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Happy New year from the FRINGE Centre! 

We begin 2016 enthused and ready to deliver an interesting programme of events. We will consolidate our existing collaborations, including with Prof. Mayfair Yang from UoCA, Santa Barbara.  In the first half of the year, we will deliver initial workshops for 3 of our core projects, prepare entries for a FRINGE Series and set up a new FRINGE Prize. See below for a summary of last terms activities, re-sent with light updates, in case you missed it.

What we do... 

The FRINGE Centre explores the roles that complexity, ambivalence and immeasurability play in social and cultural phenomena. A cross-disciplinary initiative bringing together scholars from the humanities and social sciences, FRINGE examines how seemingly opposed notions such as centrality and marginality, clarity and ambiguity, can shift and converge when embedded in everyday practices. Our interest lies in the hidden complexity of all embedded practices, taken-for-granted and otherwise invisible subjects. Illuminating the 'fringe' thus puts the 'centre' in a new light. More

Fringe Centre Launch

6 October 2015

The FRINGE Centre launched with The Art of Dissident Domesticity: Incarceration, Sovereignty, Information. This panel discussion demonstrates that state power is at its most controlling when it blurs boundaries, such as those  between public and private, formal and intimate, legal and affective, authentic and fictional. With  Dr. Jesse Weaver ShipleyDr. Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll and Dr. Michał Murawski

No rest for the Wicked!  

12 October 2015 
One week following our launch, FRINGE Centre academic Dr. Michal Murawski presented Marxist Morphologies: A Critique of Flat Infrastructures, Fuzzy Property and Complexified Cities. This talk showcased Dr. Murawski's latest research, particularly focusing on his resistance to currently fashionable theories of ‘infrastructure’. Learn More

We were absorbed into UCL's Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)

UCL’s Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences was set up in 2015 with the aim to “provide a creative and generative context in which to question and dislodge habitual practices and modes of thought” On October 17 2015, FRINGE became the latest Research Centre to be absorbed into UCL's IAS.  

Fringe Centre launches.... Again

3 December 2015
Following incorporation into IAS, FRINGE launched again in recognition of a new partnership. The FRINGE IAS Launch played with a new presentational format, with each FRINGE member delivering a provocative 3-minute exegesis explaining their project’s relation to one of the letters in the FRINGE acronym. A written version of each of these presentations will be published on the SSEES Blog

Artistic Connection

We were invited by Calvert 22, to take part in The art behind the Iron Curtain: The legacy of 70s and 80s in Contemporary Activism. This was a discussion in which graphic novelists Andrzej Klimowski and Danusia Schejbal and cultural activist Major Waldemar Fydrych joined  academic Klara Kemp-Welch (Courtauld Institute) to discuss their experiences as artists living and working behind the Iron Curtain. Look out for upcoming collaborations  with Calvert  22 and The Slade School of Fine Art

Fringe Academics multiply 
Fringe academics each oversee and coordinate a project on a topic of social and cultural complexity. We began on 1 October 2015 with 8 Academics and 8 Core projects. We have since expanded to include four new academics, whose projects will expand our reach and expertise. See all fringe academics  

FRINGE Series to be published by UCL PRESS

Our proposal, put to UCL Press, for a FRINGE book series has passed the first stage of evaluation. Each book in the series will concentrate on one of our core projects

Successful funding applications

Given our modest operational budget it is critical for us to apply for funding for each of our events. We have, since inception, won four highly competitive grants.
Click Image above for video.
FRINGE Founder Prof. Alena Ledeneva on Informal Practices and Corruption around the World  
Global Informality Project Newsletter
Meanwhile on SSEES Blog...
At the FRINGE IAS Launch each of our core academics took possession of one letter within the FRINGE acronym, deploying the letter itself – its possible meanings and associations – as a point of departure for explaining how their own research (mis)fits within and (mis)interprets the broader FRINGE agenda. Read each blog post by following the links below:

F: Fluidity 
R: Resistance 
I: Invisibility 
N: Neutrality
G: Grey Zones
E: Elusiveness
Friends of FRINGE 
We have set up a new network: Friends of FRINGE. Friends of FRINGE are a group of academics, artists, publishers and policy makers who assist in the development of new FRINGE Projects, assist in forward planning and funding applications and assist in selecting or sub-editing proposals for the FRINGE Series. Contact us to become a Friend of FRINGE
Spotlight on FRINGE founder and Director
In this interview for UCL's Joint Faculty Newsletter, FRINGE Founder and Director, Dr. Alena Ledeneva explains FRINGE's inception and the invisible hands shaping its future development.

Gender Balance
If you came to our FRINGE IAS Launch, you will have noticed that our projects were presented mainly by men. Our network, however is open, projects are network-based and the statistics at the event are misleading. We will take on board the responsibility for a better gender balance on further panels but, most importantly,  explore questions of gender, identity, politics & representation by creating a new FRINGE project which focuses on the notion of 'Trans Get involved with ideas and suggestions 
Room 17
Following our incorporation into the Institute of Advanced Studies, FRINGE has relocated offices. We are now in Room 17, First floor, Institute of Advanced Studies, Common Ground, Wilkins Building, UCL, WC1E 6BT. Write to us, or better yet, come and visit (appointment necessary) 
Contact us to.. 
  • Share your thoughts on our website
  • Propose a project for collaborative investigation 
  • Help with funding applications 
  • Offer funding
  • Become a FRIEND of FRINGE 
  • Volunteer your time to assist with logistics of events 

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