What is going well? What should be improved?
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Photo: Wynwood Street Art, Miami FL. Chakka Reeves. Artist Unknown.
Happy New Year!

This is a review time for many creatives, including myself. Reviewing current projects, reviewing progress on goals, reviewing connections and relationships. From now until January 25th, Mercury is in retrograde (*insert sound of sitar playing here*). Even if you don't believe in astrology (Neil DeGrasse Tyson is my favorite opponent), the beginning of the year is often a better time to review and finish rather than initiate.

The Agile Results method of productivity has daily, weekly, monthly and annual reviews built it. You can learn more about it from the book or this link, but these are the basic questions that guide each review:
  1. Name three things that went well
  2. Name three things to improve 
Try it and let me know how it goes. Reply or hit me on Twitter using the hashtag #HWReview. 

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Chakka AKA J.K. Rowdy
Highwater Weekly Picks 

  • Documentary filmmakers- Two massive lists of funding sources. Click here (IDA) and here (Google Doc).
  • The New York Public Library just added over 180,000 digitized out-of-copyright materials (images, manuscripts, streaming videos, etc) to their already extensive digital collection. The materials are free to use and no license or attribution is required. Go forth! Be a good artist and steal! 
  • If you ever feel weird about taking or remixing an idea, remember these wise words from Jaden Smith

  • DJ Lo Down Lorretta Brown AKA Erykah Badu took a break from holding back Jay Electronica's album to make another mixtape. +++BEATS BEES LIKE FOR B-BOYS AND B-GIRLS+++ is on Mixcloud, and features tracks from Sun RaThundercatHiatus KaiyoteDeBargeDas FX and more.
Watch List
  • Kartemquin Films (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters) is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year by making each of their films available online, in chronological order week by week, starting with their very first film, Home for Life (1966). Click here to watch. 
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