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You take classes, attend seminars, work with coaches and travel to conventions, but how do you pull all this knowledge together?

Joe will help you sift through the advice to find what works best for you to set obtainable goals and develop a well-organized plan of success.

"One of the most rewarding things I do is to help people
move their careers forward. I get energized when I'm able to guide someone
towards a successful plan of action and offer personalized advice on
building a successful career in voiceover." - Joe
Joe Cipriano Consulting Video
"You have to keep reinventing yourself; you can't rely on what you did 2 years ago or 10 months ago."

"Have you noticed that the vo people who seemingly work so effortlessly, obtain the greatest success? You can do that!"

"You really start to move your career forward when you just do "you", because guess what? No one else is doing that, and that's what makes you unique." 
- Career Advice from Joe
Joe Cipriano, awarding-winning voice talent and author, will be offering Career Consulting services beginning in December 2015.

Drawing on over 25 years in the voiceover community, Joe's expertise in guiding your career will include:
  • Steps to Building a Career
  • Maintaining a Career
  • Remaining Relevant in the Changing Landscape of the Voiceover Business. 
  • Networking: Facilitating Referrals to Other Professionals, Organizations and Resources
  • Collaboratively Develop Short and/or Long-term Individualized Career Plans
  • Advice on How to Market Yourself, Develop Planning Strategies and More.
To get you started, Joe will be offering Introductory LIVE and Interactive Voiceover Career Forums. These "Ask Joe" Career Forums will focus on specific topics that will help you grow your career, identify what's needed to move you to the next level, and discuss how to sustain your career in an ever-changing market.

During each ongoing and progressive forum, Joe will take an in-depth look at career development and open the discussion to your questions. 
Whether you're advancing in your career, or if you already have a healthy list of clients, Joe's Career Consulting PRIVATE sessions are the next big step in planning for your continued success.
"My goal in the private consulting sessions is to help you gain deeper insight, career confidence, inspiration and encouragement. My intent is to build a coaching experience that will give you permission to relax.

In our business of Voiceover, its very nature can create a fair amount of anxiety and vulnerability in people. I work with talent to unwrap those emotions so they can better understand how these factors may be keeping them stuck in their careers. My objective is to move you forward and advance your career.

My focus is on understanding where you are now and where you want to go. Then, help you develop a plan; create a "road map" so to speak, to get you there.

Step ONE is understanding who you are, where your talents lie and how to use those talents to move forward." - Joe

Live Interactive Forums, private sessions, guest teachers and more to come! We hope you'll join us; your success will thank you for it.
Joe Cipriano is a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) which provides professional development, standards, and advocacy to practitioners and educators who inspire and empower individuals to achieve their career and life goals.
Joe is a founding member and supporter of the Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab in Los Angeles, California.
The DLF Voiceover Lab is named in memory of legendary voice actor Don LaFontaine and cultivates a thriving community of voice actors who embody his generous spirit of mentorship and giving back.
In that spirit, Joe will donate a percentage of the receipts to the lab.