Meet a foster carer for sick and elderly dogs + Arizona needs a forever home + SCARS and 4 Paws annual walk, Sunday 28th August
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Winter 2016
This newsletter is produced by volunteers. 4 Paws is a non-profit organisation providing refuge for homeless dogs and cats on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.
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In this edition of 4 Paws Tales:

From the Editor's desk

Hello friend:
WELCOME to our winter issue where we throw a spotlight on our very special foster carer, Carole Phillips, who gives sick and elderly 4 Paws dogs a wonderful opportunity to live out their lives in comfort.

Also, we congratulate our wonderful 4 Paws vets, Doug Gray and Melanie Irvine, on reaching their 10th anniversary as owners of  Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery.

Don't forget the SCARS and 4 Paws Dog Walk for Awareness and Fur Family Expo are on this Sunday, 28th August, East Bank Foreshore, Kawana Lake. Registration is 7.30am to 8am sharp! All dogs must be on a leash. Cost is $10 a dog. We'd love to see you there.

Helen Lester

Carole offers a haven for
sick and old dogs in need

4 Paws Permanent Residents receive around-the-clock care and love from foster carer and former nurse Carole Phillips
Carole Phillips with her four foster dogs .                                                     Photo: Pasty Houston
WE ALL like happy endings, and 4 Paws foster carer Carole Phillips works hard to make sure the four sick, elderly dogs in her care have one.
“I call them the sick, the old and the ugly,” she jokes. “I aim to give them a lovely end of life. They are loved, cuddled and spoilt.”
Carole was a nurse for 47 years, working for many years in paediatrics, and in later years as a rehabilitation nurse at Caloundra.
She cared for her husband for two years before he died. “I’m a great believer in excellent palliative care.”
“I’ve always had anything from one to three dogs. After my husband died I had time on my hands and I came across Joseph on the 4 Paws website,” Carole says.
Joseph was Carole’s first 4 Paws Permanent Resident foster pooch. He died last year aged 21. She had him four years. “I thought, that poor little soul, he needs a home. And it went from there …”
Permanent Residents are sick and elderly pets that most rescue groups and shelters reject.
Experienced 4 Paws carers give them a quiet, loving home and special attention so they can live out their twilight years in comfort. They receive the very best veterinary care thanks to the generosity of sponsors.
“I keep looking at the website to see who needs a home. I don’t take anything under 10 years old because they have to pre-decease me,” Carole says with practical humour. She regularly takes the dogs in her care to Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery for checkups and treatment.
Carole is currently giving extra care to Sophie, a 16-year-old Silky Terrier with a beautiful nature. Sadly, Sophie has not long to live.
“Sophie has end-stage renal failure,” she explains. “She is toothless, blind and has an unstable fractured jaw. I’ve had her three years. She only eats specially blended food.
Lizzie is a sweet 14-year-old Maltese cross who is nearly blind and has a bad chest condition requiring daily medication. She also needs eye drops.
Molly, an 11-year-old Maltese, came to Carole just before Christmas. “She’s a terror!” Carole laughs.  “Molly is the naughtiest dog I’ve ever had. She’s very bossy.”
Molly has mammary chain cancer, renal failure and is toothless. Carole gives her eye drops a few times each day.
Carole thought Molly was on her last legs when she came to her. However, Carole’s excellent care has given Molly a new lease on life and now Molly repays her with mischievous antics.

Sweetie Pie is a nine-year-old terrier cross who is deaf and has no eyes. She has been with Carole for three months.
“She came to me when her carer couldn’t manage looking after her any more. She’s the dearest little soul and she has settled in so well.”
“She gets lots of cuddles. One of the other dogs has moved into her bed with her now.”
Carole was recently in hospital for a knee replacement operation. Her daughter kindly minded the dogs for three weeks.
Carole heartily recommends being a foster carer to anyone considering it.
“I’d certainly say to do it because it's very satisfying to be giving these dogs a happy end to their lives.”
“I just love it. I just love them and they love me. These little dogs, they didn’t ask to be deserted or left in the pound. Everyone wants a young dog, not an old, sick dog.”
Ron and Katie Hicks, from Keyline Realty, sponsor Lizzie and Sophie and visit them regularly. “They are such lovely people,” Carole says.
While looking after sick and elderly dogs may seem a daunting task to many, Carole thrives on it.
“Sophie sleeps under the doona with me and Lizzie on top of the bed. Some mornings when I wake up they are all in bed with me.”
“They bring me a lot of pleasure,” Carole says. “I love them all. They make me get up every morning.”

Are you experienced at looking after pets with health conditions or elderly animals and interested in becoming a Permanent Resident foster carer? If you can help, please email Julie:

Adopt me!

Green eyes ... you're the one that I wanted to find

Arizona: 2 years, female
ARIZONA is a beautiful cat with arresting green eyes. This confident girl has an outgoing personality and is very playful. She gets on well with other cats, although she can be a bit bossy at times ...

She was surrendered with Phoenix, a quiet and reserved gentleman. A home where they could remain together would be perfect for them. However, they would also be happy living separately with their own loving, forever families.

If you are interested in adopting Arizona and would like to meet her, please contact us
Click here to go to the adoption process page on the 4 Paws website.
Adoption fee: $140 (or $240 for both Arizona and Phoenix)
Adoption Tally 2016
Pets adopted since the start of the year
Dogs adopted: 16
Cats adopted: 8
Number of pets currently in the care of 4 Paws
Dogs: 70
Cats: 50
To support the work of 4 Paws, click on the red Donate link below to take you to our 4 Paws donation page. 

Sponsor me!

Billy and Oscar: Senior citizens, Maltese Terriers, Male

These dear elderly fellows were surrendered together in very poor condition. Their coats were badly matted and they had dreadful teeth, most of which have now been removed leaving just a few front teeth. Billy is particularly frail.
It has taken significant work to get to them to where they are today. Their foster carers and vets have been very gentle and patient with them.
When they first went to foster care, Billy was withdrawn and a bit wobbly on his paws. Oscar was nervous and over-eager to please. They gradually gained their confidence and enjoyed daily walks together. Billy started strutting like a show dog, albeit an almost bald one, and Oscar gave little skips of joy as the pair anointed just about every tree beside Lake Currimundi.
Billy and Oscar are now settled happily in a new foster home where they will be cuddled, pampered and loved. Billy has ongoing medical problems and Oscar also has health issues. They will remain 4 Paws Permanent Residents and live out their lives in comfort in a loving home. Their veterinary care will always be taken care of by 4 Paws and Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery. Are you able to sponsor Bill and Oscar to help with their ongoing expenses?

The monthly sponsorship for Billy and Oscar is $30 each - contact us if you'd like to sponsor them.

To learn more about sponsoring a Permanent Resident, please click here

Meet a 4 Paws Supporter

Friends with Flair
4 Paws Tales regularly shines a spotlight on some of the wonderful people who enable 4 Paws to do its important work. This issue, we focus on the Turner family from Flair Jewellery. Their dedication raising funds for homeless dogs and cats makes them valued members of the 4 Paws team.

WARANA business owners Peter, Lesley and Josh Turner from Flair Jewellery are an inspiring example of how promoting the family business can also help the local community.
Last year, the family decided to turn a business promotion into a vehicle to raise money for 4 Paws Animal Rescue. The family has given $2000 to 4 Paws so far, and Lesley says they have another $1000 to hand over. Both Peter and son Josh work in the business as jewellers.
“We’ve done free jewellery polishing before, to get people into the shop. Then we had the idea to do something for animals and 4 Paws," says Lesley, who leads Flair’s customer service team.
“We really love animals and thought 4 Paws would be a great organisation to support.”
Every Thursday, Flair Jewellery - Shop 19, 278 Nicklin Way, Warana - offers a special jewellery-cleaning service.
While it normally costs $60 to have five items cleaned and polished, Lesley says on Thursdays people only have to give a gold coin donation to 4 Paws. “People often put in $20 or $5 or $10,” she says. “We match any donation dollar for dollar.”

 “We want to support the community. We supported a school in Nepal last year and also supported an elephant park in Thailand. But we decided we wanted to do something for our local community.”
Peter and his son Josh are both jewellers. Another jeweller named Josh who works at the store does the free jewellery polishes on a Thursday.
Lesley says people can bring up to five pieces of jewellery to be cleaned. Josh uses steam and ultrasonic techniques to clean the jewellery so that it sparkles.
“We like the jewellery to be in by 2pm so that we can clean it and get it back to the owner the same day. People usually come in and leave their jewellery for an hour or so to be cleaned.”
Lesley encourages other Sunshine Coast businesses to support local charities. 
“All the staff have come on board and we find it rewarding to support a worthy cause.”

4 Paws President Julie Penlington says Flair is one of 4 Paws' best supporters. "They are such lovely people and have raised so much money for homeless animals."

Tenth anniversary wishes to our vets Doug and Mel

Doug and Melanie (top right) with their team of vets at Nicklin Way.
Vets Doug Gray and Melanie Irvine celebrated their tenth anniversary as owners of Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery in June.
4 Paws President Julie Penlington warmly congratulated them on their special milestone. “I also want to thank Doug and Melanie from the bottom of my heart for their extremely generous and caring support over a decade,” she said.
Nicklin Way is a key supporter of 4 Paws Animal Rescue. Animals often come to 4 Paws in a very bad way - with rotten teeth, ear and skin infections, and other illnesses. Julie said the clinic generously provided free health checks and consultations when pets came into the care of 4 Paws, and also subsidised medical treatments, vaccinations and microchipping.
“We don’t know what we would do without them,” she said. “What they do for the animals is amazing. We are so grateful.”
To mark the milestone, owners and staff from Nicklin Way, and their partners, celebrated at the Boat Shed restaurant at Cotton Tree.
Doug said, “Julie was a client of the practice when we took over and she asked if we’d be happy to do some charity work for her.”
“We didn’t realise at the time quite how much work it would end up being,” he joked. “4 Paws has done a wonderful job re-homing so many cats and dogs on the coast over many years.”
“One 4 Paws dog had the worst teeth I’ve ever seen poking out of its mouth,” Doug said. “We had to remove all the teeth. Julie said it received the most adoption requests for a dog - ever! It was the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen.”

Council funding sets tails wagging at 4 Paws

4 Paws President Julie Penlington has praised Sunshine Coast Council for its generous ongoing financial support.
"We are very grateful to Sunshine Coast Council for this year's Community Partnership Funding of $12,000," she said.
The purpose of the Community Partnership Funding Program is for council to work in partnership with the community to achieve council’s priorities.
The Community Partnership Funding Program provides up to three-year funding towards operational expenses to not-for-profit organisations that provide facilities or services which support the delivery of council’s corporate

priorities and demonstrate broad community benefit.
"We enjoy working with the Council on local projects and value their support and caring attitude regarding homeless animals on the Sunshine Coast," Julie said.

Pets available for adoption

Click on the photo of a pet below to go to the 4 Paws website adoption process page. To see other pets available for adoption click here to go to our website. Navigate to the pages for cat and dog adoptions.
Pixie: 9 years, Chihuahua Cross, female
Little Pixie weighs only 2.5kg. She is a sweet, affectionate girl who adores attention and cuddles. Pixie is sociable with other dogs and enjoys playtime. She is toilet trained, travels well in the car, and loves her daily walks. Pixie's owner recently went into aged care and Pixie needs a new forever home. Due to her size, a family without small children would be ideal. 
Adoption fee: $475
Jessie and Brandie: 8 years, Australian Terriers, female
These beautiful girls are best friends and have been together all their lives. We are seeking a temporary foster family to help us prepare the pair for adoption. A Sunshine Coast family with no small children would be ideal. The girls have lived with older children and other dogs before. At this stage we have limited information about them, but we do know they are very happy and friendly dogs.
Sooty: 18 months, female
Sooty is a very pretty and affectionate indoor cat. She loves nothing more than to curl up for a snooze beside her favourite people. Sooty's beautiful, medium-length coat will need regular brushing. She prefers the best seat (or bed) in the house - even if it's yours! You'll just love her.
Adoption fee: $140
Bastet: 18 months, Oriental, male
This friendly, handsome fellow is great company as he is a true Oriental and always ready for a good chat. He is super affectionate and loves to cuddle. Bastet's previous owner, who sadly passed away recently, just adored him. He has lived with other cats before and is very social. Bastet is curious and likes to see what everyone in the household is up to. If you are wondering about his unusual name, Bastet is the Egyptian cat goddess. People who have owned Orientals previously will understand just how special this boy is.
Adoption fee: $195

President's note

EVERYONE at 4 Paws is excited about this Sunday’s SCARS and 4 Paws annual dog walk at Kawana Lake, East Bank Foreshore.
We have built a wonderful relationship with SCARS over many years. Our combined dog walk and pet expo is a way of raising awareness about 4 Paws and SCARS, educating the public, and raising much-need funding.
Registration starts at 7.30am for an 8am start. Activities will continue until 11.30am. There will be competitions, displays, free gifts and plenty of stalls. We hope to see you there with your dog.
I can’t believe I am thinking about Christmas already. It’s a time of year when rescue groups are put under enormous strain. We are in desperate need of foster carers for dogs and cats. Are you able to help – even with short-term care over the holiday season?
4 Paws currently has 70 dogs and 50 cats in care. This puts significant pressure on our resources. We’re always in need of temporary safe and loving homes for cats and dogs while their foster carers are away.
Dog foster carers need to have good fencing and cats need to be kept inside. Please contact me if you can help.
My warmest congratulations go to vets Doug Gray and Melanie Irvine on celebrating their 10th anniversary as owners of Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery in June. Their wonderful generosity and care over a decade has helped us successfully re-home thousands of homeless pets.
The Buderim Christmas fair is coming up in November and we are already preparing for our stall. Good quality bric-a-brac donations would be appreciated. Please contact stall convenor Bev Fleming.
Lastly, plans are underway for a fundraising dinner dance with SCARS next year. If you have any ideas or would like to help, please contact me.


- Julie Penlington

Save that date!

4 Paws Sausage Sizzle
Caloundra Bunnings, 4th Tuesday of each month.
  • 23 August
  • 27 September
  • 25 October
  • 22 November
  • 27 December
Kawana Stall Dates
Was playing 'shop' your favourite game as a child? Volunteers are always needed at our 4 Paws fundraising stall at Kawana Shoppingworld. Contact Bev Fleming if you'd like to help. The stall sells well-priced gifts suitable for pets and people.

The next stall dates are:
  • September 20, 21
  • November 8, 9

Special Offers

Every Thursday, our wonderful friends at Flair Jewellery, Shop 19, 278 Nicklin Way, Warana, offer a special jewellery cleaning service for a gold coin donation.
You can have up to five items cleaned using their ultrasonic and steam-cleaning techniques to get your jewellery sparkling again. All proceeds go directly to 4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc. Flair will even match your donation dollar for dollar!

The new 2016 | 2017 Entertainment Book, or the new Entertainment Digital Membership for your smartphone, is a great gift idea for Father’s Day. It has thousands of special offers for the best local restaurants, cafés, attractions, hotel accommodation and travel.

For a limited time, delivery is FREE when you buy a book online from us. Twenty per cent of the purchase price of each membership sold contributes towards our fundraising.

To buy a book or digital membership, click the link below:

Have you recently moved or changed your contact details? If so, please let Cass our Secretary know by emailing her at

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