Exercise like kids play + a scrumptious sweet potato
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Lets talk interval training and how good it is for your body! If you look around at children playing or you recall being a kid yourself, you'll notice that they run really fast for short intervals while playing something like tag, then they rest for a period of time before going at it again. That's all interval training is and while it can be tough, it can also be fun! 

By changing the speed or intensity at which you are exerting yourself, you continually challenge you muscles to build more strength, power and endurance. Running stairs is a great way to incorporate interval training into your routine especially when we focus on explosive power. 

As the weather is warming, I am getting excited about race season and have increased my training to incorporate more distance and intervals. What are your race goals for the year? Go big and let interval training  bring you the next level. 

The human body and the human spirit are capable of pretty amazing things

Our workouts this week will again challenge your body and mind.

This Tuesday, February 2nd, we will do 45 minutes of a tough stair workout at the Yale Parking Structure (Yale and Lomas) Come get your interval training in for the week and sweat a little sweeter with me.

Wednesday evening we will have the make up/ final session of the current workshop. Feel free to drop in or bring a friend to see if you are interested in joining the next 8-week session that will begin on February 10th. 

And lastly if if you are looking for more yoga in your life, join me Monday and Wednesday mornings at 6:30am at The Remedy Day Spa and studio for a dynamic vinyassa class. 
New student special is $20 for 30 days. 

Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!

All the Best,


UF - Nutrition
Wellness is wholeness - we are complete when our mind, body and spirit connect deeply with the earth's abundance.

Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A and C as well as being a good source of fiber. They are easy to digest and when combined with these amazing toppings, make for a perfect superfood meal. 
I hope you enjoy! 
What we eat fuels not only our workouts, but our lives.
What fuels your days?

  One Class - $10. Simple. Sweet.
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