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It's summer time - school is over and it's equally, if not more important, to keep kids reading during this time! Let's lead by example. Here are some relevant articles about this topic, and more, that I want to share with you:
How To Encourage Your Kids To Read Over The Summer
Use it or lose it. That's right. The human brain and children's literacy skills are compared to muscles which can deteriorate when they are not being utilized.  Researchers at the
University of Tennessee, Knoxville found that children who do not read in the summer lose 2-3 months of reading development, while those kids who do read, tend to gain a month of reading proficiency. What can you do to help?  Sign your kids up for a summer reading program or reading challenge and frequent a public library!
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10 Picture Books To Inspire Children To Get Outside And Explore
Many children in America spend too much time on digital devices, in front of the television and enrolled in organized activities. This freelance writer and mother recommends reading books to your kids which inspire outdoor play and activities. One such book is "The Not So Great-Outdoors." This book is about a city kid who begrudgingly goes with her family on a summer camping trip until she explores forests, lakes, mountains and a few encounters with wildlife that change her outlook.
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Editorial: SC House Speaker Right To Focus On 4-Year-Old Kindergarten
With the goal of improving the state's education system and the learning of children living in poverty, South Carolina created a pilot 4-year old kindergarten program for public schools and private child care in 2006. Only 11,000+ of the state's 36,000 4-year- olds living in poverty are enrolled: Some of the existing programs don't meet the state's standards, other schools don't have the physical capacity or staffing, while several geographic areas simply lack the child-care options. South Carolina House Speaker Jay Lucas and the state legislature are readdressing the efforts to recruit, train, expand and inspire enrollment again. We know high quality "4K" can have life-changing results.
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Music Education Works
The first formal, large-scale study affirms that music education strengthens cognitive abilities in children. The children who received music lessons in the study had significant cognitive improvements over other students, specifically impacting inhibition, planning and verbal intelligence. 
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Storytelling-A Popular Tool For Developing Literacy
There is a way to help develop literacy skills in children, even if you believe that you are not a great reader, yourself - TELL them a good story! Who doesn't like a juicy story? Critical thinking, sequencing and vocabulary are just a few of the areas positively impacted by engaging stories. Similar to reading, storytelling enhances listening and language skills which facilitate writing and reading. So go ahead - talk to and interact with your kids!
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