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Aug-Sept 2016 Newsletter: Gratitude, a BIG warm unsubluxated Thank YOU! 

Greetings All,

Announcements, Updates and News

We will be CLOSED the following dates/times: 
Thurs Sept 1-Monday Sept 5 for Family Vacation to Waco, TX. 

Will be back Tuesday Sept 6th from 9-12, 2-7pm with Chiropractic Orientation to follow at 7pm. Thank you for the continued RYFs!!

A BIG Unsubluxated Thank YOU!

I don't think enough people realize the importance of Gratitude. It might just be thanking the person that directs you to the bathroom in the department store, the waiter that tops off your water in the restaurant, the police officer, fireman, soldier who risk their lives everyday for our safety... or maybe just bowing our head and thanking God for providing a meal to eat and air to breathe. 

Psalm 50:23 -  Whoever offers praise (Thanksgiving) glorifies Me; And to him who orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of God. 

Luke 22:19 - And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me. 


THANK YOU. Two simple words.
Try not to miss the opportunity to use them. 

First of all, I want to take a moment to just say THANK YOU to all you wonderful people that visit the office each week to have your spines checked, adjusted when a subluxation is found and leave the office as BRIGHT LIGHTS to give hope to those in our great community.  Just know that YOU brighten my day and I appreciate your trust in the office as demonstrated by the fact that you bring your family in with you to receive an adjustment and by all the referrals you send in each month.  Know that I love and appreciate you for that and that it does not go unnoticed.  It is such a privilege to do what I love, for people that I consider friends and family.  I truly enjoy being a Chiropractor today even more than I did when I got my doctorate 5 years ago!

I've heard some pretty amazing stories this month from practice members and I just wanted to share a few of them with you: 

One practice member, who is Type I diabetic said she's becoming more sensitive to insulin and will need to reduce the dosage (as prescribed by her M.D.). **For those who don't know, Type I Diabetics usually have to take more insulin as they age because their body adapts and the insulin becomes less sensitive** Glory to God! 

We've also had practice members say,
"I've got more energy in the last 4 weeks than I've had in the last 40 years." 
"My kids migraine headaches are gone." 
"My child's constipation has completely resolved." 
"Sinus problems and allergies are gone." 
Kids have said, "I can't wait for school to start because I can concentrate better and I feel more calm." 

Just today I had a practice member call me right after her adjustment to tell me that a gentleman in the parking lot she was helping (the gentleman knew she just got adjusted) said to her, "I hope you feel better soon".  She smiled at him and said, "I didn't have any problems before my adjustment" and then watched the confused look on his face before saying, "That's why I get adjusted." 

I love hearing those stories! The loud miracles of dis-ease going away and the silent miracles of prevention! 
Don't forget you're the INFORMED Minority trying to educate the UNinformed MAJORITY. It's an UPHILL CLIMB and you'll feel like you're getting stoned for going against society's "norm" but keep up the RYFing so we can educate them all from the INSIDE-out! :)

Sub- = Less than
LUX = Alignment or LIFE 
-ation = a condition of
A Subluxation is a condition when 1 or more of the vertebra of the spine misalign, get stuck, and turn OFF the LIFE to the organs.  

**A subluxation in the spine for longer than 14 days becomes ARTHRITIC (meaning 'more' permanent) which then causes degeneration of the spine and degeneration of the delicate nerve tissue that carries the impulse of LIFE to your organs**
From a chiropractic prospective, IF it's been longer than 14 days since your last check up/adjustment, IT'S Not good. 
Just as a last note, many of you know that we do not "treat" any condition, pain or dis-ease in the office. The treatment of conditions, pain and diseases is the practice of medicine.  In Orientation Class/Doctor's Report I hope you leave understanding, the greatest doctor is NOT me, it's the one INSIDE you! and that "Chiropractic is not about FEELING BETTER, Chiropractic is about HEALING BETTER".  

I also remind you all that I do my best NOT answering medical questions.  Based on peer reviewed studies, medical doctors are wrong in their diagnosis 61% of the time. I am not a medical doctor and I'm likely to be wrong 100% of the time when attempting to answer dis-ease questions and I do not want to be responsible for your death. ;) BUT I do welcome Chiropractic questions about subluxations, ENHANCEMENT of Health, Healthy living and adjustments. 

We have made the fees in the office affordable to everyone IF they come in regularly.  We are a walk-in practice and do not require an appointment (although most have their favorite set time to come in for detection and correction). We have made the hours as accommodating as possible with hours through lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays 12-6pm. Late days and long hours on Tuesday and Thursdays 9-12, 2-7pm and even weekend hours Friday and Saturday 9-12. 

If you have any good ideas as to what we can do to help more people in the community, feel free to put a note in the “Box on the Wall” in the office when you visit or e-mail back. No, being open 24/7 is not an option but know that we are committed to helping our community Heal Better by doing our job and removing subluxations so that God can do the healing from the Inside-Out and ingraining the benefits of healthy behaviors such as Exercise, Eating Healthy, Avoiding Toxins, Positive Mindset, Prayer, Rest and Coffee ;)  

And one more thing, 
Have I told you how much you're appreciated? 

In Health and Faith, 
   With Love and Appreciation, 

  Dr. Chad

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