Happy losar and updates
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Feb 2016

Dear folks,
         A happy Losar to all of you! If you would like to offer tens and thousands of lights and/or prayer flags and pujas please join us in celebrating the Festival of Lights and Merits (FLAM) over the 14 auspicious days of Losar this year at the Mahabodhi stupa and earn skies of merits for you and your loved ones.
         Please find enclosed the Festival of Lights and Merits (FLAM) 2016 poster.


        To prepare for the New Year we are also in the process of reevaluating our needs and have realized that in order to better serve the RI community and to fulfill Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche's vision we need to recruit a few more key personnel into the Root family. They include a Center Services Manager for RI, a Project Manager for Maitreya School (MS) & Tara Children's Project (TCP), and a House Manager for TCP.  The ads have been enclosed. If you have the interest and the requisite skills and would like to be part of the Root family in the holiest of holy places, we hope you will consider joining us.




    Ven. Trisha was the only two-time director at RI and the first ordained director. She spent about thirteen years at RI. She was responsible for constructing several of the buildings, including Rinpoche’s residence, the small gompa, the retreat huts, remodeling the dining hall and kitchen to its current state and building the Director’s quarters and office.
     With respect to RI projects she was the one who reopened the Maitreya School after it shut down in its current version the Maitreya School of Universal Education. Then from a place of deep compassion in order to meet the needs of mainly orphaned children and adolescents with AIDS she started the Tara Children’s Project. She also took the initiative to buy a strip of land close to RI to construct the Kadampa stupa and the eight surrounding stupas. This Garden of Stupa Project, which is what it is referred to now, also includes retreat facilities, an organic garden for flowers and vegetables and a place to house animals that are liberated. In short, Ven. Trisha worked very hard during her time here to turn Root Institute into a beautiful oasis in Bodhgaya.
       Ven. Trisha loved India and Nepal and in fact had wished to spend her retirement in Kathmandu after her holiday in Australia with old friends. But that did not happen. Instead as Kaybje Lama Zopa Rinpoche pointed out due to her selfless service to FPMT over the years, she was the Director of Tushita Mahayana Center in Delhi and then SPC at Tushita Dharmakot for several years before becoming the director for RI, he had no doubt that she would have the good fortune to be born in a pure land to receive teachings to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings! What a place to retire too! Ven. Trisha thus not only taught us about how to live life but also how to create the causes for a fortunate birth.
   The most touching memory of Ven. Trisha some of us have was the last voice mail that she left via what’s app shortly before she passed away. This is what she said, “The 13 years that I spent as the Director of RI were among the happiest days of my life. I am often surprised on recollection as to how happy I felt. Some of the greatest blessings that I received were during that time in Bodhgaya from H.H.D.L, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche and from all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas…”
            Thank you Ven. Trisha for all that you did and gave us at RI!

       You can also find a link to our spiritual programs here.
        In our next newsletter we will share with you all the wonderful FPMT teachers/Geshes that have visited and enriched RI during this season and also about our new BP program.
        The Root Institute family sends you and your family the very best wishes and much happiness in the year of the Fire Monkey.
        We look forward to seeing you and serving you in the New Year!


Practice generosity and accumulate skies of merits

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