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we have to inform that according to COVID-19 all our exhibitions: SMART Automation Austria 2020, Industry Days Budapest and Energetika Interklima 2020 has been postponed or cancelled.

The health of our partners and employees is very important for us and therefore we are available from our homeoffice and from office with the regular office times.

In this mail we will inform you about our last product and application news and look forward to meeting you again in person. We wish you all the best for this special time and stay healthy.
Wolfgang Häusler
Managing Director
+43 699 14 05 10 52
The Coronavirus and fit testing respirators for healthcare workers ...
As the virus is an airborne inhalation hazard, respiratory protection from properly fit tested filtering facepieces (such as NIOSH-certified N95s) and other respirators may help prevent the spread of illness. PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester verifies that respirators, like the N95 filtering facepieces used in healthcare settings, properly fit and provide the protection expected.
In-line humidity measurement ind industrial drying applications with the DMP6...
DRYCAP® Dew Point and Temperature Probe DMP6 is designed for very high temperatures and a wide dew point range. A high temperature tolerance is achieved using a passive cooling set that conducts heat away from the probe and reduces the temperature to within the optimal range for the sensor.
How to choose the right parameter for humidity control HVAC ...
Relative Humidity:
Where human comfort is the main factor, for example in office buildings, RH is often a good choice for a control parameter. 

Dew point temperature:
The dew point temperature (Td) indicates at which temperature you will see the onset of condensation. A low dew point temperature indicates dry conditions while a high dew point indicates high humidity. 

Enthalpy indicates how much energy needs to be expended to get to the measured state from a reference state, usually dry air at 0 °C; the most common unit is kJ/kg. 

TSI Announces enhanced data integrity for select TSI particle counters ...
The manufacturer of real-time viable particle counters and airborne particle counters for contamination control monitoring, is pleased to announce enhanced data integrity capabilities for all AeroTrak® Portable Airborne Particle Counters.
Our new employees
Tanja Bodenlenz
in our company since: February 2019
Activities: Order Management, Purchasing, Logistics
Tel: +43 316 405 105 25
Tanja Bodenlenz is responsible for order processing and odering logistics. Her professional career focused on customer care and web marketing. In her job and private her main interests are in the areas of the environment, technologies and creativity, and their implemention and connection.
Best regards from Raaba-Grambach,
Andras Kajati
For further informations or a online demonstration contact me under:
+36 20 9387080

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