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Sustainable Libraries Initiative
May 2023 Newsletter

Updates from the SLI
Academic Libraries can now enroll in the SLCP!
We are thrilled to announce that academic libraries can now enroll in the Sustainable Library Certification Program (SLCP)! The program is open to academic libraries throughout the country and has been specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of academic libraries of all sizes. By enrolling in the program, member libraries can work towards achieving sustainable certification that not only benefits the library but the entire campus. 

We encourage all academic libraries to consider enrolling in the SLCP and taking steps towards a more sustainable future. Thank you to the academic libraries who have helped pilot the program and make this possible and stay tuned for more information! Please feel free to reach out to with any questions about the program.

Monthly SLCP Meetups Update
Please take a moment to note the update moving forward regarding our monthly meetups; starting next month, our SLCP meetups will begin at a new start time of 1 PM EST, instead of 11 AM EST.  The new start time will make it easier for members from all over the country to attend the meetups and to allow all who are interested in attending both the event with Rebekkah and the meetup happening on May 4th.
Member News
New Sustainable Library Certification Program members:
Darien Library (CT)
Harris County Public Library (TX)
Mattituck-Laurel Library (NY)
Albert Wisner Public Library (NY)
Hulbert Library (NY)

New Members
Stark County District Library (Ohio)
River Falls Public Library (Wisconsin)

Upcoming Events

Program Spotlight 
Sustainability Programs on the SLI Website
A new member benefit has been added to the SLI website! Members will now have access to our sustainable programming list! The growing list of programs is designed to provide you with valuable resources and support for planning and implementing sustainable events and activities. Be sure to continually check the resource as we continue to curate a selection of programs for you to implement at your library!
To access the new benefit, head to our Resources tab and look for Sustainable Programs under “For Members”. 

We invite you to join us and our president, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, for a presentation hosted by OCLC as a part of their Distinguished Seminar Series: Sustainability—A Call to Action for the Library Community. 
This program will explore the challenges and opportunities for libraries in the face of climate change and hear about how many in our field are already answering the call for leadership on sustainability. Throughout the program, Rebekkah will highlight how libraries can lead on sustainability and learn practical ideas to address climate change and also address the triple bottom line definition of sustainability to ensure a more hopeful future. Tune in to see many of the libraries in the Sustainable Library Certification Program featured in Rebekkah’s presentation. To learn more and register for the program, please click here.

We are excited to announce that the Sustainable Libraries Initiative will be hosting a meetup at ALA Annual in Chicago this year. The event will provide a platform for attendees to connect, share ideas, and learn more about sustainability within libraries with like-minded individuals.
We would like to invite all members of the SLI community, as well as those who are interested in our mission, to join us in June for this great opportunity to meet and connect with others who share a passion for sustainability in libraries.
If you are planning to attend ALA Annual, please let us know via email so we can keep you updated on the details of the meetup. We look forward to seeing you there!

SLI Named Community Connection for the Sustainable California Libraries Grant
The SLI and the Sustainable Library Certification Program (SLCP) have been named as a Community Connection and a Program Idea respectively for the Sustainable California Libraries Grant. This grant opportunity is centered on creating programming and educational resources in California libraries that focus on sustainability and climate resilience. There is a shared focus on collaborating with community-based organizations and community members to educate about sustainable practices and climate action strategies. 
Click to learn more about the grant here and more from the SLI here

SLI Feature Story
Rebekkah Smith Aldrich in the Library Journal 

Written by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, "One Last Chance for Sustainability" explores the importance of sustainability in libraries and the steps libraries can take to become more sustainable. The Library Journal article cites examples of leading libraries, including Concord Free Public Library in Massachusetts, San Diego County Library in California, and South Huntington Public Library in New York, all of which are members of the Sustainable Libraries Certification Program (SLCP). To read the article, click here.

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