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July 2016

An Adventure Awaits!

What is Park & Recreation Month?

It's time to get off the sofa, throw your phone in the junk drawer, and get outside and enjoy being one with nature! Not only is it good for your vitamin D intake, but it also is good for your happiness and cognitive development. So, take advantage of your free local park and enjoy a long walk or run. Why not double your fun, and call your friend to go along with you?! Exercise and community are both vital to your health. Be sure and take plenty of water with you and enjoy your outing. Stay cool and hydrated everyone!

Fun Facts:

  • Americans have celebrated National Park and Recreation Month during July since 1985.
  • During National Park and Recreation Month, individuals and organizations can promote the benefits of local parks and recreation centers to communities and encourage people to get outside, explore local parks, and enjoy outdoor activities.

Why Celebrate Parks?

  • To find connections across communities: Considering access to parks is equally important as ensuring the presence of parks and has the power to connect communities. The concept of Safe Routes to Parks considers the infrastructure required for a safe, connected system between parks, their access points, and surrounding infrastructure.
  • To support the environment: Parks play an important role in environmental health by cleaning water, preserving wildlife, and offering a refuge to humans and animals throughout the seasons.
  • To explore local ecosystems: Parks offer a lot more than meets the eye. Did you know that parks are not just plots of grass? Sports fields, beaches, trails, and many other spaces can be parks offering a host of recreation opportunities.

Why Get Active Outdoors?

  • To increase children’s chances of success in school: Kids with access to safe parks and playgrounds are more likely to engage in physical activities — and kids who are physically active do better in school.
  • To contribute to the maintenance of a healthy weight: Local parks and recreation departments increase access to nutritious food options and promote physical activity.
  • To have a more positive outlook: Spending time outdoors reduces stress and improves mental health. Exposure to nature improves creativity, decreases stress hormones, and calms aggression.

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Activities for Kids To Do Outdoors

By National Recreation and Park Association

Most importantly, before enjoying any activity outdoors put away unnecessary toys and electronics. That goes for parents also; leave the smart phone and paperwork in your purse or car. It is important to teach your children to have down time away from all electronics. It also will decrease your stress to slow down and enjoy nature. Here are some fun ideas for activities with your children:
  • Watch for wildlife. There is often wildlife at parks including birds, bugs and sometimes larger friends. Encourage your kids to record what they see!
  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Work together to create a list of items you could see in a park like a leaf, pine cones, sand, a swing, a fence, etc.
  • Have a picnic. Bring a blanket and your favorite foods to enjoy the nice weather. Don’t forget to pick up your trash and recycle!
  • Walk. Before or after dinner, take some time to walk together as a family. Discuss what happened during the day while getting a little exercise.
  • Running games. Teach your children to play "Hide and Seek,” "Red light/Green light" or "Red Rover".
  • Create your own Olympic Games. Who has the fastest time running from one tree to another? How many high jumps can you do in one minute?
  • Make art from nature. Press flowers, glitter leaves, or draw part of your favorite park. Bring a little bit of nature back home with you.
  • Watch the clouds. There is nothing better than to spend some time cloud watching in a park on a beautiful day.
  • Start a rock collection. Collect all different rock shapes and sizes, colors and surfaces.


Youth Health Camps Were A Success

Redbird Smith Health Clinic

Several clinics hosted camps last month. In attendance were 60 kids ages 5-12 for two days. Activities included 911 and fire safety, marbles, stickball, tug of war, dodgeball, glow germ hand washing, looking at bacteria growth with lab, arts and crafts, cornhusk dolls, dental hygiene, physical therapy activities, and nutrition lessons. It was a great time!

NEWS: Farmer's Markets

Vian Peace Center Farmer’s Market officially opened in June. The market is located off of Hwy 82 directly behind McQuiks Convenient Store and is open from 8 am – 12 pm on Saturdays.
Sallisaw Farmer’s Market is in full swing with a number of vendors with a variety of produce and products. Sequoyah County Public Health distributed bags to the vendors to use for their customers to help promote the market.

Support Your Local Farmer's Market

Fairland Farmers Market
Click here for more information

Tahlequah Farmers Market
Click here for more information

Muskogee Farmers Market
Click here for more information

Ottawa County Farmers Market
Click here for more information

Vinita Farmers Market
Click here for more information

Jay Farmers Market
Click here for more information

Stilwell Farmers Market
Click here for more information

Nowata Farmers Market
Click here for more information

Westville Farmers Market
Click here for more information

Hulbert Farmers Market
1st & 3rd Thursday - June through August
Note: Vendors will set up a mobile market in Hulbert near Lake Region Electric Company from 4-7 pm. For more information please contact Marla Saeger at

Sallisaw Farmers Market
Saturdays 8-12 pm
Click here for more information

Vian Farmers Market
Saturdays 8-12 pm
Click here for more information

WINGS is Here

Ready, Set, Run!

Remember to pre-register for each race. Healthy Nation does not accept any race day registration. Healthy Nation also keeps track of race attendance. If you miss 3 races (that you sign up for) throughout the calendar year (January-December), you will forfeit your race privileges for the next 12 months.

Check out the WINGS Race schedule here.
Apply for a WINGS Membership here.
More on WINGS

Community Calender

Healthy Events Happening Across Cherokee Nation

Nowata CAN Monthly Educational Gardening Classes
"Cooking with Fresh Produce"
July 12, 2016 

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