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the new normality has come to us. Our sales team was already on site with customers. However, we also conducted many contacts with teams via video conference to discuss the current applications of our customers and to find solutions for them.

In this way, we want to send you some news regarding differential pressure, weather, CO2 and moisture measurement technology in the HVAC sector and wish you a nice new vacation time.
Wolfgang Häusler
Managing Director
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Process pressure and differential pressure measurements with PASVE Transmitter Mounting Valve certified SIL2 ...
The V-Series contains the knowledge and experience gained over many decades in the development and construction of transmitters for the process industry. Our products and application solutions are used particularly in the paper and food industry.

The V-series pressure transmitter consists of pressure, level, differential pressure transmitters and level probes.
From now on, they are also SIL 2 certified, and in combination with PASVE Mounting Valves, they take safety to the next level. PASVE is a Mounting and Service Valve for level and pressure transmitters of type VG.
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Temperature sensors for demanding temperature measurements with the Indigo series ...
The Temperature Probe TMP1 is designed for demanding temperature measurements in industrial applications such as pharmaceutical industry and calibration laboratories, where accuracy and robustness are essential. The TMP1 is part of the Indigo family and compatible with Indigo 500 and Indigo 200 series transmitters.
  • Accurate measurement 0.1°C
  • Wide temperature range -70... +180°C
  • Modbus RTU over RS-485
  • Plug & play compatible with Indigo series of transmitters
  • Traceable 2-point calibration certificate
Wilson Flowgrid with P26 and P34 for volume flow measurement ...
Volume flow differential pressure transmitter with maximum accuracy for flow and volume flow measurement in air ducts.

  • Suitable for round or square ducts, Ø 100 mm to 3 m
  • Precise installation in the duct
  • Numerous measuring points as grids or pitot tubes arranged in a star shape around a hub
  • Highest accuracy
  • For temperatures from 80°C to a maximum of 850°C
  • Aluminum or stainless steel designs
We offer a selection of high-quality differential pressure transmitters P26 and P34 with square root output and low flow suppression to complete the measuring point.
In order to ensure that the theoretical design of the measuring device corresponds to practice, we offer the calibration of the complete measuring device in the flow calibration laboratory as a factory calibration or DAkkS test certificate.

Best regards from Raaba-Grambach,
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