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November 2016

Preventative Care Starts With You!

Diabetes Prevention is Proven and Powerful

Did you know that nearly 29.1 million American across all age groups, even children, have diabetes? 1 out of every 4 individuals don’t even know they’re diabetic until problems such as blurry vision or heart trouble arise. Taking steps to prevent diabetes also lowers the risk for heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, and other serious health problems. That’s a big reward for you, your family, and friends!

Here's some steps you can take:

Plan for Healthy Eating
Eat fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and nuts. Choose fat-free or low-fat milk products and be sure to include lean meats, poultry, fish and eggs. Limit saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars. Remember to include variety in your meals and don't forget about portion control.

Get Active
Start with something simple like going for a short walk, riding a bike, or playing your favorite sport. Your family can join in on the fun! Experts suggest both cardio and weight training 5 days a week.

Manage A Healthy Weight
Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a journey. It’s easy to get discouraged because often results don't show up right away. Just because you can’t see results yet doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress! The easiest way to see how far you’ve come is to simply track your daily efforts and progress. Keeping a log will remind you how hard you've worked and give you the validation you need to stick to it!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but one brick at a time. Taking those baby steps day after day, and year after year...that’s how you can drastically improve not only your your health, but your families' health as well.

Check out the link below to download your own personal log and get started today!

GAME PLAN Food and Activity Tracker—This booklet will help you keep track of the foods you eat and how much physical activity you get.
GAME PLAN Fat and Calorie Counter—Use this booklet to look up the calories and fat grams in the foods you eat and drink.


Lung Cancer Awareness - Don't Play With Fire

While there's no sure way to prevent lung cancer, there is one major step you can take towards reducing your risk. Stop smoking. Smoking is by far the leading risk factor for lung cancer. Around 80% of lung cancer deaths are the result from smoking or from breathing other peoples' smoke (secondhand smoke). The longer you smoke and the more packs a day you smoke, the greater your risk.

Don't be fooled—ALL smoke inhalation, no matter the type, reduces lung function and increases your risk for not only lung cancer, but most other cancers as well. Smoking low-tar or “light” cigarettes increases risk JUST as much as regular cigarettes, and menthol cigarettes increase the risk even more since the menthol allows smokers to inhale more deeply.

All Is Not Lost
Did you know that if you stop smoking before cancer develops, your damaged lung tissue can gradually start to repair itself? So, no matter your age or how long you’ve smoked, quitting can lower your risk of lung cancer and help you live healthier. Talk to your children about the dangers of smoking so that they can better understand how to avoid smoking, handle peer pressure, and keep tobacco use sacred.


Sallisaw Kids Health Fair

Awareness through Education & Prevention

On October 19th Central Public Schools in Sallisaw hosted their annual Kids Health fair for 226 kids, grades K-6th. The purpose of the health fair is to increase health awareness through education and prevention. The clinic partnered with principal Beverly Cawhorn and a few other community members to provide educational booths for the kids to explore, and an obstacle course and tug-of-war set up outside. The booths provided education on all kinds of important things: nutrition, first aid, dental, physical activity and fitness disability awareness, drug and tobacco prevention, fire prevention and safety. The pictures below show Public Health Educators, Sonya Davidson and Lacey Wallace engaging the students and participating in the festivities. Sonya is surrounded by curious kids at the tobacco prevention booth and Lacey took to the obstacle course and tug-of-war challenge outside! Everyone had a great time and is excited for next year's Kid Health Fair!

Mother Nature's Not Done Yet

While most of the local Farmer's Markets have shut down for the season, the warmer weather has allowed for certain crops to keep producing! Check with your local vendors and see if they' still have produce to offer!

Muskogee Farmers Market
Wednesday 9 - 1pm (May 4 - Oct.)
Saturdays 8 - 12pm (April 16 - Nov.)
Click here for more information


WINGS is Here

Ready, Set, Run!

Remember to pre-register for each race. Healthy Nation does not accept any race day registration. Healthy Nation also keeps track of race attendance. If you miss 3 races (that you sign up for) throughout the calendar year (January-December), you will forfeit your race privileges for the next 12 months.

Check out the WINGS Race schedule here.
Apply for a WINGS Membership here.
More on WINGS

Community Calendar

Healthy Events Happening Across Cherokee Nation

5th Annual Osiyo Expo
"Taste Samples of Healthier Holiday Food"
November 4, 2016

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Northeastern Tribal Health System Diabetes Awareness 5K & Fun Run
"Run Because it Matters"
November 5, 2016

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Nowata C.A.N. Elderberries Class
November 8, 2016  

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Helping Hands 5K
"Join and Support A Worthy Cause"
November 12, 2016

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