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A world where human beings have access to sufficient clean water, nutritious food and personal peace

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Peace Partners News ⏤ Peace Day 2021 streamed broadcast
Peace Partners undertakes initiatives to celebrate the UN International Day of Peace, now held annually on the 21st September. This year the UN’s theme is 'Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world'.

To find out more about Peace Day visit:
Peace One Day
United Nations International Day of Peace

The Peace Partners team are collaborating with  Peacecast.tv again this year, and contributing to their Peace Day streamed broadcast with some curated videos from the U.K. Find out about the broadcast here

Anyone from any part of the world interested in celebrating Peace Day in this way is invited to curate a playlist of short videos. If you know someone who might like to take part please forward this link to them:
Invitation to Become a 2021 Peace Day Country Curator

About Peacecast.tv:

PeaceCast.tv, an online media channel, is a collaboration of volunteers worldwide, getting together behind the message that peace begins with individuals – that peace is possible – inside each of us – between each of us – between people – between nations – even in the midst of conflict. PeaceCast.tv celebrates peace and promotes the U.N. International Day of Peace on September 21st.

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Writings for Peace ⏤ "Last Letter to my Son"

The recent U.N. Climate Report, and the ever-present challenges of the pandemic, paint a challenging portrait of our modern world; and while there may be little debate about how we arrived at this point, the more pressing question is undoubtedly one of where do we go from here?

It feels, and has indeed for some time, that we’ve reached a genuine crossroads in the story. The proposed reforms and actions of the present will have immeasurable consequences on the future of existence and the kind of world we intend to leave behind for generations to come. What guidance or wisdom can we glean from this moment, and to whom should we leave it? Again we reach for Nazim Hikmet and this excerpt from “Last Letter to my Son”, a poet for whom the call to love and compassion was as vital to life as the air we breathe.

Your mother
And I said good-bye one morning,
thinking we'd meet again,
but we couldn't.

She's the kindest
and the smartest of mothers -
may she live to be a hundred!


I don't fear death.
It's no fun
to startle in the middle of work sometimes
Or count the days
before falling asleep alone.
You can never have enough of the world,
Memet, never enough...

Don't live in the world as if you were renting
or here for only the summer,
but act as if it was your father's house...
Believe in seeds, earth, and the sea,
but people above all.
Love clouds, machines, and books,
but people above all.
For the withering branch,
the dying star,
and the hurt animal,
But feel for people above all.
Rejoice in all the earth's blessings --

Darkness and light,
the four seasons,
but people above all.

​Written during a period of exile from his native and beloved Turkey, Hikmet’s living wisdom serves as a letter to us all, and speaks to our own personal relationships with the natural world, but also most importantly with people. “Last Letter to my Son” speaks to the generational passing of time, and the responsibility we have to ensure a more tenable future for all mankind.

Read 'Last Letter to my Son' on Writings for Peace
Centrepoint Challenge Update
Throughout 2021, we’re continuing to raise money for our partners at Centrepoint, providing critical support and services for young homeless people.

Want to know more about Centrepoint’s work? Here are some key stats:
  • Centrepoint provides 1,107 bed spaces for homeless young people
  • An amazing 94% of these young people then move into their own homes, reconnect with their families, get their first jobs or go on to university
  • In addition to this, Centrepoint now operates 60 services providing support to young people across the UK
  • And 66% of young people receiving support from Centrepoint’s Psychotherapy and Mental Health team reduce the severity of their symptoms.
For just 40p a day or £12 a month, Centrepoint can provide a room for a young homeless person. To make a meaningful difference to transforming the lives of young people through our partnership with Centrepoint, you can donate using the Donate Here button.

To find out more, visit Centrepoint’s website.

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