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№8, 15 December 2015  
Decentralization Reform in Ukraine: Prospects and Challenges
The policy brief gives an overview of the main achievements and failures of the decentralization reform in Ukraine. It evaluates what Ukrainian government should do to implement this reform in a comprehensive and efficient way.
Violations, Non-conformity and Manipulations by Russia of the Minsk Agreements Implementation: Expert Report
On the eve of European Council meeting that is expected to decide on prolongation of economic sanctions against Russia, Ukrainian experts presented their assessment of the current state of Minsk agreements implementation.
Do Ukrainians Want to Join the NATO?
The survey of public opinion analyzes what do the Ukrainians think about national security, how do they perceive the NATO and how many support the membership of Ukraine in this organisation. 
"Reforms in Ukraine" 
 Olena Pavlenko, Head of DiXi Group

Interview at Chatham House

Events in Ukraine (reports):
08.12.2015. Kyiv, Democratic Initiatives Foundations Roundtable: "Local Elections Have Been Held: What`s Next?”
14.12.2015. Vinnytsia, Podillya Agency for Regional Development Seminar: "Need of Decentralization?”
15.12.2015. Kyiv, MediaOsvita Conference: "Information Society in Ukraine: Achievements and Priorities for Reforms”
Upcoming events:
15.12.2015. Kyiv, Institute of World Policy Conference: "Euro-Atlantic Partnership Day: NATO-Ukraine Partnership v2.0”
The Ukraine Crisis and the Demise of the European Security Order
The research analyzes the Ukraine crisis and its effect on European security and calls for the EU and NATO to be resilient towards Russia to develop mechanisms to avoid escalation and military confrontation.  
The Bumpy Road. Difficult Reform Process in Ukraine
The article scrutinizes the current state of the various reforms in Ukraine, such as fight against corruption, lustration, decentralization, the reforms in energy sector and internal security. It makes a prognosis about the future of these reforms. 
The Silence of the Guns: Can the Cease-Fire in Donbass Last?
The paper assesses Russia's future military options in Donbass. The paper suggests that the EU and US should prolong the sanctions and diplomatic pressure to implement and uphold the Minsk Protocols, and pay more attention to the transformations in Ukraine.
Ukraine: A DCFTA after All
The paper assesses immediate and long-term outcomes of the EU-Ukraine agreement on a free trade zone (DCFTA). It discusses DCFTA with regards to the economic situation as well as the part of Ukrainian rapprochement with the EU.
Events in Brussels and the EU (reports):
1.12.2015. Brussels, European Parliament: "Human rights violations in Donbass and Crimea"
1.12.2015. Brussels, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung: "Can Decentralizaiton Lead to Peace in Ukraine"
2.12.2015. Brussels, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies: "Political Reform as a Driver of Economic Change: Ukraine, the Eastern Partnership and Beyond"
Upcoming Events in Brussels and the EU:
Discussion: Ukraine’s Other Front: State of Play and Prospects on Reforms
On the 30th November 2015 in Brussels, the leading experts of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation and the Institute of World Policy presented their analysis of the reforms in Ukraine and gave recommendations to the Ukrainian government and the EU on how to speed up the reform process. 
Press-Briefing: Visa Liberalization between Ukraine and the EU: Who is For and Who Is Against
On the 1st December during a press-briefing in Brussels, experts of NGO "Europe without Barriers" presented research findings on visa liberalization and assured journalists that Ukraine did not pose a migration threat to Europe. 
Conference: Visa Liberalisation for Ukraine – Is the EU Ready to Support It?
Ukraine has made significant progress in the implementation of the technical benchmarks for the visa liberalization, argued experts of the "Europe without Barriers" during the conference on the 1st December in the European Parliament. 
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