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 The Prison of Unforgiveness

Forgive You? No Way!Is there someone in your life who you are having a hard time forgiving?  Is there someone who has committed an offense so overwhelming and devastating that you just can’t let it go?  There is a great danger in holding this kind of unforgiveness in your heart. Unforgiveness not only keeps us trapped, but also the person who is held captive to our bitterness.
So how can you break free of this deadly prison of unforgiveness?  One of the first things you should do is understand the concept of SEPARATION.  You must learn to separate the person from the sin just as God separates us from our sins and forgives us.  Continue reading >>

Susie's Story:  Goodbye Rejection...
Hello Freedom!

REJECTION!   Oh how that emotion ruled my life.  It seemed that being rejected by people was a constant theme for me.  Over the last few years since my husband’s death “rejection bombs” seemed to explode over and over.  I was so tired of feeling rejected.  Christmas of 2015 there was one more huge rejection and I knew I had to find out what was happening.  I cried out to Jesus and said, “Show me what I’m doing that causes this to happen over and over.  I’m done with rejection.  I will change!  Just show me, Jesus, what I need to know.”   Continue reading >>

There's Healing in Helping Others

If you have attended an RLI Conference and received personal ministry, you know what an impact a personal ministry experience can make in one's life and walk to freedom. There is no greater blessing than to co-labor with God to help another find freedom through personal ministry!  RLI is offering two great opportunities in August to learn to minister healing & freedom to others.

Click on the links below for more information and to register.  

August 17 - 20, 2016   Healing & Deliverance Ministry Training  
August 18, 2016 Father's & Mother's Love Training

Restoring Your Life Conference

Living Word Fellowship - Loveland, OH

September 10 - 17, 2016


Do You Need Some HOPE?

Need Hope?For many of us there are places in our life where we are stuck. No matter what we do, nothing seems to be changing.
-   For Mark it was chronic headaches.
- For Terry it was addictions, depression and self-condemnation
- For Tracie it was irrational anger.
-   For Betty, it was asthma.
-   For Angela, it was colitis.
-   For Leah, it was chronic fatigue
-   For Anya and Dan, it was a troubled marriage.
-   For Christine, it was anxiety.
All of these people found freedom, deliverance and healing through an RLI conference!  There is hope!  Come to an RLI Conference and see what God will do in your life!
CLICK HERE for more information and a detailed schedule.
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Upcoming Events

Foundations of Apologetics  Monday Mornings, June - Sept, 2016  RLI Healing & Equipping Center, Sharonville, OH
Healing and Deliverance Ministry Training August 17 - 20, 2016  RLI Healing & Equipping Center, Sharonville, OH
Restoring Your Life Conference for Teen Challenge August 21 - 24, 2016 (Not Open to the Public)
Restoring Your Life Conference  September 10 - 17, 2016 Living Word Fellowship, Loveland, OH
Root Group  September 27 - October 24  RLI Healing & Equipping Center, Sharonville, OH
Restoring Your Life Conference October 8 - 15, 2016  Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Waldron, IN
Reach Benefit Dinner November 11, 2016  Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, OH

Volunteer Opportunity

Transcription Support:  Are you a self-starter who is looking for a way to serve the Kingdom in your free time?  Do you have good computer/typing skills, alove for learning and a desire to help others in their walk with the Lord? Well, we are in need of someone who could listen to an audio (cd, dvd, mp3 and even cassette tapes) and transcribe the messages into an electronic document.(MS Word)  This is something that could be done at home or in our office. Read more>>

Reach Fundraising Dinner Speaker Announced!

Dr. Carolyn LeafWe are delighted to announce that our guest speaker at this year's Reach Fundraising Dinner on Friday, November 11, 2016 will be best-selling author and international speaker  Dr. Carolyn Leaf.  Dr. Leaf teaches on the mind body connection and how to change your life with your thoughts.  Her book Who Switched Off Your Brain has been a top seller on the RLI book table for years!  Mark your calendar - more information about the Reach Dinner and your opportunity to reserve seats will be coming soon!
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