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Sisters spring

Fertilization no. 2 -  Listen - I had a dream last night by Sisters Hope


photo: I diana lindhardt

Spring & Twirl

(please, listen to this sound-landscape as you read)

Reaching to connect with my sisters, reaching to connect with my brothers, reaching to connect with my lover, reaching to connect with my children. 

From decades of cold storms, a golden spring will appear with a scent so sweet, it will crack the shells of bounty and roll the rocks of rogue into new positions. 

Under water a new dawn blazes as the 2 children awaits. Sister you carry confirmation of a time coming!  Ready for Fresh twin peaks. Compassion Peaks. Twin flames & kindred companions.

This time we will go deep, to where the roar begins. What happens on the surface when we begin to see the gems hiding in the dark? They begin to glow, the ice and rigidity melts. Futility turns into fertility.                  A cornucopia of bliss starts taking form. Fresh Compassion breaks into being!

We begin to breathe color, changing the surface. A flower appear from the mud – blue, green and reddish pink.  It describes Yin and Yang – duality transformed. Unison. 

My branches have been cut, now new wings are learning. Can it be that we actually are the same? But different, like individuals, but alike? We are growing new gills! They indulge in Orgasmic twirls spinning forests of crisp energy. 

We have been diving deep, humanity - all the way down to understand the victory. Now let us seek upwards! Let us spring from the moist…enter paradise. 

More flowers appear and they cleanse our view. Sun bakes our body! Green grass caress my neck and your heel, blooming nature you tickle my tongue. Let us drink it all in.                                                                           The surface is clearer, the reflection is not only you. 

Breathing earth gave birth to a tsunami when the thought Love was conceived. The lovers will receive the glory. Their powerful hearts are the story. The path of freedom and the road toward unity is one. We begin to breathe, we begin to reach, and we begin to roar.

I give praise for the present blessing is at hand, growing out from experience. Slowly multiplying, birthing.         Sweet Hearts spring. Spring is sweet – let us dance!


The Woman

Sisters Academy #5 - The Takeover at Fremtidslinjen STU

Our manifestation Sisters Academy #5 - The Takeover at Fremtidslinjen STU, Denmark has come to an end. But as we all know the end is a new beginning and now we are curious and ready for the dialogue on how to anchor and integrate the sensuous and poetic into the special and precious learning environment here. This is the first time ever that we manifest at a school for particular sensitive students and the first time ever that students and teachers were part of our pre-production. We grew through these new experiences as our methods and learning as a group deepened.
Read more about the manifestation here

Sisters Academy #4, Iceland film is out

As we dwell in the winds and emerging spring after planting seeds in the 5th manifestation of Sisters Academy, we can now celebrate the preparations for our manifestation in Reykjavík, Iceland - Sisters Academy #4 - The Takeover at Myndlistaskólinn - Also a first timer - The first time that we have taken over the leadership of an art school. The Icelandic manifestation of Sisters Academy was planned in collaboration with both The Iceland Academy of Arts and Myndlistaskólinn. The preparations included a full course at The Iceland Academy of Arts, Arts Education conceived in the spring of 2016 prior to our fall manifestation at Myndlistaskólinn. The manifestation included both Sisters staff and Visiting artists/teachers/researchers. Enjoy the ambience of Iceland - The land of breathing earth and rocks here

Visiting call out

Our large-scale manifestation Sisters Academy #6 - The Boarding School at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning is coming up. The performance-installation and experiment is the winner of the Exhibition Prize VISION by the Bikuben Foundation.
We will manifest this fall and have just released our Call for Visiting teachers/researchers/artists. We invite everyone interested to respond to the call! The deadline for response is May 15th. Read the call here

Twin Sisters

Twin Tribute. Sisters roots. Crystal roots. Three beating hearts. A creature of all. Complete bodily occupation. An embodied takeover. Life. Lives. Deep roots. Water plants. Growing organism. Growing organisms. We bring life.
Twin Sisters by Sisters Hope
photo: I diana lindhardt

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