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New fire commissioner not a 'six foot two hairy-arsed man'!

The London Fire Brigade has appointed its first female commissioner of the service. Dany Cotton joined the service in the 1988 when she saw an advertisement in the paper that said the fire service was welcoming female recruits. She was the 30th women to join the force. Despite not being a ‘six foot two hairy-arsed man’, she is proud of the appointment and hopes to recruit women to service to increase their representation from 7% to 18%. Read more here. Courtesy of The Guardian.

Dr Stephen Fisher Video 

The Gender and Disaster Taskforce invited Dr Stephen Fisher, from ACU, to present his research into the ways men maintain their privilege in the workplace. Dr Fisher’s presentation offered great insight, as well as being highly entertaining. You are sure to recognise some of the strategies! This is Part 1. 



How the world breaks


This new book is highly commended by disaster managers and theorists. Engaging and accessible, it includes a chapter on Australian bushfires, and challenges the concept of ‘resilience’.

"To understand the landscape of catastrophe in a warming world, get the revelatory new book from Stan Cox and Paul Cox"
— Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything and The Shock Doctrine

“In the very decade when we should be rushing to heal the atmosphere and address the enormous inequalities of risk, a strange idea has taken hold of global disaster policy: resilience. Its proponents say that threatened communities must simply learn the art of resilience, adapt to risk, and thereby survive. This doctrine obscures the human hand in creating disasters and requires the planet’s most beleaguered people to absorb the rush of floodwaters and the crush of landslides, freeing the world economy to go on undisturbed. The Coxes’ great contribution is to pull the disaster debate out of the realm of theory and into the muck and ash of the world’s broken places.”

Read more at Amazon.

You can view their website here

FRRR funding to roll-out training to EM middle-managers 

The GAD Pod was successful in attracting funding from FRRR (the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal). This funding will see the collaborative development of a strategic plan for the sustainable delivery of training which was piloted with middle managers in Emergency Management under funding from the Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme. The training modules are: Identifying Family Violence and Disaster; Men and Disaster; Gender Equity and Disaster; and Living LGBTI and Disaster (developed in collaboration with GLHV@ARCSHS, La Trobe). They are available from our website.

If you are interested in having a facilitator deliver these training modules, contact us!



The UN had this to say on Women Responding to Natural Disasters:

‘Every disaster is different and we need to be flexible enough to deliver what’s needed on the ground, and to deliver it in a way that ensures it gets to those who need it most. We need to be not only informed by, but led by, the people most affected. We need to return to the planning stages with meaningful participation in the decision-making processes for women, men, girls, boys, the young and the elderly, people with disabilities and the LGBTI community.
Women are resilient, strong, and are already agents of change. We need to recognise that and make space for women at the planning and decision-making tables so they can speak for themselves about their experiences, needs and ideas, and know that those inputs are valued. There is no alternative: Women must be equal partners at every level and we all have a role to play in making that happen.’

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