SWF December 2016 Newsletter
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Upcoming Engagements
Jan 13, 2017
Brian Weeden will be speaking at an event in Beijing, China, on U.S.-China strategic relations in space

Jan 30-Feb 10, 2017
Brian Weeden and Krystal Wilson will be attending the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of UNCOPUOS in Vienna, Austria

Experts in the Media
Nov 11, 2016
Brian Weeden Quoted in SpaceNews on Possible Trump National Security Space Policy

Secure World Foundation Newsletter

December 2016

Insight - The UN/UAE High Level Forum on Space for Socio-Economic Sustainable Development

By Christopher D. Johnson, Space Law Advisor

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently organized in Dubai the 2016 High Level Forum - Space as a Driver for Socio-economic Sustainable Development. This five-day event is part of a larger process of revisiting and strengthening cooperation and coordination of global space activities, culminating in the UNISPACE+50 Conference in the summer of 2018. The forum included over 100 participants from almost 30 countries, representing a diverse range of governments, private industry, international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and academia. The Secure World Foundation was a partner and co-sponsor of the High Level Forum, the purpose of which was to first consider the wide range of global space activities and their effects on global sustainable development, and then to reflect and agree on methods to strengthen and advance these linkages...continue reading.  


Nov 30, 2016
UN/UAE High Level Forum Produced Dubai Declaration
The Secure World Foundation was a sponsoring partner to this year's United Nations/United Arab Emirates (UAE) High Level Forum – Space as a Driver for Sustainable Development. Intended as a venue for setting goals for international cooperation, the High Level Forum was organized around four themes: space economy, space society, space accessibility, and space diplomacy. This year’s High Level Forum was held to focus attention and streamline priorities for the planned UNISPACE+50 Conference in 2018, which will bring the international community together again and set the priorities for the future of space governance and the coordination of space activities. SWF Executive Director Dr. Michael Simpson and SWF Space Law Advisor Christopher Johnson presented at multiple sessions during the forum, and Dr. Simpson delivered opening remarks and participated in the closing panel.

Dec 7, 2016
SWF Sponsored Panel at 2016 Colorado Space Round-up
SWF was a co-sponsor of the 13th Annual Colorado Space Business Roundtable Round-up in Denver, Colorado. SWF Project Manager Ian Christensen moderated a panel session entitled "Colorado's Role in International Space Policy." The panel highlighted the ways Colorado companies are partnering with international organizations, including the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, to both support business objectives and broaden access to space technologies and services.

Staff Activities and Presentations

Nov 10, 2016
Ian Christensen Presented at the World Space Risk Forum
SWF Project Manager Ian Christensen gave a presentation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, focusing on the policy and regulatory context for "non-traditional" commercial space applications at the World Space Risk Forum 2016. World Space Risk Forum is the largest industry event focusing on the space insurance community, including insurers, re-insurers, brokers and both launch and satellite operators.

Nov 14, 2016
Victoria Samson Presented at USGIF Smallsat Workshop
SWF Washington Office Director Victoria Samson spoke at the USGIF Smallsat workshop, a two-day event held as part of GEOINT Community Week. Ms. Samson participated in the unclassified session, where she discussed the need to include smallsat operators when examining the future of space traffic management, think about how the international community approaches norm development for space and how that may differ for smallsats, and debate how best to provide a sustainable market of launch vehicles for smallsats. 

Nov 17, 2016
Ian Christensen Presented at 23rd Annual Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum
Ian Christensen gave a presentation discussing progress in the development of SWF’s Handbook for New Actors in Space at the New Cooperation Session of the 23rd Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) in Manila, Philippines. APRSAF is one of the largest annual civil space conferences in the Asia-Pacific region and featured participation by more than 500 attendees from 32 countries.

Nov 18, 2016
Krystal Wilson Participated in Group on Earth Observations XIII Plenary
SWF Project Manager Krystal Wilson attended the thirteenth Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Plenary held in St. Petersburg, Russia. As part of SWF's role as a participating organization of GEO, Ms. Wilson participated in four days of side events, planning meetings, and plenary sessions, and engaged with representatives from the international GEO community, including new members and participating organizations, data providers and users. 

Nov 18, 2016
Brian Weeden and Victoria Samson Participated in 2016 CODER Workshop on Space Debris
SWF Technical Advisor Brian Weeden and Washington Office Director Victoria Samson both participated in the 2016 Center for Orbital Debris Education and Research (CODER) Workshop, organized by the University of Maryland. The 3-day event focused on current research on space debris and other space sustainability topics, including space situational awareness, norms of behavior, and monitoring of the space environment. Dr. Weeden gave a presentation on "U.S. policy and space debris remediation" as part of a panel discussion on space debris mitigation and remediation policies. Ms. Samson moderated a panel discussion on international collaboration efforts to deal with space debris.

Nov 23, 2016
Krystal Wilson Participated in Embry-Riddle 3rd Annual Space Traffic Management Conference
Krystal Wilson attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University College of Aviation's 3rd Annual Space Traffic Management Conference “Emerging Dynamics.” The 2-day conference was held in Daytona Beach, Florida and focused on recent developments in space traffic management including the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act, new UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space guidelines, aviation research and integration through the National Airspace System as well as possible future trends. Ms. Wilson served as a rapporteur for several sessions. 

Dec 7, 2016
Chris Johnson Spoke at the 11th Annual Eilene M. Galloway Symposium on Critical issues of Space Law
SWF Space Law Advisor Chris Johnson spoke on the panel on Establishing International Norms & Rules for Space Activities. Mr. Johnson's remarks focused on the adequacy current international space laws to meet the demands of a growing commercial and international space community.  

Dec 7, 2016
Victoria Samson Participated in Panel Discussion at the 2nd EU-US Space Policy Conference
The George Washington University's Space Policy Institute hosted the 2nd European Union-United States Space Policy Conference. Victoria Samson spoke about "Using space in a secure and safe environment -- opportunities for like-minded partners." Video footage of the entire event can be viewed here.

Dec 14, 2016
Brian Weeden Speaks at Defense One Event on the Future of Military Space
Brian Weeden participated in a panel discussion hosted by Defense One on the Future of Military Space. The discussion focused on how the space world is changing, the challenges being created by those changes, and the steps the U.S. national security space community is taking to meet the challenges. 


Nov 22, 2016
Brian Weeden Published Review of a Book on the Iranian Space Program

Nov 29, 2016
Michael Simpson Published Op-Ed on the Dubai Declaration in SpaceWatch Middle East

Nov 30, 2016
SWF-Sponsored Research on China's Industrialization Policy for the BeiDou Satellite Navigation System Published in Space Policy
In 2012, SWF sponsored Dr. Fan Yonggang from the Institute of Policy and Management in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to be a visiting scholar at the George Washington University's Space Policy Institute (SPI). During his time at SPI, Dr. Fan conducted research on national strategies for promoting the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Based on his research, Dr. Fan analyzed the implications for China to promote adoption of its BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) as a latecomer to the GNSS field and developed policy recommendations for Chinese decision-makers.


The Secure World Foundation would like to congratulate SWF Technical Advisor Brian Weeden for successfully defending his dissertation and earning his PhD in Public Policy and Public Administration from George Washington University in the field of Science and Technology Policy. Many congratulations, Dr. Weeden. 
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