigo Family 
In this mail we will inform you about our last product and application news and look forward to meeting you again in person. We wish you all the best for this special time and stay healthy.

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The health of our partners and employees is very important for us and therefore we are available from our homeoffice and from office with the regular office times.
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Indigo 500 and Indigo 200 Transmitter for inteligent probes ...
The Indigo transmitters offer many features that complemtent Indigo-compatible smart probes. They enable real-time data visualization and access to probe gonfigurations.
They also offer additional connectivity, supply voltage, and wiring options compared to using a stand-alone smart probe.

Choose from the following transmitters:

Indigo 500 series - a robust transmitter with features including dual probe support, power over Ethernet, a robust metal enclosure, and touchscreen display

Indigo 200 Series - a transmitter with single probe support, analog, digital, and relay outputs, a modern graphical or numeric display, and wireless access 
via a nearby smartphone or PC.
More ... 
Humidity- and Temperatureprobes
  • HMP3 for general-purpose probes with interchangeable sensor
  • HMP4 for high-pressure applications
  • HMP5 for high temperature
  • HMP7 for constant high humidity
  • HMP8 for pressurized applications
  • HMP9 for rapidly changing environments
  • TMP1 for demanding temperature measurements
Dewpoint probes
  • DMP5 for inline measurement at high temperatures <180 ° C
  • DMP6 for inline measurement at very high temperatures < 350°C
  • DMP7 for remote installations in confined spaces
  • DMP8 with adjustable installation depth for pressure lines (<40 bar)
  • GMP251 for measurements in the vol.% range
  • GMP252 for measurements in the ppm range
Hydrogen Peroxide Probes
  • HPP271 for measuring hydrogen peroxide content
  • HPP272 for measuring hydrogen peroxide content, humidity and temperature
Probes for moisture in oil
  • MMP8 for measuring oil moisture

    The probes are interchangeable intelligent measuring devices that can be easily separated from the transmitter for calibration and maintenance.

Monitor Transformer Oil with MHT410

  • MHT410
  • Measures moisture and hydrogen directly in representative oil
  • Compatible with mineral oil, natural ester oil, and synthetic ester oil
  • Monitors health of the transformer in real time
  • Real-time warning on transformer faults
  • Unique probe design, robust and easy to install
  • No cross-sensitivity to other gases
Our new employees
Simone Schell
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Activities: Marketing, Sales assistant
Tel: +43 316 405 105 27
Simone Schell is currently our youngest employee, she graduated from HLW Schrödinger last year and was then traveling across Europe with Interrail for 1 1/2 months. For her, it has always been marketing that she has been passionate about.
Best regards from Raaba-Grambach,
Andras Kajati
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