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Oct 2016 Newsletter: "I'm out of WHACK!" 

Greetings All,

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We will be OPEN ALL Detecting and Correcting Hours in the Month of October. So there's no excuse to not get you and your entire family checked at least 4 times in this month (Not that there should be an excuse to live life at less than 100% if I was gone on vacation) Check out office hours on the website: 

I'm out of WHACK!

For this month, I want to apologize to you for laughing when you told me that you wanted to be put back “In Whack”.  I didn’t think that there was such a thing as being “In or Out of Whack” but I have done a little research and you will be surprised how accurate it is to say that “I am out of Whack” and “I want to be put back In Whack”!!

The phrase started back in the 18th Century when the term Whack was used to describe a share in a distribution or an allotted portion. At that time, most of the goods were bought in an old fashioned general store from a bulk barrel.  For example, you would pay 5 cents for a pound of flour.  The store owner put a 1 pound weight on one side of the scale and filled a sack up on the other side of the scale with your flour until the scale was balanced.  Some store owners filed down the one pound weight or drilled a hole in the bottom of the weight so that it “looked like a one pound weight” but weighed a little less than a pound and they pocketed the extra money from the purchase.  When the customer got home, they found they were given less than the pound of flour they paid for and realized the exchange of money for the amount they got was “Out of Whack” or, in other words, Out of Balance.

Indeed, when you come to the office, we often check your nervous system by looking for indicators of subluxation (which could be, uneven feet, hips, shoulders, head, etc... "checking to see if you're level and in balance").  We want your brain to be able to fully communicate with your body and your body to be able to fully communicate with your brain and for that feedback system to be In Balance or “In Whack”.  

So, in the final analysis, being “In Whack” or being “In Balance” means that your body is Unsubluxated and functioning in a state called homeostasis.  In this state the brain can keep all the parts of the body working at their optimal levels so that you can stay healthy or if there is a problem, you can Heal Better! (Chiropractic adjustments are NOT designed to make you "feel better" -- although this can be a great side effect of staying well adjusted). 

Sub- = Less than
LUX = Alignment or LIFE 
-ation = a condition of
A Subluxation is a condition when 1 or more of the vertebra of the spine misalign, get stuck, and turn OFF the LIFE to the organs.  

**A subluxation in the spine for longer than 14 days becomes ARTHRITIC (meaning 'more' permanent) which then causes degeneration of the spine and degeneration of the delicate nerve tissue that carries the impulse of LIFE to your organs**
From a chiropractic prospective, IF it's been longer than 14 days since your last check up/adjustment, IT'S Not good. 
As I researched the meaning of "in whack" and "out of whack", I was reminded how "out of whack" our health care system really is... We pay high premiums (by law - Obamacare), health insurance companies deny claims (drill holes in the scale weight) and they get to pocket the extra money... When will MD's and the rest of chiropractors figure it out... Leave the 3rd Party payer system, offer their communities care at an affordable price, teach them the principle of HEALth (the body heals from the INSIDE-out, not the OUTSIDE-in) and let people invest in their health within their means.... 
I appreciate ALL you who understand this principle and most importantly, APPLY the principle. 

Have you seen the new office video? As a whole, we can decrease the cost of prescription drugs by 85%. (Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics: May 2007, 30(4): 263-269. Richard L Sarret M.D. James Winterstein, D.C. Jerrilyn Cambron D.C. PhD.) -- The drug industry will cost Americans over $300 billion this year alone -- think about all the people we could help with $255 billion... This video shows just how "out of whack" the uniformed majority view "health" and how "out of whack" our health care system is... Enjoy and Share it with your Family and Friends!

(Click on the image below to view video)

In Health and Faith, 
   With Love and Appreciation, 

  Dr. Chad

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