Term 1 No 4  |  Tuesday 17 March
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We live in unprecedented times! The threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the school with the cancellation of Symphony in the Park and the wider community with Bethsalem Fair last Saturday and other community events. Ecclesias are each taking measures to protect the most vulnerable as we live in the last days before our Lord Jesus Christ’s return.
On Friday, I communicated our plan in a letter, that is also available on our parent portal. If a member of our school community tested positive for Coronavirus then SA Health would inform the College and direct us to close for at least 24 hours, but could be longer. This is to allow public health officials to identify and notify anyone who has come into close contact with the infected person and provide advice about who needs to seek treatment and/or self isolate and for deep cleaning to occur. We would seek parents to come and collect their children immediately but appreciate that for some it is not possible. Therefore we would still supervise on site until the end of the school day and send them home by bus or through collection by the parent. 
Another information letter has been sent to parents about measures the College is taken to protect and support our school community. We are monitoring daily the unfolding events and updated government advice so that we can respond rapidly with appropriate action.Until then we need to be vigilant in prevention and detection.

Prevention through good sneeze/cough hygiene practices. You should:
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet.
  • Cover your cough and sneeze, dispose of tissues and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  • If unwell, avoid contact with others (touching, kissing, hugging) staying more than 1.5m away.
Detection by being aware of the symptoms:
Fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath. You should see your doctor for an urgent assessment.

We should not be surprised at these events as our Lord Jesus Christ told us of them in Luke 21 v 25,26. ‘Distress of nations, with perplexity: the sea and the waves roaring: Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for those things which are coming on the earth.’ Such events that we see should bring a personal prayerful response of preparation to meet our Lord and Master. ‘And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads: for your redemption draweth nigh’.

Justin Robinson



2020 TERM 1 DATES for your diary

  • POSTPONED - Saturday 21 March Symphony in the Park
  • POSTPONED Friday 27 - Monday 30 March Year 9 Boys Camp Glenelg River
  • POSTPONED Friday 27 - Monday 30 March Year 9 Girls Camp Morialta, Port Noarlunga & West Lakes

  • Monday 6 - Tuesday 7 April Primary Parent/Teacher PHONE CONVERSATIONS/ Secondary 3 Way Learning PHONE Conversations
  • POSTPONED Wednesday 8 April - Sports Day
  • Thursday 9 April - Student Free Day/Council Holiday


Supporting Leukemia Foundation

Last Friday we held a ‘Crazy Hair Day’ in support of the Leukemia Foundation.  The day was initially started by Jack Palmer, who decided to raise money personally and to shave his head at school to raise awareness of the cause.  Our Captains then got on board to help Jack raise some more money towards the cause, hence ‘crazy hair day’.  As a school, we contributed $495 to Jack’s fundraising and allowed students to understand some of the impact of Leukemia.  We are very thankful to Jack and our Captains for co-ordinating the event, which was enjoyed by all.     
Evan Franco 
Front Desk Staffing
Gwennyth Manser recently resigned from her position at the front desk and we will miss her and thank her for her large contribution to the College for over 9 years. The children loved seeing her and will miss her helping them with first aid and greeting them in the morning. We wish her all the very best for the future being able to spend more time with family. Front desk in the interim will be covered by Louise Gore, who was recently appointed as Admin floating cover, to fill in whilst a replacement is recruited.

School Opening and Closing Times 

Can we just remind parents that the school opens to students at 8.30am as only after this time is supervision provided for us to fulfil our duty of care. Both external doors will then open for them to arrive in a 20 minute window up to 8.50am when the bell goes. This is the signal for our students to move from the supervised oval to their classrooms for the attendance roll to be taken. Any student who arrives after 8.50am will need to collect a card from the front desk to ensure they are marked "in" as they could arrive to their class after the roll has been taken. Any student arriving after the roll is taken will be marked as late.
At the end of the day, students are supervised in the car park from 3.20pm and we ask that you pick up after that time and at the latest by 3.40pm when school supervision stops. We thank you for your co-operation in these matters of safety and well being for our children that allow us to fulfil our duty of care and have a clear delineation of when the transfer of duty of care goes between parent and the College. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Uniform Shop 
A reminder that winter uniforms are to be worn in Term 2. During Week 1 & Week 2 of Term 2, if the weather forecast on BOM for Oakden on any day in the first 2 weeks is 25 degrees or higher,  then students can wear Summer uniform instead.  All students must be wearing winter uniform from the start of Week 3.  
Uniforms can be purchased online or at the Uniform Shop which is open Friday mornings 8:30-9:15am (or by appointment).   
The winter uniform requirements can be viewed here
Please note to assist with affordability for parents, grey pants and long sleeve white shirts can be purchased from Next Australia via the following links:
Grey pleat front trousers (select “Standard Fit” and “Grey”)
2 pack LS White Shirts ; 5 pack LS White Shirts
For any queries relating to uniform, please email rpiekart@heritage.sa.edu.au or 8266 5122
Rachel Piekart
In light of the recent government ruling prohibiting any non-essential gathering of over 500 people we have very sadly have had to postpone Symphony in the Park.
We are conscious that our musicians and singers have been busy practising, food stalls preparing and many others in a variety of ways with logistics, sound, lighting, set decoration etc.
We are just as disappointed as they are and thank them for their support. and willingness to participate.
As part of the event, a number of talented members of our community painted string instruments which would have been used as part of the stage set. These items are exquisite, and we still plan on running an online auction to sell these items – a unique piece of artwork for your wall. We will advise soon of the link for this initiative. 
Rosey Gurd

Father's Breakfast

A large number of Dads, Grandpas and Special Uncles came to our Father's Breakfast last Friday. They enjoyed a delicious breakfast provided by a fantastic band of willing helpers and their children that provided a range of hot and cold food. They reflected on the role of a Dad and how Heritage is unique in supporting them in developing godly characters, caught up with friends across the city and then joined their children for the first lesson of the day in a range of fun creative activities - with some activities one wondered who had the most enjoyment!

Rachel Piekart

Mother's Day Stall - Friday 8 May

The P&F will be holding our annual Mother’s Day Stall early next term (8 May).  We would love all primary school students to please bring in a gift for the Stall (gifts will be sold to the students for between $2 - $10). Gifts can be left at the Front Desk – there is no need to wrap them as we are happy to do this! Gift ideas may include: chocolates, tea/coffee, jam/syrup, kitchen items, stationery, candles, socks, hand cream. We would really appreciate donations of gifts by the end of Term 1 – so that we can wrap the gifts during the holiday break!
This stall has been a lot of fun over the last few years & our students really enjoy “shopping” for their Mum, choosing something all by themselves … and it’s wonderful to encourage them to show their mothers just how much they love and appreciate them! We thank you for your ongoing support with this event.

Lorna Luke

Entertainment (Books) - now DIGITAL!

Heritage College is once again selling the all-popular Entertainment Book - now only available in digital format! The purchase price is $70 (with $14 going straight to our school), and is available for purchase via the following link: https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/16264n0 .
The digital format is convenient and easy to use on your mobile phone – without the hassle of carrying around your book/card! Thank you for purchasing through Heritage College.
Lorna Luke




Foundation - Carolyn
Ted Hill for presenting a very interesting sharing topic this week
Alex Beard for working diligently in Read Write Inc.
Amarlie Milliken for always being a cheerful member of the class
Gilbert Crompton for always showing a positive attitude to learning!

Foundation/Year 1 - Leeanne 
Joash Hammond working hard to improve concentration and being a fun and friendly classmate
Jacinta Mackinnon turning a grown upside-down’ and being resilient
Lainey Kruger being a responsible learner, always focussing on her learning
Nathanael Thiele being resilient and responsible when things change

Year 1 - Hannah 
Parker Scott for always being a good friend to others!
Levi Oliver for showing excellent progress in spelling!
Jamin Todd for learning all your words for assembly
Archie Thompson for learning your lines in assembly
Leo Pastuhovs for being an absolute superstar in our class this week

Year 2 - Jesse
Oliver Pryde for consistently being a responsible classmate
Darcia Hammond for showing resilience in her Maths work 

Year 2 - Rochelle
Henry Todd for responsible classroom behaviour
Zoe Lamont for being a kind and thoughtful member of our class
Hamish McKinlay for putting effort and care into his work

Year 3/4 Emma
Keira Franco for trying hard in Hebrew, while showing good knowledge

Year 3/4 Keren
Evana Ward for ongoing participation in Hebrew, while showing good knowledge
Joel Thiele for resilience in completing his Maths investigation this week
Micah Jeffress for full marks in spelling this week
Rosa Gore for always being ready to learn, responsible and cheerful
Jude Gore for always giving his best in every learning task

Year 3/4 Loren
Jordan Hubbard being a responsible learner by staying focussed in reading rotations
William Todd being a good student leader by staying on task and completing his work to the best of his abilities
Charlotte McAllister showing resilience when tacking her work particularly during mental maths

Year 5/6 Jason
Verity Ingram for showing resilience by asking for help in Hebrew
Luke Horwood for zooming ahead in the Premier’s Reading Challenge
Mitchell Kennett for taking care with bookwork presentation

Year 5/6 Sue
Luke Seaman for imaginative thinking and creativity
Elliot Peronace for imaginative thinking and creativity
Ari Brumby for entering into spirit of ‘Crazy Hair Day’ with enthusiasm

Year 5/6 Rachel
Edmund Farren for having a sense of humour at all times while continuing to complete all work tasks
Shoshanna O’Callaghan for having a resilient attitude when something doesn’t work out
Lennox Brown for always using his manners and trying to improve his listening skills in class
Elinor Todd for being a respectful classmate and being always willing to try new things



Read Write Inc.

The Foundation Busy Bees have had an exciting start to the year with the introduction of Read Write Inc. The reading program has proved to be very engaging for students with positive results. The sounds are taught with mnemonics which are pithy sayings that support memory of the sound and letter formation. For example, ‘t – down the tower across the tower’. To help consolidate the sound of the day we have fun finding ways to integrate it into our artwork and other subjects. We incorporated ‘t’ into the measurement component of our maths lesson when we had a ‘tallest tower’ competition!
Carolyn Saxon


This term the Year 3/4 classes have been learning and researching the life cycles of different plants and animals. They first examined how all living things have 4 main stages in their life cycle: Birth, Growth, Reproduction and Death. Using the iPads, they then researched an animal life cycle of their choice; and compared and contrasted the various life cycles to classify and evaluate what is similar or different about each.
The 3/4s have also been observing the growth and life cycle of plants; and have been able to grow a flowering plant to observe how a seed germinates and starts to produce it’s own food through Photosynthesis. Some of the plants have really taken off!
We are looking forward to learning about how all living things work with each other to survive.


Keren Healy


We are grateful to have our Hebrew classroom back and you are invited to come and visit!
We welcomed our Foundation students with a smile as they learnt how to greet each other with Shalom (hello), learnt about Israel and its flag, practised songs and dance and played with a variety of games.
With the other year levels, we usually dedicate some of the first school lessons to revisiting topics and vocabulary already learnt and we to do this through engaging hands-on activities using the wonderful resources that we have, such as the smart screen in our classroom, iPads, interactive games, play-dough, dice game and so forth. Looking forward, God willing, to a wonderful year ahead!


Revital Aharon


Friday 8 May - Friday 26 June

We welcome all parents of Fn-Y6 students to book in for after school sport as per the flyer below. Please ensure you book in online for each child and note your Medicare card number. This program is free with your government voucher. If you have any queries please email Brett Arnold barnold@heritage.sa.edu.au. This is a great opportunity to introduce the value of fitness and team sport for our younger students in Term 2!

Brett Arnold




On Thursday 5 March, our 4 School Captains and Uncle Evan, attended the GRIP Student Leadership Conference at the Entertainment Centre.  The conference allowed our students to interact with other student leaders where they could learn about leadership in a fun and interactive environment. 
The Captains were able to attend sessions on leading exciting events, leading peers, delivering engaging speeches and leading in positive partnerships with teachers.  There are lots of ideas that have come from this, which the captains are hoping to use in leading the student body at Heritage College.
Evan Franco


This term in Food and Hospitality the Year 11s have been investigating how the diversity of culture in Australia has impacted Australian foods. As an individual they were required to plan, prepare and present a single serve of a gourmet pizza, for a trendy and upmarket pizza bar, using ingredients that demonstrate the impact of cultural diversity on our society. Here are some photos of their creations.

Shannon Wild



Year 8 Geography students are currently studying a unit on land forms and land masses. They started with identifying and classifying 51 land forms into 10 categories and then each student researched three randomly assigned land forms.  Of the three, they selected one to become “an expert” in and to present to the class. Part of their oral presentation includes a hands-on demonstration in which they show the dynamic structure of the land form—how it is formed and how it changes over time.  So far, we’ve had excellent presentations on islands, fjords and valleys…almost all of which have been edible! It appears that students may be using their creative thinking skills to find ways to eat in class!
Jason Bobis


Self Esteem is an individual’s subjective evaluation of their own worth or abilities, i.e. self-respect. We can have high self-esteem and feel confident and positive, or we may have low self-esteem and feel worried, negative about ourselves and lack confidence in our ourselves and our own skills.
Self-esteem can be shaped, raised or lowered through our relationships with others by the way people treat us and by the messages we tell ourselves as a result of that treatment. All messages, good and bad affect how we feel about ourselves:
  • Negative messages (put-downs and criticism) can lower our confidence and self-esteem.
  • Positive messages (compliments, constructive criticism and encouragement) can raise our self-esteem.
The way we feel about ourselves can also affect the way we regard others and how we relate to them and this in turn can influence the way they respond to us:
  • Having high or low self-esteem can affect the quality of our relationships, the choices we make, our behaviour and our ability to handle difficult situations.
  • If we have high self-esteem and are happy within ourselves, we are more likely to make choices and decisions that are beneficial for us and feel more confident when facing challenges.
  • It is important to remember that we also, by our actions and comments, may affect other people and their self-esteem. ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you.’ Luke 6:31 (NIV)
We can raise our self-esteem and increase our emotional strength by:
  • Treating ourselves with respect and looking after ourselves.
  • Looking at what we can do rather than what we can’t do.
  • Being aware of our own needs and feelings and accepting ourselves.
  • Trying to make good choices.
  • Taking responsibility for the choices and decisions that we make and the consequences that result.
  • Developing empathy - sensitivity towards others and what they are feeling.
  • Learning to express feelings in helpful ways.
  • Communicating without blaming others or criticising them.
  • Developing listening skills.
  • Developing a set of goals and values.  
“For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps.” (1Pet.2:21)

Deb Rice


For questions relating to Junior Primary teaching and learning programs, contact Rochelle Bailye (rbailye@heritage.sa.edu.au) Teaching and Learning Leader Foundation – Year 2. For questions relating to Middle and Upper Primary teaching and learning programs, or serious behaviour concerns contact Ben Curtin (bcurtin@heritage.sa.edu.au) Primary Leader, Teaching and Learning Leader Year 3 – Year 6.

For issues related to academic progress, general behaviour or welfare concerns (including bullying), in the first instance contact the home group teacher and after that, please contact our Secondary Teaching & Learning Leader Tim Badger (tbadger@heritage.sa.edu.au) or for timetable, SACE issues or serious behaviour concerns please contact our Secondary Leader Evan Franco (efranco@heritage.sa.edu.au).  For special learning support needs, contact Graeme Shugg (gshugg@heritage.sa.edu.au) or Ben Curtin (bcurtin@heritage.sa.edu.au).

Student Well Being Officer Deb Rice  drice@heritage.sa.edu.au

Notification of Bus Changes email: frontdesk@heritage.sa.edu.au

Notification of Student Absences via Parent Portal

School Fees & Payment Queries Email: fees@heritage.sa.edu.au

Student Reports, Portal Functions & Support, Private Music Lessons email: curriculumsupport@heritage.sa.edu.au 

Learning Resource Centre (Library) Email: lrc@heritage.sa.edu.au

Uniform Shop:



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