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PN Bulletin - July 2015


  • News from the Network
  • Interview with an MP
  • How to Protect a Newly-birthed Democracy?
  • Elections from around the world

News from the Network

2015 Annual Meetings' Registration Now Open

The 2015 Annual Meetings of the World Bank & IMF will take place in Lima, Peru during 5-9 October 2015. Members of the PN are encouraged to contact Ms. Gergana Ivanova at for further information.

Board Elections

The new Board of the Parliamentary Network was elected during the 2015 Global Parliamentary Conference. The Parliamentary Network Members will serve on the Board during years 2015-2017. 

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Interview with an MP
by Jeremy Lefroy, Chair, MP UK
The Parliamentary Network Secretariat had a chance to sit down with recently re-elected MP from the UK, Jeremy Lefroy. We were able to have a candid moment with him, asking questions about what he sees for the Network in the future, as well as...
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How to Protect a Newly-Birthed Democracy?
by Olfa Soukri Cherif, Vice-Chair, MP Tunisia
A lot has been said and written about the Tunisian Revolution, and you must know a lot at this point. I hope today that I can not only help you understand it better, but more importantly, talk about the future and what we need to...
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Elections from Around the World

Blue bloc (right) – 90 seats
Red bloc (left) – 85 seats
British Virgin Islands

National Democratic Party – 11 seats
Virgin Islands Party – 2 seats

AK Party – 258 seats
CHP – 132 seats
MHP – 80 seats
HDP – 80 seats

PRI, Green Party, New Alliance Party – 260 seats
PAN – 108 seats
PRD – 56 seats
Morena – 35 Seats

NDP – 26 -27 seats
V7 Coalition – 17 seats
Alternative Combination – 5 seats

EPRDF wins all seats

APNU+AFC – 33 seats
People’s Progressive Party – 32 seats
United Kingdom

Conservatives – 331 seats
Labour – 232 seats
Scottish National Party – 56 seats
Liberal Democrats – 8 seats
Democratic Unionist Party – 8 seats
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